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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 20)

Hi, it’s Ryuji Tatsuya with the second post of the day of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ (Of the…. Of the everywhere) I just realized that it was the 20th post of this challenge and my first comment was, “Seriously??” Well at least it’s not a dream and now, only 5 more double posts will do the trick. I have 6 day time, let’s see what happens.

An Anime Character That Gets On Your Nervers:

So the question asked now is something that will surely raise my blood pressure as I answer it; a character that gets on your nerves. There are tons of characters out there which make you lose your mind and starts irritating you for some time. While some make you angry for a short period, some literally makes you Kamehameha your pc (Or whatever you are watching that anime in) Today I’m gonna talk about two characters, both females, which seriously made me rage harder than all caps.


First one on the list is ‘Yabasawa-san’ from ‘Sket Dance’. Now before you all go thinking that I hate her for her ugly af character design, then let me tell you, that’s not it. Yes, she is ugly but the main reason for me hating her is the fact that she thinks of her as someone who can get any guy she likes in the flick of a hat. Sure, it’s to serve as a comedic relief but god damn it woman, at least don’t think you can get your hands on the Student council president just like that.


Next up, we have a character which is dear to a lot of my blogger friends. Now please don’t rage, it’s completely my opinion, but I just can’t stand ‘Sawako‘ from ‘Kimi ni todoke’. I get the fact that she was bullied and has grown up to be socially awkward and all, but come on, someone said you look like that girl from ring and you are happy because they talked to you?? Either she is stupid af or optimistic af. No matter what she is, it still irritates me. What makes me even madder is her behavior in chibi mode (When she is shown to be flustered in chibi vision coz hey….. Everything in chibi is kawaii af)

And that’s gonna do it for today’s double post of the Anime challenge. Be sure to tell me about the character which pisses you off. Thanks for reading!

PS: I’m off to a little trip with my family. While I hope that I will be able to post things there too, there’s a big chance that I can’t. So let’s hope that the latter doesn’t comes true.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 20)”

  1. And you have been chosen for the Best comment in my blog award! XD
    Well I was actually thinking of writing Sakura but meh.. some peeps have a ton of memes saying Sakura did this and that, and tbh her character is a little bit controversy so……. Meh I’m Lazy~

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