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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 22)

Hi! (Best intro evahhhhhh ~(^o^)~) Welcome to the second post of the day for the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Today we will be talking about something which makes us go, “Whoa! I wish I had something like that.”

Favourite Anime Gear, Weapon or Armour:

Mecha or action anime series are known for their epic CG scenes when a battle gear or weapon is concerned. Even though it is said that a weapon reaches its ultimate height only when it falls in the hand of a good user, we gotta admit the fact that some of them are really awesome. Now, before I say anything about my favorite please remember the fact that I’m an absolute noob in action anime and that’s why my answer will be kind of limited.

Image result for kirito's swords

My favourite weapon will be the couple blade that Kirito uses, Dark repulser and Elucidator. Yeah I know that it sounds too noob, but I really like them. (I actually like swords more than guns). The way he handles the two is absolutely fantastic and he truly deserves the title of ‘The awesomely overpowered guy’ given by The Anime Man -_-. But yeah, sometimes I wished that I had those swords and could use them like he does. Just how freaking cool that would be!

And with that I’m gonna end the post for today. Wew, 22 posts, 8 more to go. Be sure to tell me what your favourite anime gear/weapon is, in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 22)”

  1. Wew……….
    I just searched and saw Bong seon in action and Holy shit that weapon is awesome!! No wonder you chose it as your favourite. (Kinda blows Kirito’s swords off the chart, doesn’t it? XD) And I got a new anime to watch too :O Thanks!
    Thank you for the encouragement…. Just a little more~

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    1. GOH is really awesome in the beginning. I absolutely loved the manhwa till about eighty chapters. Then the super natural element was introduced and I still loved it. At around hundred, crap began to happen and I gave up. I still haven’t bothered to read after that…
      However, I did read those hundred twice or thrice so….

      Haha, yeah Bong Seon does blow Kirito’s sword off the chart, but that’s really cool too, haha.

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