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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 25)

Hello everyone, welcome to another post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ by one and only (Weird af guy) Ryuji Tatsuya. This is the third post that I’m publishing and just like the one I published before, this one also has a sad element to it. What a great way to reminisce all those forgotten pain.

Saddest Anime Death:

Most of the tragic and sad anime series or film out there delivers shock and depressing af plot to us in 3 steps; First, they make us see a possible story which is so beautiful and happy that at times it seems unbelievable, then they take the story to a point where we technincally beg for the story to get even more happy and the protagonists to be even more successful, and then at last they bring out their weapon which has been the cause of depression in the real world too, to completely destroy our small and happy eden, and that weapon is called  ‘This is life! Deal with it!’. Today we will be talking about a series where this little weapon made us cry over and over again and made me cry my eyeballs off in a particular death, gaining the title of the Saddest anime death from me.


For those who are new in this community, ever heard of ‘Clannad’? If you have and watched it then continue reading, if you haven’t then stop reading because the spoilers will make you avoid this amazing series. Anyway, let’s continue. Clannad has always been an anime which has made us cry or has at least moistened our eyes somehow. This anime made me cry in many scenes but one of the deaths made me so sad that I didn’t eat anything properly for almost two days. Yes, the death of Nagisa was just too much for me. Not only was that death shocking af, but also sad af. I mean, all Tomoya wanted was a happy household, and after all these moments when he finally got what he needed, the anime creator used his ‘This is life! Deal with it!’ weapon and snatched away everything from him in a split second. Tch…… Life….. Why do you do this???

Image result for tomoya crying after nagisa's death

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand with that, I’m gonna end this segment without saying anything else as my heart has already started to ache. Be sure to tell me about the saddest death for you, in the comments below (If you want to relive your sadness once again). Thanks for reading my gloomy post!

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