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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 26)

Namaste and welcome to the last post of the day for the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. After missing out on the previous day, these posts were sure fun to write. To end this day, we have one pretty basic action related topic. What is that? Let’s see.

Best Anime Fight Scene:

I hope all of you know by now that I don’t really like action anime series and one of the main reasons for that is it’s looooooooooooooooooooooong battle scenes and cheesy dialogues that are used during those scenes. However, thanks to one underrated anime (Which I really like), I finally have a fight which I really enjoyed.


As I mentioned before in this post as well as in the second post of the day, I really like ‘Tokyo Ravens’. It excelled in some pretty good areas but then it again fell short of popularity and there’s now only 5% chance for it to get a second season. But for me, this anime is maybe the only magical combat anime which I really enjoyed and that’s the reason that this series is being mentioned yet again in my post. Coming back to the topic, I really enjoyed the fight between XXXX (Ze Kakashi-type Lazy and awesome teacher) and D (Ze Villain). The fight lasted for only one episode but I don’t think I could mention even a second where I felt bored. Dialogues were used, but it didn’t seem to be unnecessary. As for the magical combat, the hymns and the creepiness of D………. 10/10. It’ll be tough for me to find another fight scene which is so compact yet action packed at the same time.

Image result for ohtomo vs douman

With that note, I’m gonna end this segment and call it a day. Phew *Wipes sweat* be sure to tell me about your favorite anime fight, in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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