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Kuzu No Honkai (Episode 1 Review)

The first episode of ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ or Scum’s wish, started off just like any other pure romance genre anime out there; introducing us the four main characters who create the base of the story line. However, what makes this anime different from other series is the sudden turn that the story took, making it clear to me that this isn’t another pure love story but a pure adult romance plot. I seriously wasn’t ready for this.


Image result for kuzu no honkai characters
Mugi (Blonde Guy Middle), Hanabi (Blue Haired Girl Middle), Ecchan (Redhead Leftside) Moca (Blonde Girl Rightside), Kanai (Blue Haired Guy Back), Akane (Brown Haired Girl Back)

Hanabi is a high school girl who has feelings for his teacher who, co-incidentally, has known her since her childhood days. The feeling of affection developed into a one sided crush which was made somewhat bitter by the introduction of Akane, a music teacher, who is Kanai’s (Hanabi’s crush) crush (Complicated already, right? It gets worse). Now Hanabi is dating Mugi who, in fact, is in love with Akane and imagines her in place of Hanabi whenever they get intimate. Isn’t this technically cheating? Well, according to them it’s not, because they are dating BECAUSE of that fact. Hanabi and Mugi are dating because they know how it feels to be in love with someone who will never notice you.

They started hanging out normally for some months but then one day, in the heat of the moment, they almost had sex (I assure you that scene was really well made). They realised that both of them weren’t actually thinking about each other in that moment, instead they were imagining their respective crush; so they decided to make a pact where they will act like couple and do everything that a couple does……….. Except loving each other, until their unrequited love is successful, so that they don’t face in external trouble but remain frank mutually (Just, wow!). And no, they don’t like the term ‘Friends with Benefits’ because they didn’t do it (Jesus Christ, it doesn’t matter! You two are technically the slightly pure version of friends with benefits).


Well frankly speaking, I wasn’t ready for this. Yes, I knew that the story is a little messed up but I never expected this. I was literally yelling ‘WTF!’ throughout the episode. To be honest, I don’t clearly understand what is wrong with this series, but I do realize that it’s not normal. Apart from the story, I liked the animation; it’s marvellous and almost masks the surprises that this series offers. The complete romance story with an adult touch to it is my second time after ‘Say I love you’ (Which, by the way, also caught me off guard) but it’s nowhere near this story; Scum’s wish is on a whole other level. But yeah, Kuzu no Honkai has this unique charm which makes me wanna watch it more and I will end it no matter what surprises it offers to me.


4 thoughts on “Kuzu No Honkai (Episode 1 Review)”

  1. This is one I’m still having to wait for given I don’t have access to it yet, but I really do want to check out this series. Following the reviews while it was airing it just looked interesting. While not all the reviews were positive, there certainly seems to be enough reason to try the series and this is one of the few where I did go and read that manga so now I really want to see it.

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  2. Yay, another one on this twisted path!

    I’m so glad to have started it. It was quite incredible for me, I think it may be the best shoujo anime I’ve ever watched (well, not that I watch them so frequently).

    Hope you will enjoy it, as I loved it (but I’m a little twisted in the head, take this for example: I thould study like a dork at the moment, and yet I’m here. HAH). I was excited for every episode (not in a lewd way, purely excitement from interest), just like Kado of this season I think. (No, I think Kuzu no Honkai is even better, for now though)

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    1. I’m so glad that you are happy with your decision to watch this series. As for me, I think this will be on my list of ‘Guilty Pleasure Anime series’. I don’t think if I’m ready for a dark story inside a beautiful romance casket, and I kinda have this feeling that at the end of this series, I will be having many mixed feelings. Meh, at least it seems enjoyable.

      PS: I should be studying my a** off right now, but here I am. WE ARE BROTHERS :O

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