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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 2 Review)

After experiencing the eccentricity of the first episode, I actually was hoping for things to get better in the second episode. But no, the creator seriously wants to torture me with this………… thing.



In this episode, we are introduced with two new characters to make the already complex situation even more complicated. Moca is the childhood friend of Mugi. When both of them were kid, they were called as ‘Prince and Princess’ by someone. Hearing that, she shut herself away from other boys, bought all girly stuffs and grew out her hair just to become the ‘Princess fitting for the Prince’. However, her plan fails horribly when she sees that Hanabi and Mugi are dating. Hurt with that fact, she keeps disturbing them most of the time, only to get extremely reproached by Hanabi (Who I guess is enjoying her superiority in this case). That’s all Moca has to do with the story today.

The second character introduced is Ecchan, who is the only female friend Hanabi has. She is shown to hint a little disappointment when Hanabi walks with Mugi and spends time with him, but luckily she doesn’t tick me off by butting into their business like Moca. As the story progresses further we find that some girls invite Hanabi for some love advice, for which Mugi tells her to go as she doesn’t have many female friends. She agrees to the invitation of the girls but gets shocked when she finds out that the girl who needs ‘Relationship advice’ doesn’t really likes anyone that much and is confused if she should choose the one who has good future or good specs (Honestly, I would have also been mad if someone asked my advice for that).

Later we are shown Hanabi talking to Ecchan about that meeting and asked her if that is right. Ecchan’s answer that she likes her crush because of her attitude, but that’s not the whole reason (Great answer). Of course, happy with that answer Hanabi realizes why she only has one friend. She invites her for a sleepover. Well to be honest, her emotions at that time hinted to something that I was hoping wasn’t true. But no, the creator doesn’t want anything normal here. It’s revealed in the end that Ecchan…………. Is actually a lesbian who has a crush on Hanabi (Yes, Ecchan kissed Hana during their sleepover).


I don’t know what to say, actually. I honestly thought that things will get better from this episode and it really seemed to. Sadly, it was only for ¾ of the episode, as after that when Ecchan’s sexual orientation was revealed, the story’s awkwardness reached new heights (No hate LGBT community, I’m just talking about this series). I have no idea whether I will be able to see a decent episode for once or not. Well on the bright side, the animation and the OP/ED of this series is wonderful. ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ is like a rotten apple inside a beautiful crystal box; the story seems to be awful but the other aspects of anime are so good that it makes us watch it no matter what.

7 thoughts on “Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 2 Review)”

  1. Hehe… HAHAHA. Loving your reaction at Ecchan’s character. When I first watched it, I think I was pretty much speechless, not even knowing whether I liked that fact or not and simply saying “…screw the reason. I’m going to watch it until the end no matter what”. I can now say that I really enjoyed it. I don’t really remember exactly the episodes, as my memory is similar to one of three digits age, but I’m positive in saying “that’s not all yet”.

    It gets more… tame later on (I think? My memory is the last thing I would rely on), but quite impactful start definitely was the reason I continued watching it. And I have no regrets, though my soul may have suffered from it.

    Got to totally agree with the Opening being simply beautiful. I also love the song, I think it was my second best favourite only after the ACCA one. But I didn’t take in the art, if I were to say which would be better including the whole Opening (Animation sequence + song), then I would say Kuzu no Honkai.

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    1. I wish I were speechless too, but I have a really bad habit of raging at small stuff (When I saw that I literally threw away my stuffs from the table and cringed for almost half an hour). But yeah, I have to admit that the charm that this series possesses is really appealing; appealing enough to make me watch it till the end no matter what.
      I’m kinda worried with your words, “That’s not all yet”……….. Really? More? This anime is already twisted enough for me, I don’t want it to get even worse.

      I have suddenly found a great liking to the Ending now, maybe because of how it’s used as a BGM for transition? Whatever might the case it, I’m enjoying everything about this anime, except of course, the story.


  2. Well, to clarify, what exactly are you expecting from the anime? I think the first episode kinda already pointed out its goals when it featured a drawn out foreplay session.
    But the rest of the episodes won’t really let up with the characters in bed thing. I do hope you get to enjoy it soon. XD

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    1. To be honest, I have realised that this series doesn’t has much to offer and it will probably get worse every episode. But still, the reason I’m still watching it is because it’s really appealing and I’m kinda interested about how it ends. Yeah…. I think I’m twisted.


      1. What did you find appealing? The visuals, but you complain with the story a lot. I feel like you’re watching just to hate it. XD
        But it’s all good. I’m twisted too.

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        1. I love to hate ^^
          Nah, just kidding. If it were a series review then I would have let out all my pent up desires at once. But since it’s episodic, you feel like I’m complaining a lot (Which I really think I am).
          Gah.. Well, I will stop whining a little…….. If the story starts getting better


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