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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 3 Review)

I will be honest with you guys, after seeing the ending of episode 2, I was anxious about how they will continue the story. Yeah, I admit that it was something that I didn’t want in the story; but yeah, it made the story a little interesting.


The episode starts with a flashback of how Ecchan and Hanabi met. Ecchan was travelling to the venue of the admission test for High school by the local subway, but unfortunately, she became a victim to molestation. At that time, Hanabi came in to rescue and scared off the molester by taking his picture. Ecchan was scared but was acting tough; Hanabi realised it and gave her moral support, she didn’t let go of her hand until they reached the exam venue (That’s the sweetest thing I experienced in this series so far). As their friendship grew, she gradually realised that she loves Hanabi but just as a friend. Now, cut to present where they were spending the night together and somehow, Ecchan gave in to her emotions and went on to kiss her ‘Crush’. She also played a gamble to see whether Hanabi really loves Mugi or not and found out what really was going on between them. She asks her if it’s all a game of pretend then why can’t she accept her, sadly she didn’t get a positive answer (Well obviously, she’s straight, that’s why). They didn’t talk much for the rest of the sleepover and Ecchan left early next morning, leaving behind a dejected Hanabi,

Now the second half focuses on a little secret of Mugi. When he was in the first year of Middle school, he lost his adolescence to his senior. Well technically, it just showed how they did it and how he reacted. Mugi actually thought that maybe they will be able to be a couple, but unfortunately his status remained to being Friends with benefits. Cut to present, where he wakes up with a boner (Yes, a boner) and to his surprise finds Hanabi inside his room (WTF??- Well, his reaction was that too). Hanabi joined him in bed only to find out about his boner, which Mugi was trying hard to not make her notice. However, to his surprise, Hanabi was totally interested in that and to our surprise; Mugi let her give him a handjob (WTF???- Unfortunately, this was only my reaction this time). Maybe, he splurted his ‘love juice’ all over Hanabi’s dress (I don’t know) because the next scene we see her wearing Mugi’s t-shirt and saying how she liked her dress.

Next, we find out that Mugi moaned Akane’s name during their lustful act and that made Hanabi upset to such an extent that she even cried all of a sudden. To cheer her up, he takes her to a restaurant and there they get a small surprise. Akane walks in with another guy, who Mugi says was a former student like him (Who also looks a lot like him =_=). However, their action kind of proves the fact that they weren’t just normal teacher and student, something else was going on; and of course, that hurt Hanabi. The next day, she decides to confront Akane on her own and just goes up to her asking if that guy was her boyfriend. Akane rejects it but she also invites Hanabi to the music room ‘To talk more about this matter’.


I’m surprised how nicely they were able to fit Ecchan into the story as if it’s nothing, even though it’s a big issue. But what remained in the focus in this episode wasn’t Ecchan’s background story, but the handjob scene between Mugi and Hanabi and the sudden twist in Akane’s story and character. What actually amazed me was the fact that the creator actually went through the trouble of creating a steamy handjob scene and many heart pounding moments ONLY to prove the point that, Hanabi is actually getting hurt when Mugi imagines her for Akane (Wasn’t that the pact, huh?). Well that should have been expected because it IS an adult romance story; there’s bound to be many sexual as well as dark moments. Anyway, I’m now really excited about how Akane’s character will develop because no matter how we look at it, she really was close with that guy. Is she cheating on Kanai? Does she really love anyone? Or was she blackmailed? We’ll know it in the next episode.


3 thoughts on “Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 3 Review)”

  1. Nyohohoho! (sorry, a certain perverted butler from a Light Novel I’m reading influenced me) It’s so nice to see other’s reaction about anime you have already watched. Akane’s character really left a deep impression on me, I’ll just say this. Oh, and it’s actually funny reading your reaction at the handjob scene… which I actually don’t even remember… I’m getting senile, am I not.

    Anyways, I was wondering (going a little off topic here, but screww it) do you put the images side by side through the WordPress editor? If that’s the case, how do you cope with the storage memory? I’m worried to use all of it…

    By the way, glad to see I’m not the only one to use VLC screenschot function (I wonder why it’s always named “error” something though, why it can’t just number them in order of being taken?).

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    1. Akane is the kind of sadist I was waiting to meet in anime for a really long time and I’m sure she will get wilder with her sadistic personality as the story progresses…… coz why not?

      That handjob scene =_=
      It was traumatic… Imagine, watching that scene and then all of a sudden your parents enter the room. AT LEAST SAY SOMETHING!! DON’T SAY IT’S MY AGE TO SEE THAT STUFF Q.Q

      Oh yeah I use the WordPress editor stuff and in the last 10 months, I only used 10% of the 3GB limit. Well, I’m not that worried about the storage thing coz I keep deleting pics I uploaded which are older than one month, you can try that too.

      VLC screenshot function is the greatest blessing evaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Well mine names it “Snapshotcapuredat01s022min” (The time keeps changing tho) but yeah it’s better than Google image.

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      1. …hehahaha. Sorry, couldn’t help it. You at least were found out watching Kuzu no Honkai, I was watching Fate/Kaleid… I need to buy a lock.

        ?! You can actually delete the images?! No, wait i did know about that possibility, but wouldn’t that also delete the same ones you used in the old posts? If that isn’t the case, then screw my problems, as they would simply disappear.

        Heh, VLC is the best, you can actually also record just a little part so that you cand have a little video from which you can create Gifs easily. Now, if it could also give us the possibility of having all screenshots named in the right order and maybe even the ability of choosing at which resolution save them, it would be seriously great.

        Oh, and I also love sadists. Naturally, this is limited to 2D.

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