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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 7 Review)

Hi everyone! Before I say anything else, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for the so many days. Thanks to my clumsy af attitude I fell down from stairs and received a great gift from the concrete floor, A slight fracture in my right hand wrist (LOL!). Well, I was told to rest for quite some time and after that looooooooooong time, finally I’m back. Anyway, many things are left to be finished and I’m kinda happy to see my blog’s views counter didn’t die yet; Time to get back to business.

I utilized these few days of completely immobility by binge watching a huge load of anime and of course, the first one to be completed was ‘Kuzu no Honkai’. So yeah, I know the ending now and to be honest, it wasn’t bad but still it’s no excuse for the headache that we get in the last few episodes.


This episode starts with Moca recalling an event in her Middle school days, where she went on a date with a guy she had no feelings for. She apologizes for playing pretend with him and of course, it took her this long to realise her fault because today, she’s in the receiving end (If you had a pervy thought, internet has ruined you). Moca is completely ready for her date with Mugi, she prepares herself mentally and stands in front of Mugi, looking the best she ever was.

This episode also gave some screen time to Hanabi who is out on a date with “The guy we saw with Akane in the restaurant” (Let’s call him, Dat Boi). He’s constantly shown hitting on her and nagging no, Whining about going to a hotel. Well of course, when Hanabi rejected and tried to be superior, some another girl called him and he easily called off the date, because let’s face it; Hanabi wasn’t as good as Akane in showing her worth anyway. Hanabi’s screen time in the first part of the episode ends with her sulking over the fact that she isn’t even near being as good as Akane (Why do you even want to be like her??); she calls Mugi and gets ignored (LOL) and thus, she keeps falling deeper into depravity….. having really f**ked up thoughts and in the end, she just looks at a passing couple, imagining them to be Kanai and her (She only wanted looooooooove).

Now coming to the main part of the story, The date of Moca and Mugi. Moca becomes philosophical af in this episode; I mean, all we get to see in this part of the story are some dialogues and her constant philosophical monologues. They at first ate crepes, then went to watch a film and at last they had dinner in a restaurant. Moca was extremely happy because her dream was finally true (If you think so) but at the same time she was hurt because she knows that it’s one sided and as for Mugi, it’s completely an obligation (Moca and Mugi held hands at the cinema hall..… Just so you know). When Moca knew that it’s the end, she tried her best to control her desires. She constantly kept telling herself that what she experienced up until now was beautiful enough that she could live with it but still (Because the creator loves making shit, complicated shit), Moca says she loves Mugi in such a way that he kisses her *Flips the table*.

*Sigh* Well after that, we see both of them in a room. We get to know that Moca always knew that she and Mugi can never be together like she dreamt, but still she got the special treatment thanks to her tears; her tears can melt any guy’s heart and she has kept using THAT weapon of hers to her advantage. Today too, she used those tears as a way to seduce Mugi and now here they were. Well, they kiss a lot and then Mugi asks her if she wants to go all the way. Moca agrees to it and then she even shows her bare body to Mugi, now here’s the fun part, Mugi touches her belly and sees everything and then he says, “I can’t” (LOLOLOLOLOLOL!). Moca’s face was like, What Da Fuq?? But yes, after that when he said that she is still important to her, Moca replies that if that’s all she can be, a special and untouchable ornament, then she doesn’t wants to be special anymore (Simply, she accepted it and moved on).

In the end, we see Hanabi and Mugi meeting up and deciding to confess their love to their respective crushes and of course, get flatly rejected, by the end of the Summer Vacation. All this, so that they can finally be a real couple (I wonder how many shitty tasks do you two need to do to become a “Real couple”).


To be honest, the only thing that this anime has been constant in, is giving us cringe worthy moments. I mean, this anime shows some pretty wrong and unruly things in a way as if it’s nothing. In this episode too, Mugi just went on and kissed Moca, asked her if she’s ok with going all the way, watched her naked, touched her a little and then was like, “Meh, I can’t”. Dude, are you serious? If you really weren’t able to do it, why did you make her take it off? He said, “I wanna see those (Bewbs) because they are yours”; Bullshit, you just wanted to see her size and when you found that they are not big enough, your sex drive disappeared. As for Hanabi, I have only one question, “Why do you wanna become a s**t?” Well anyway, let’s see what happens next (Even though I already know that). But yeah to the readers, things are gonna get real nasty here.

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