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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 8 Review)

I want to summarize the 8th episode in 3 expressions:
Yeah, you guys will know what I mean in a bit.


The 8th episode started off with Mugi and Hana doing their homework and Hana sulking over how hard it has become and stuff (You know, like all the students in this world), until Mugi breaks the news that he will confess to Akane after they finish their homework. Hana also tags along the idea and decides to do the same, following up with the idea they set at the previous episode, “Breaking old bonds and starting anew”.

After the Epilogue, the story now focusses on a new character (I know right….. now??) named Atsuya. Now, Atsuya is a relative of Ecchan and I will continue to say that one sentence that I used all the time while doing the review of this series, The creator likes to surprise us with more than anything else, and here too he did the same; Atsuya loves Ecchan (INCEST!!!!!!! I will rant about this later).

Atsuya and Ecchan reunited after a certain family event and the first word that she said to him was, “You are huge” (If you know what I mean :3) well obviously because he has grown up to be really tall and shy af. However, no one would have guessed that he would suddenly confess to Ecchan and get slapped with disgust at a split second (Kinda saw the slap coming); but still, Atsuya remained to be the closest guy for Ecchan and knows about her the most, that includes her sexual orientation (Still, he refuses to give up and THAT actually made me a little happy). The story continues with what I believe was fanservice with a slight hint of story. Hanabi and Mugi completed their homework and were on top of each other (Wow! So unexpected (-_- #) ), that was fanservice, but then after some exchange of words we get to know that at some point both of them stopped imagining their partner as their crush (Like they agreed before), THIS part was the story which gave a slight that they might actually start anew.

The second part focusses on the individual attempt of the duo to get flatly rejected. Hanabi and Mugi decided to confess on Sunday and then meet up to comfort each other and also start dating for real. Now, even though Mugi went first, I’ll talk about that later.

Hanabi called Kanai to a park which I’m guessing was the place where she ran away too and was found out by him back when she was a child. She slowly discloses her feelings and tells him how she felt for so long and savours every moment as he Kanai tries to hug and comfort her and then at last says those two cruel words that end every confession, “Thank you” (I’m serious when I say that this was the only real love in the whole series, Kanai x Hanabi); and thus came an end to the long unrequited love of Hana-chan.

Now here comes the main story, Mugi’s confession. First of all, we all knew that this is NOT how the creator would let it end. I mean come on, if things end right, how would he be able to sleep peacefully? Mugi meets Akane and tries to end stuff quickly but then Akane manages to take the lead (Because she’s awesome in that) and takes the matter into a café. Mugi, however, remains calm at first and bluntly confesses. Akane tells him how she knew that and Mugi too discloses how he felt and some of her antics slowly, but he was falling more and more into the trap. Unlike Kanai, Akane isn’t the type who would let go off such a handsome young di-

Anyway, things start to get out of hands, Akane says that she likes him too, which, even though he knows has no worth, melts his heart and……….. Guess what they do? I won’t say it but leave a hint, every character is doing it for no reason in this series. The B part of this episode was a mixture of these two confessions but it ended with Hana’s part as she is seen checking her mobile with Mugi’s screen on it saying, “I’m not alone anymore…..” (Seriously that broke my heart).


Guys, I won’t lie. On seeing how things were at the epilogue, I thought that for once, things will be normal because let’s face it, in anime, High school problems = Normal life ‘-‘. But the creator gave us this first jolt in the disguise of Atsuya; like, seriously?? DID YOU JUST HAD TO ADD ANOTHER CHARACTER AND THAT TOO AS AN INCESTUOS RELATIONSHIP?????? (I needed to do that). Ok ok, it didn’t seem that bad so let’s skip that and focus on his love, which is really sweet and sooooooooo not gonna happen; that’s why, no point in going further into detail. I see a small scene where Moca is seen tying up her bow before going to sleep, but as soon as she remembers that she wore them the day she and Mugi went on a date, she removes them (This scene has a great significance later).

The story was really normal in comparison to how it had been till now but…… GAH!!! Excuse me. WHY DAFAQ DOESN’T MUGI HAS CONTROL OVER HIS DESIRES? I mean, he knows that he will remain a pawn of hers if he goes in any further but still he leaves Hanabi alone and agrees to be nothing other than a sex toy of Akane. I was frustrated and disappointed when he did that and that frustration grew darker when Hanabi said that she isn’t alone anymore. *Sniff* Hana chan, you don’t deserve a guy like him ;-;.

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