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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 10 Review)

Welcome to the phase of the story where the whole focus suddenly shifts from Hanabi to Akane and Mugi, for absolutely no reason. Damn, Akane even took the protagonist power away from her.


The beginning of this episode told us that there will be lots and lots of fanservice this time. The episode starts with Akane and Mugi having sex in his room…. Why, you ask? Because it’s bound to happen when a woman and a man are alone and there is no one in the house (RIP Logic). While Mugi keeps saying that he knows the reason she was here was just because she wanted to do it, dude, just shut the f**k up; you, yourself, are responsible for falling into this mess.

In the later part we see a small backstory where Akane tells us who were her first time. The one who took her virginity was an upperclassman in high school that was the crush of almost every girl in the school. While she enjoyed the gentle and shy sex, the thing that she enjoyed the most was the feeling of superiority that she got after trampling over the dreams of the other girls of her class; and THAT feeling became the reason she became what she is now. Then, cut to present where she is with Mugi in his….ahem… bedroom. As Akane was preparing to leave, Mugi tries to take an inititative and invites her to a date but Akane on  the other hand, pleases her sadistic side by saying, “That day is Kanai sensei’s day” and leaves (God I love it when she is being a pure sadist). Mugi, however, spends the rest of the day feeling irritated and wondering why he succumbed to his desires. But he doesn’t gives up and again confronts her. He calls Akane to an empty room and asks her to not to go out with Kanai the next day. Akane, as usual, uses her “Sweet and seductive” attitude to infuriate him more and as expected, he snaps and…… kisses her and pins her to desk whining about the same thing (Like, WTF bruh? Is that all you can do?), but to no avail.

Now, what we’re gonna talk about next is the exciting part of the story, Akane x Kanai ship. Akane and Kanai were on a date in an aquarium. While Kanai was happily reciting his facts about Penguins, Akane, on the other hand, was feeling dejected and anxious because it was the first time a guy didn’t ask for sex after doing it with her once; her pride was hurt and noticing how boring he was, in comparison to others, she decided to make this date her last one, BUT, things didn’t go quite that well. On their way to home, they crossed paths with “The guy seen in the family restaurant”. He thought that Kanai was one of the other guys she fooled around with and thus (Maybe out of jealousy or spite), he reveals every fact about her. Even though after spouting all those stuff about her, he ran away, Akane didn’t try to use any excuse and tells him that it was all true and that’s why, she would like to call it their last date. She was walking back towards home, thinking about returning to the same old world that she belongs to…… BUT, surprise-surprise, Kanai pulls her back and says that she can be as she is and he doesn’t minds that at all, as long as he could spend time with her and know about her more.

Akane returns to home and calls Mugi over, still wondering why Kanai said that. Meanwhile, Mugi was jealous and a pissed at her attitude and then he snapped (This time for real) and said that he can’t act to be matured anymore, he wants her attention and wants to go on a date with her. It was Akane’s day of surprises, but she handles it well and agrees to go out with Mugi.


Things are settling down and now, it kinda looks like a love triangle. Mugi and Kanai, both are in love with her, but their approach is completely different; while Mugi wants to change her, Kanai desires for her to be as she is.

For the first time in this whole torture series, I’m actually excited about where the story is headed. Even though the unnecessary sex scenes are disturbing, the story seems to be on track for now. Let’s see what happens next.

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