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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 9 Review)

You know what? I have had enough of this anime, today I’m gonna end it all. All four episodes will be ended today. Hell yeah!


If you all remember, at the last episode we see that Mugi ditches the appointment with Hanabi because…. Ahem…. He got ‘selected’ by Akane, while our Hana chan gets respectfully declined. Now, the episode starts with her getting a message from Ecchan who asked her out for a trip. Hanabi agrees because she wanted a change of pace to get over all of the shocks (Little did she know that it’s not the end yet).

Ecchan and Hanabi arrived at Karuizawa to spend the rest of the three days in peace with her “Best friend”. While Ecchan thought that they would be alone and she would have all the “Fun” she want with her “Best friend”, she was in for a shock when she found out that Atsuya has been waiting for them in the vacation house and will be staying with the two of them. Of course, Ecchan is terribly mad by this situation because she also planned to make Hanabi her, as she just suffered from a heartbreak. Atsuya serves the purpose of clearing the delusions in Ecchan’s mind as well as give somewhat comic relief by expressing his one sided love to his lesbian cousin (This sure is the strangest sentence I have ever wrote).

That night Ecchan and Hanabi did it (I wonder why and how Hanabi does that). The next day, however, Atsuya had a chat with Hanabi and told her clearly that she should continue her relationship with her if only she feels that way; Sanae isn’t a replacement, it’s about time somewhat said that. The next 5 minutes Hanabi monologues the usual stuff, she knows she is wrong, she doesn’t wants to lose Ecchan, blah blah blah. But the main point of the story comes later at night, when Ecchan realized that Hanabi would never have feelings for Ecchan in that sense, and decided to side herself away from her as, let’s face it, Friendzone sucks. Hanabi still whines about how much she means to her and stuff and then bam, Ecchan snapped (About time), and let out everything that was in her mind. In the end, both of them decided to avoid each other until they feel comfortable and share a parting kiss (You know, like every “Normal” couple). Then, we are shown Hanabi, attending classes as the vacation ended. Moca is also shown for some seconds, however, her cute and princess type style doesn’t exists and she claims to have started to change and feel refreshed as she at least loved Mugi more than anyone else. The creator then inserted a one minute scene which fills us in with the story of Mugi and Akane, well basically they are just shown having sex which makes us understand what their relationship is right now.


Well I realized one thing, this anime tried to do everything in a different way and failed miserably. In most anime, the series starts gently but becomes wilder and wilder as the story continues. Here, the story was so wild in the beginning that now, even something which is absurd af, seems to be gentle in comparison to that. Atsuya’s character only served the purpose of voicing the words of us viewers in some cases, clearing the delusions of Ecchan and of course, a little hint of romance doesn’t hurt anyone. But still, I would say I liked his character more than the others. The story was pretty meek in comparison to the previous ones, but still I dunno what the significance of the last minute fanservice was. And Akane (Or whoever made you), WTF is wrong with your logic. If you have ever seen ‘Shinchan’, there has been tons of cases where the teacher went to Shinchan’s house for a home visit but there wasn’t anyone in the house, and I swear I don’t remember them fucking cause of that reason. Damn girl, wtf is wrong with your logic.

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