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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 11 Review)

Today’s review would surely take you all in for a surprise, because instead of ranting about how bad and cringe worthy the certain episode of this series is, I would actually be praising this particular episode of Kuzu no honkai.


This episode, just like 10th episode, starts with a small flashback of Akane’s life; this time, it was about how one of her previous boyfriend reacted when she cheated on him. She says she has a hard time realizing why people get sad when she does those stuff and at the same time, she yearns for those negative and frustrated emotions so much, that she keeps on cheating. However, she surprisingly admits that she doesn’t actually like doing it, it’s more of a habit. At that time, an imagery of Kanai asks while hugging her, Why should she do it, if she doesn’t likes it?; basically that imagery was just her asking herself the same question again and again.

Akane promised Mugi for a date but before that, he went on for a one day hot spring trip with Kanai; mostly to seek answers about what he actually meant that day as well as what his true nature is. They checked in to a nice hotel room. While Kanai was delighted with the beautiful view and the windy weather, Akane was thinking of ways to seduce him; she failed miserably in that though.

Later that night, Akane asked him what he meant by the statement that Akane could continue being as she is, to which he replied that, it’s something she loves so he doesn’t minds that; as long as the people he loves are happy, he is happy. Akane feels guilty as well as surprised as to what he just said, she couldn’t understand what he meant by that but at the same time, she was shown whining and being bashful for the first time in this story and she clearly showed it that she doesn’t wants to continue being as she has been for so many years; she has found her first love and wants to be with him (Dunno if it’s necessary but Kanai and Akane had sex), The next day, Kanai musters up courage and proposes to Akane, who, obviously, was shocked by the sudden confession but she accepted it in no time.

The next part of the story focusses on Akane and Mugi’s date. While it’s their first date together, Mugi has a feeling that this would be their last date too. Mugi reveals an obvious fact about Akane, he says that the reason Akane acts like that is because she actually wants to escape boredom, and her way of doing it is assigning herself to a certain role, be it a teacher or just another woman. His desire to be with her all the time made him almost confess to Akane (I think) but just as he was going to say anything, Akane declared that she’s gonna get married; shaken, even though he was by the sudden news, he congratulates her and tries to handle the case in a mature way. However, when Akane was leaving, his feelings weren’t able to be suppressed anymore and he confessed his inner feelings to her, to which Akane smiled and said, ‘Thank you’ (Damn, I’m starting to hate this sentence). And thus, Mugi’s unrequited love came to an end.


I have always been honest with my feelings whenever I’ve reviewed an anime and I would like to continue that trend here too. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that this episode was good. Even after all I have been through it would be bad to label it good in comparison to the previous ones; it’s honestly good as a normal anime episode. Yes, there were sex scenes in this episode too but unlike the other ones, these weren’t forced; in fact, this episode’s sex scene was a great way to foster the Kanai x Akane ship.

What I liked about this episode was that we feel happy for the Akane and Kanai but we also feel bad for Mugi as his love was also true but it didn’t get to that stage. Overall, I would say that if this anime gets a good rating then it would all be because of these last few episodes. I’m really excited to see the last episode and how this painful series comes to an end.

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