Anime Plot: A second preference?

I hope that most of you are familiar with a small proverb, “All That Glitters is Not Gold”, it means that everything that looks attractive isn’t necessarily good too. While we might follow this rule in most part of our daily lifestyle, sometimes we tend to forget this moral when watching anime.

Agreed that anime has gained popularity mainly because of its overwhelming story, beautiful art style and liquid flow animation techniques; there are some brilliant series out there which get neglected only because of an art style that’s not as appealing as the other mainstream anime series. That’s why today I will be talking ranting about how important the art style, story, animation as well as the OP/EDs are for an anime.

The face I make when I realise that I have chosen to watch an anime with good animation but awful story

In these past 3 years of my anime viewing, I have met different sorts of people who have different preferences when it comes to watching anime series. While story remains the main focus most of the time, there are some examples where the mass gets attracted to a series of extremely beautiful animation even if the story is pretty shitty; they sometimes like it. Well, I won’t comment of someone’s personal taste and preferences, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it does happens.

My latest review of ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ showed how I struggled to criticize the first two episodes only because I liked the art style (Even though the story was killing me). It’s not just this anime, there are many series out there with not that great of a story (Like Trinity seven, Saekano, Mayoiga), who got their fame thanks to the amazing amount of details and brilliance in the artistic side (Totally my opinion on the story liking part).

Have a look at the amazing Art style of ‘Ping Pong: The Animation’

While on the other hand, there are low budget anime series (Like Tatami Galaxy, Welcome to the NHK, Uchouten Kazoku, Ping Pong: The animation), who have excellent story but were not able to gather as many audiences as the mainstream ones, reason? Well of course it’s because the art was so mediocre (Or different in some cases) that the audience decided to bail out even before they could complete the series. As a result, these anime don’t get to earn much and the producers drop the idea of continuing the series (This shit is the main cause of the end of most series in the very first season).

OP/EDs also play a main role in the popularity of an anime series. Personally, I get the feeling of watching a series if I find their OP/EDs to be enjoyable. Even though the story of that series is shit, I couldn’t stop myself from ending it; something keeps telling me that an anime with a song this good can never be bad (That thinking of mine has made me suffer a lot tho). Like for example, I wasn’t actually planning to watch ‘Tokyo Ghouls’ at first, but as soon as the hype of its OP ‘Unravel’ swallowed the whole community, I also decided to watch that series with that same ol’ philosophy of mine (TG didn’t appeal to me that much). Anime like ‘Kuzu no Honkai’, ‘KnB’ and ‘Toradora’ are some more examples of me following this trend; Toradora, thankfully, wasn’t a mistake, and I still find myself get all excited to watch that series whenever I listen to its first OP ‘Pre Parade’.

A small advice: Choose. Watch. Think. Judge.

Anyways, in the end, I would like to advice you guys (As well as myself) that every anime, no matter how it looks or rated by most peoples in the community, if it fits into your preferred genre, must be viewed and judged by you before you put a label of ‘Not worth the time anime’ on that series. Remember, a diamond is always found in the coal shaft. You could neglect a series based on how it looks like at first, but that might deprive you from experiencing something that most mainstream anime doesn’t gives us.

Thanks a lot for reading this post. Yeah, I know I’m not being much active but things have been quite busy over here after I got admitted into this new school. Well, I still am doing my best to provide you with some of my rants,  bear with me for a little longer please XD

1 thought on “Anime Plot: A second preference?”

  1. I think for me plot and characters will always come first when deciding if I like something because my obsession with anime came out of an overall obsession with stories. However, sometimes the art, music and other characteristics do influence how I feel about a show. For instance I dropped Mob Psycho 100 despite being told endlessly how wonderful it was because while I found the story okay, the characters were annoying but I probably could have dealt with it, I found the art and style of the animation truly hideous to watch and that was the deal breaker. Overall though, each viewer is going to have different preferences and sometimes it is hard to even know what it is about something that just doesn’t work for you.
    Thanks for sharing.

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