Second Season: How does it gets better?

There are two types of anime series, one of them are the kind which continue for generations and generations, like a never ending loop; while the other one which ends in the first season, that too without a conclusion. Talking about the latter type of anime series, there are some series which are lucky enough to get a second season, and these second season often turn out to be a really huge hit. Today I will be talking about attributes which might be responsible for this trend. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Time Gap: The biggest reason for the success of a second season is the long anxious wait that the viewers had to bear with from the end of season one to the premiere of second season. First of all, most of the time we have to keep our fingers crossed for even getting the news of a continuation. If, luckily, we get the news, the wait starts to get even more unbearable as even if it gets confirmed that the second season will be released, the release date doesn’t gets confirmed that soon. Not to mention, sometimes the release date gets postponed which just makes us more and more anxious. In the end, when these pent up of anxiety burst, it leads to an immense amount of popularity, leading to the success of that project. The SnK franchise would be the best example in this case.
  • Character development: Another cause that makes the second season better than season one is the marvelous character development that we get to see in comparison of S1. Most of the time, the characters in season 1 seem to be half baked or sometimes ‘Good but can do better’; the reason may be the fact that they use that first season to lay a foundation of a good story for its continuation, too bad most of these series don’t have a continuation (._.). However, those who really get a second season, often grasp their chance by portraying characters in a much better angle. The best example that comes into my mind on this attribute will be ‘Assassination Classroom’. While the first season focused only on a couple of characters from the sidelines, the second season suddenly gave us a better view, so better that I never felt that some of the characters are just extras (As I did for almost all in the first season).
  • Smooth Transition: Some series also make it to the hit list thanks to the smooth transition they serve by connecting the basic storyline in the first season with some great characterization and plot development in the second season, making way for a blockage free ending in the third season. While some anime series don’t disappoint with the way they end in the second season, the third season batch are actually better and most of the time, the second season benefits greatly by connecting 1st and 3rd, again thanks to the trends in the social media. A complete example of this would be the sport series, KnB and Haikyuu. While Haikyuu really excelled in the second season by showing how the whole team grew little by little as they combined to form a team, stronger and better than before; KnB showed how Kagami and Kuroko moved to different paths to get stronger, until they combined again to get stronger (The other players remained in sidelines this time tho), in both the cases, second season remained a great key to their transition.
  • Improvement in Art: There are some cases where the gap between the first and second season is really long. In those series, we get to see a pretty obvious change in the art style, often in a positive way. The characters become more realistic and beautiful, the animation gets smoother and the background details are also paid attention. Thanks to these attributes of anime, their viewers increase by a large scale and result in the success of the project (Let’s be honest, art and animation attracts more viewers than content). The best example I can give for this case is Oregairu. While in the first season, the characters were kinda sloppy and the animation wasn’t that smooth, the second season however, saw a great change in this field, making it more successful in gaining profits as well as viewers.
    Image result for oregairu s1

Well that would sum up the reasons I could think of which makes the second season better than the first season of a medium length anime. Do share your views on this topic in the comments below and feel free to add some more points if you want to. Thanks for reading!!

See ya guys later then~!

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