I’m Back!

Hello there!

Heyya minna, its Ryuji Tatsuya with a brand new post to kick  start a brand new month!!!!! But before that, I would like to apologize to all of you for being absent this whole month of September. It’s like, now, I finally got to feel what it is like to be in senior high school; exam times are hell. Not to mention the fact that suddenly, my cram school decided to not to give our batch much days off, forcing my energy out of me to the outmost extent (I literally passed out on my bed for like more than 20 times). However, now that I’m done with the exams, I can finally give some time to this blog (It’s still hell tho ._.). I’m sorry for the sudden inactivity and I’ll try to be active as much as I can.

Moving on, what plans do I have for this blog? It’s not that much out of the ordinary, but I guess that it will take time for me to give chance to something totally new (I have a new post idea though).

  • I recently finished watching some short length series (The 10 minute ones) and thus I thought that I will be giving my review to which one I liked the most among them. It will be like a joint review kinda stuff.
  • After the episodic review of ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ I decided to target another anime for my next episodic review thread. I don’t have any idea of which anime I should review, but I hope that this time, it won’t be that much of a pain as the previous one.
  • Recently, I downloaded a collection of Makoto Shinkai’s works. You guys already know that I loved his films ‘5 cm per second’ and ‘A Garden of words’, I have high expectations from the films of his earlier days, even though the art style might not be that great, the content should be good. So, look forward to my review on that.
  • I’m planning on continuing the ‘Some anime cliches’ thread by posting some more clichés from a different genre. Even though, I’m slowly starting to run out of options for the genres to target (Since I usually watch anime having Romance and Comedy), it’s gonna be challenging and fun.
Prepare yourself for my new idea!!


Now, for the main event, I have decided to start a new kinda post that will have Comparison-Battle related background. These posts will choose two anime series and select a theme that is common to both, then it will point out a list of statements or notes from the series that contributes to the theme selected, finally deciding who was better at fulfilling that theme. I know I’m bad at explaining so, for example, in a post like ‘Nichijou vs Danshi Koukousei no nichijou (Theme: Comical Annotations)’, we will first give a small summary of their plots, point out the pros and cons of both series, show their ratings and reviews by popular sites and then compare them and judge which series was better at showcasing Comical Annotations, before we finally select a winner (It will be my personal opinion though). Well, I don’t know how it’s gonna work out but still, stay tuned.

Well, with that I have reached the end of my ‘Apology-cum-comeback list’ post. I hope this time, I would manage to find time to write blogs and keep my site alive. Thanks to everyone for still being there with me!


5 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

  1. I feel youuuuu~
    Senior high is so bad! I just got my results of midterms and I did terrible, so not such a good atmosphere at home currently, argh.

    That aside, great to have you back! Those sound really interesting, especially those combat posts. Anime cliche’s were super fun to read, good to know there’ll be more!
    Hopefully, I take some time to get back too, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha…
      Well it seems like we’re comrades in flunking tests. It’s kinda embarrassing that my grades were low even after all the time I gave to crams schools and normal study sessions (I bet 100 bucks my teacher hates me). Well, I guess we’ll just have to try harder on that, huh?

      Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement! Yeah, my first post for that thread is already scheduled, so look forward to that XD
      I would have to watch some anime from the genre I have been avoiding a lot for the cliche posts, but yeah, since I will be having some free time now, I can do that.
      Good luck on your side too..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, cram school seems to start with exactly those chapters my school decided to leave for later. Seriously making this year a living hell.

        Yup, let’s try our best!

        Liked by 1 person

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