Mystery Blogger Award – 2

Heyyo minna, it’s Ryuji Tatsuya! So today, after a while, I’ll be writing an award reply post for the Mystery Blogger Award, once again. Yeah, it’s been a long time but it really feels good to do stuff like this from time to time. And of course, it’s all thanks to the lovely Manga Goddess!

Nominated By:

Nominated by the one and only Auri-sama! Thanks a lot for this award!
She’s the only blogger of my age and honestly, her posts are just brilliant! Check out her descriptive yet surprisingly calming ASAP.

Okoto Engima

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Rules of the award:


  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Post the rules.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to their blog too.
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Nominate 10-20 people for the same award.
  • Notify the nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice with one weird/funny question.

Three Things About Me:

Image result for anime boy head scratch gif

You know, these kinda questions are really hard when you have no idea what’s special about yourself. Anyways, let’s see….

  • I can’t wake up early. Like, most of the time I skip school, the reason is because I was too lazy or it was too hard for me to wake up. I would rather stay up all night than wake up early.
  • For some reasons, it really irritates me when it’s morning. There might be only a few cases when I would wake up and think, “What a nice day!”, most of the time I’m like, “Why do mornings even exist? It’s better if it remains dark all the time.” Well, I hope I’m not the only night lover here.
  • I used to read books a lot back when I was young (In grade 2nd or 3rd), even my teachers were surprised by the amount of books I read during a short time interval. However, that hobby of mine suddenly died for some reasons. I have no idea why but when I reached 6th grade, I used to avoid books as much as I can (Not a good habit).

Auri’s Questions:

  • Any blog nicknames/titles? Which one is your favourite? 

    Hmm…. Well everyone calls me Ryuji in the blogging sphere (Except you, of course), but in Facebook or Real life I have a looooooooooooot of nicknames, I guess I can include that? So my nicknames include Ryu-chan, Ryu, Himuro, Shobo, Jis, Megane-kun, Bebetto and many many more.
    I think I like Ryu the most, it’s simple and casual and doesn’t has any sarcastic comment hidden in it ‘-‘ 

  • Would you take another 30 day challenge? Why/ why not? 

    Sure, I would love to do it again next year to see if I have growth mentally and/or as a better blogger or not. However, I’ll try to have a different set of questions since, it’s gonna be boring otherwise (I kinda wanted to try the 365 days challenge too, but then I realized that I’m too busy to pull it off).

  • Sneakers or slip-ons? 

    If it has straps then Sneakers, if not then I would go with slip ons (I’m lazy af so I think I would favour slip-ons more?).
    Damn this question is hard to answer….. I will go with both ‘-‘)/

  • Worst fanfiction you’ve ever read? 

    I actually have read a lot of doujinshis (Going by the definition given by Google that can be categorized as a fanfic, I guess?) and most of them were kinda good. But I do remember this one HSDXD doujin, that was completely shit. The grammar was all over the place, the art was messed up and the story…….. *Sigh* Well, I forgot the title of that doujin and honestly, I hope  I forget all about this horrific event.

  • What do you think of when you hear the word ‘boring’? 


My Nominations:

Image result for anime boy over enthusiastic greeting gif
Your Turn~ *Evil Grin*

Question Time:

  • What’s the worst thing you have ever eaten?
  • Is there any creepy habit that you possess?
  • What inspired you to start your blog?
  • From the anime aired in 2017, which one did you like the most?
  • What’s the most brutal thing you have ever done to anyone?

And with that, another award post comes to an end. It was fun, thanks again Auri! Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award – 2”

  1. Aigoo! Manga Goddess again! LOL! Maybe I should make a list of all the manga I read or something…. Sorry, that came out of nowhere!

    Well, great answers Ryu-kun! (Or maybe I just like unnecessary praises haha)
    Woah, a 365 day challenge? That’s crazy! There’s something LIKE that?
    I love dark. I don’t hate mornings it’s just so BRIGHT. Ugh.

    Anyway, thanks for answering!

    P.S- I hate Physics as much as I hate pink, which is as much as I hate Nobita.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess I’ll make that a secondary nickname for you XD
      Whoa! A list of all manga?? That’s sure to be a loooooooooooooooong list…… Tbh, I would love to see that! *Le Shines*

      It exists! A 365 days challenge is incredibly crazy….. But doesn’t that makes you a little bit adventurous? I would really love to try that…. someday…

      Darkness! ALL HAIL DARK!!
      Yes, exactly! All my relatives say stuff like, Mornings brighten up their day or that it’s holy…. Screw that! I would rather have night all year round.

      No probs! Thanks again!

      *Adds up new entries in Auri’s Hate list* @u@

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t mind, haha. (Not if it isn’t obvious yet, lol)
        Yeah, not really. I’ve reached only 200-ish.

        If you do, I’ll be sure to read it! It still sounds like a looot of effort.

        Me too!

        Haha, that list might be too long to keep a track of, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats and thanks for the nomination. I’m kind of bad at responding to these so I’ll answer your questions here:
    1.Worst thing I ate: I didn’t actually eat it but sea urchin. The person I was with ate it. Their expression said everything that needed to be said. Worst thing I’ve eaten is probably vegemite and if I can avoid it that will never happen again.
    2. Creepy habit: I’m a sleepwalker/talker and I’ve been told I do some weird stuff when I’m out. The worst one that I have any memory of (because usually I have none) was the time I put a dry pot on a stove and turned the stove on in my sleep before wandering off. Good thing I made a lot of noise and others woke up.
    3. What inspired me to start a blog: A desire to talk about anime though I will admit the blog idea was kind of planted by a friend who just wanted me to start writing again.
    4. 2017 anime: Still deciding though probably a choice of My Hero Academia, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku or March Comes in Like a Lion. We’ll see if some of the shows this season win over these.
    5. Most brutal thing I’ve ever done to someone: Told them the truth?

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    1. Sea urchin, huh? Well… I haven’t seen anyone eat that so far, and when I searched about it on YouTube, all the food lovers were like “It’s delicious!”; so I guess I will wait for the time for someone normal to react to that.
      Vegemite, well yeah I have heard about that a lot (Many of my Aussie friends seem to love it tho). Still have mixed reviews about

      Whoa! Now that sure sounds creepy…. It would have surely turned out to be a big disaster if no one woke up. Thank God it was avoided.

      My Hero Academia is on the list once again! I actually want to see it a lot, but the problem is the fact that it is too big in size, I will have to wait for the batch to reach at least 3 GB

      Pfft… That indeed is brutal……. But better than keeping up a facade.

      Thanks a lot for answering!

      Liked by 1 person

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