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Eromanga sensei (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Eromanga sensei

Genre: RomCom, Slice of Life, Harem

No. of episodes: 12

Review: I was really excited when Eromanga sensei started airing, basically because the internet was filled with discussions about how it seemed to be an upgrade of ‘Oreimo’. I kept that in my mind when I started this series, basically so that I could find clues of similarity between the two series; but, it seems I didn’t have to be so careful about it, because the series itself declared it openly in every chance it got. The story revolves Masamune, a professional light novelist, and his little sister Sagiri; who happens to be his mysterious illustrator, Eromanga sensei. One day, during a live stream, Masamune finds out that his cute little sister (Who is also a shut in for almost a year) is his illustrating partner, known for his lewd illustrations. What comes next is a series of comedic moments and some “Doki Doki elements”, as the duo decides to create another piece and watch its anime adaptation in the near future. One thing that I absolutely loved about Eromanga sensei was their constant introduction of other famous anime works every time they got a chance to do so. At first I noticed ‘Toradora’ Light novel in a store (Which actually made me quite happy, since I loved subtle introduction of other works in an anime), but then I was surprised when they just straight out named the series along with many other works (They even portrayed the characters of ‘Irregulars of Magic High school’, ‘Spice and wolf’ and ‘SAO’). This anime clearly showed that it is linked with ‘Oreimo’ in the 7th episode (Where they showed Kirino in a TV show) and finally in the 11th episode (Where the whole gang of Oreimo was shown to enjoy in Akihabara, as Kirino heaped praises about the light novel that Masamune and Sagiri were creating); seriously, I loved it each and every time the Oreimo cast did a cameo!

Weakness: Considering that this series serves the purpose of relieving stress by presenting a light hearted story, the weakness of this series weren’t really that serious:
1) The story is surely an upgraded version of Oreimo, still, there are times when the obvious similarity between the two series becomes a little boring and easily predictable; Especially when it concerns the behavior and fate of the main as well as the supporting characters.
2) Even though this might seems as my personal problem, I’m still going to put this up here. I found the fanservice a little bit too forced, to such an extent where it highly seemed unnecessary to show random ecchi shots of the female characters, especially Sagiri.
3) The love development between Masamune x Elf and Masamune x Masamura was too quick. I have a feeling that if they dragged it on for the second season instead of making them confess and get rejected so soon in the story, then maybe the plot would have become more interesting.

Related image
I finally know what ‘Ero-kawaii’ means

Favourite Character: There’s no doubt that the best character for this season of the series has to be Sagiri. Not only was she cute and had high scores in the ‘Waifu elements’, she was way better than Kirino (If you guys don’t know, I just can’t stand Kirino as the main heroine of Oreimo). I loved how Sagiri was cute and co-operative, while at the same time portrayed ‘Imouto clichés’ perfectly!

Related image
Was I the only one to notice her ‘Goodness’ jiggle a lot in a certain episode?

Honourable mention to Tomoe, the book store manager. Only if this show wasn’t on the line of getting the Incestuous ending, I would love it if Masamune x Tomoe became a thing (Not that it’s possible tho).

Image result for eromanga sensei gif
The cute art style definitely brought out the calm nature of this series

Art style: The art style was identical to that of Oreimo, brimming with the A-1 pictures style of animation. I actually liked the art style in that series too; and since this series had better character design for the main characters, I’m completely satisfied with it.

OP/ED: The OP and ED both synched well with the care free and relaxing nature of the anime. Even though these kind of songs aren’t really my type, at least it was perfect for this series. No complaints there!

Rating: To conclude this review, I would like to say that even though I initially though that it was going to be a shadow of Oreimo, it actually outshone the former series and has raised my expectations of receiving an ending better than that of Oreimo, in the next season. I rate it a humble 7.5 out of 10.

Have you watched Eromanga sensei? How was it for you? Is there any point that you think I have missed or do you disagree with any of my words? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Eromanga sensei (Anime Review)”

  1. Up front I’ll tell you that I am not a fan of this art form and it isn’t easy being in the minority. Many believe this is all innocent and has no cultural downsides but having experienced the affects in reality I can tell this is not so. Women should be respected for their maturity as beautiful creatures with great capacity. Idolizing child-like imagines is not healthy. I’m sorry to say this so straight forward but with all of my being I believe this idolization is immoral.

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    1. Of course, I appreciate your thought and to be honest, I’m not really not that much into Lolis and other things aimed for Pedophiles (Plot for life!). But yeah, the reason I mentioned Sagiri as ero kawaii was that even though her behaviour and characterization was extremely cute, the creator still portrayed her in some situations, in a way that makes her a bit too…….. Sexual?

      Just to clear any doubts, I don’t really appreciate that kinda unnecessary fanservice, but well, at least her fanservice was far better than that of the other “Girls of the Rejected Ladies Club”

      Thanks for sharing your views!


  2. I kind of thought that Oreimo is the kind of incest anime that made people question the taboo issue of “incest”, and also the question about ero-games and how acceptable they are. After all, the male MC in Oreimo went through a 180degree change from the start of the series till the end (of the 2nd season) after going through all the insane and ridiculous events.

    Eromanga on the other hand seems to focus less on the serious issues, and biologically somewhat avoid the taboo ‘incest’ relationships (even if legally that may not be the case). So Eromanga to me felt more like a fun series with ecchi jokes that are entertaining. Although… … I felt like with Eromanga, all the series after that season kind of raised the bar on the ecchi-ness. (I am probably 99% wrong though, because I only understand the state of recent seasons from memes and stuff)

    Bonus: Yeap! The camos are hilarious. 🙂

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    1. Well it’s true that in Oreimo the issue of incest was confronted directly and the hints were pretty obvious in the first season as compared to Eromanga sensei. However, the reason I would want to favour Eromanga sensei is because in the end of Oreimo, all the hype and tension of finally challenging the taboo was just abandoned. It triggered me way too much when after going through so many challenges, and of course rejections, all the siblings ended up doing was a fake wedding show, THATS IT!
      So I kinda hope that even though they avoided most of the taboo by making them step siblings (In Eromanga sensei), they end up reaching somewhere a little farther than Oreimo.

      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your views!

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