Some Anime Characters with Similar Faces

Heyyo minna! It’s Ryuji Tatsuya with yet another anime rant! So lately I have come across a few anime series where the characters’ faces seem to be awfully similar to that of other anime characters in the past. When I did my research about that, I realized that there are quite a few characters like that. That’s why today, I decided to make a list of some of the characters who were caught under my supervision. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Tendou (Haikyuu) and Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

    I remember my reaction when I was watching the third season of Haikyuu. The moment Tendou made his appearance in the series I remembered yelling “HOLY SHIT! IT’S HISOKA!!” in the middle of the episode (Even though I haven’t seen HXH, I was kinda familiar with the character Hisoka). Well, the odd stares I got from my family is a different story, but it turns out that I wasn’t really wrong and many other people also noticed and pointed that out.

  • Haru (My Little Monster) and Houtarou (Hyouka)

    Ok I admit that this is a no brainer, because it’s almost everywhere on the internet; but still, I think these two characters literally are brothers separated at birth (Stolen Old meme lel). Even though their behaviours are COMPLETELY different from each other, I guess it isn’t considered cheating if I include them here, ne?

  • Manabe (Kotoura san) and Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

    These characters are the reason I decided to write this post (Even though the idea of doing so was in my mind for more than a month now). No matter how you look at it, these two are literally a xerox of each other (Except the fact that Manabe has a childish af portrayal with low budget character sketch while Kyon had a kinda better and more serious portrayal) Also, nevermind the change in attitude of the two characters.

  • Izumi (Parasyte the maxim) and Yuri (Yuri on ice)

    First things first, I have not watched Yuri on Ice yet and I certainly don’t think I will be watching it any time sooner (Calm down LGBT community), but thanks to the immense hype it got in 2016, there was no way that I would have missed the uncanny similarity between these two characters. In my opinion, I would say Izumi is like the older brother who is juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little smarter than his little brother, Yuri. Still, I will have to agree that the cooler side of Yuri was way better than that of Izumi.

  • Yu (Charlotte) and Takumi (Battery)

    I just finished watching Battery and that’s why the great similarity between these two facial characters is vivid clear on my mind. All the while I watched Battery, I was calling Takumi ‘The Yu Otosaka of a poor budget anime’; I still don’t think it was wrong of me to do so. The thing that kinda irritated was the fact that even though Yu had a great character development by the end of the series, Takumi was still the same old arrogant freak who knew nothing except being all high and mighty (At least try to be a little bit positive like Yu, ya faulty Xerox character!).

  • Mio (K-On!) and Tamako (Tamako Market)

    Close your eyes and imagine Mio Akiyama. Now slowly imagine her in a little younger version, maybe like in middle school. Now give her a twin tail and little bit cheerful personality; TADA! You have created Tamako! To be honest, even though Tamako is 99% similar to Mio, in case of character sketch, she is still way too far to reach her class. ALL HAIL GODDESS MIO!!

  • Akame (Akame ga Kill) and Shino (Seitokai Yakuindomo)

    While Akame spilled blood by killing every enemy of the Night Raid, Shino, on the other hand, spread laughs by cracking outright sexual jokes every minute. I haven’t completed Akame ga kill (Because f**k bad endings, f**k action and f**k my life), I don’t think I would love her as much as I love Shino (For being a perverted comedian myself, I admire you a lot!). It’s just as the old saying goes, “Spread laughter, not hatred” (Now don’t ask me who said that………. Or if that is even a real thing).

  • Elze (Issekai wa smartphone no tomo ni) and Kyou (Clannad)

    While the former series is just a big compilation of almost all the fantasy and magical anime clichés possible, Elze and her younger sister (Forgot her name XD) are maybe a rip off of the Clannad sisters. Elze and Kyou’s personality, affection towards their sister as well as the hairband’s position are really really similar to each other. I’m calling first dibs on Elze being a failed copy of Kyou.

  • Haruhara (FLCL) and Yano (Kimi ni Todoke)

    In one of the videos of The Anime Man, I came across this character called Haruhara. While I have no idea how her personality might be like, I remember thinking to myself that maybe he did some kind of mistake, as instead of Haruhara, the name should be Yano (Later I found out that it wasn’t my mistake at all). If you guys know about this character then be sure to tell me about her, but for now, I guess I’ll be calling her Yano-chan v2.

And with that, this list comes to an end. Have you came across any of these characters? Did you also find them similar? Are there any more characters that cross your mind? Be sure to tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “Some Anime Characters with Similar Faces”

  1. Ooohhh, don’t forget the sports anime lookalikes with the same demeanor! Haru – Free! Kageyama – Haikyuu and Imaizumi – Yowamushi Pedal ….tall, stoic, black hair and some shade of blue eyes!! 😀

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    1. I guess I should have chose a better pic to compare them both. Anyways, you will get what I mean once you see Takumi in the series. I actually felt it really was Yu, just playing Baseball in a different series.


  2. Elze IS a ripped off version of Kyou, period. The author goes the easy route by taking inspirations from the most obvious things such as India as the place of event for episode 7, the whole culture and ceremony things and even ‘currae’ is real Indian stuff.

    But apparently you can’t sue ‘artists’ for stealing 3/4 of what makes the original character great….

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    1. I’m in like the 3rd or 4th episode of that anime so I haven’t seen that yet (I wonder if I’ll even finish it someday, it’s so cliched and ripped off, I get hurt just by watching it).
      Pfft yeah, if we could sue artists for stealing from originals, more than half of the creators of the Industry (That includes Anime, Movies, Books and everything else) would end up being jobless.

      Thanks for sharing!


  3. I take it you haven’t read/ watched Cross Game yet: The manga where almost everyone are twins.
    Ryu-kun= interesting post!
    I do have an explanation to offer for this- most manga follow similar guidelines to draw faces which end up making similar (read same) faces.
    Strangely though, I never seem to be able to draw my characters the same way twice…. hmm.. something’s wrong here….

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    1. Your guess is spot on, I haven’t read that manga yet (But thanks to this comment, I’m gonna inquire about it now XD)

      Whoa! Such an honour! *^*

      Yup, exactly! I’m glad that someone mentioned this point, I was actually waiting for it. It actually has to be like this, because I don’t think it’s possible to keep on creating unique characters each and every season for such a long time; so I guess we can let that slide.
      Is that so? Well for me, I can’t draw different faces, they somehow end up becoming an upgraded or degraded version of my last project (Heck, I can’t even draw characters with any other expression, but a normal and straight smile XD).
      I’m still a n00b lel

      Thanks for reading, Auri!

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