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Anime Showdown: Oreimo vs Eromanga Sensei (Incest Management)

Heyyo minna! It’s Ryuji Tatsuya with another post of the ‘Anime Showdown’ thread! (Yay~~~~) If you want to check out the last post, click here.


Today, we will be comparing ‘Oreimo’ and ‘Eromanga sensei’, the topic being (I hope you will be able to guess it before I say it) ‘Incest Management’. If you guys didn’t get it, the topic will focus which of the two was better in portraying the incest setting and gave it a better ending (Or showed a better chemistry between the main characters).


Image result for oreimo kyousuke x kirino wallpaper

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance, Harem

Ratings: 6/10 (IMDb)
7/10 (My Anime List)


  • The romantic feelings that the other female characters had within themselves were given time and felt natural. At least, as compared to Eromanga sensei, it didn’t seem forceful and raw when they confessed (The sudden harem still triggers me though).
  • There was some good character development executed by most of the characters (That do not include Kirino and Kyousuke). In my opinion, the character development of Ayase and Ruri were one of the reasons why some people loved Oreimo.
  • In the second season, the main characters were able to completely show that they love each other, instead of hiding it any more. It’s kinda true that the love still lacked the necessary impact, but well, something is better than nothing.


  • The main character doesn’t possess anything special to be called the Protagonist. True, the characters SOL anime series normally don’t have any elaborate specialty, but that guy should have at least something to justify his sudden harem.
  • The series hardly showed any romantic tension between the two main characters until they reach the second season. What’s more, Kirino was such a pain the a** that at some point I was judging Kyousuke for his partner selection.
  • Even though Kyouske and Kirino went through so much trouble just to be together (That includes Kyousuke’s tide of rejecting girls and Kirino’s foul fight with the childhood friend), but in the end, the creator thought, “Nah! We’re just gonna let them date for a couple of weeks and end it with a kiss”. WHAT WAS THE BLOODY POINT? I actually wanted a better conclusion.


Image result for eromanga sensei wallpaper

Genre: RomCom, Slice of Life, Harem

Ratings: 7/10 (IMDb)
7/10 (My Anime List)


  • For me, the best thing about this series is the fact that both Masamune and Sagiri are not useless High school brats who have too much time on their hand so they just decided to f**k their own sibling; at least they are self-sufficient and popular.
  • The series was great in executing comedic jabs and certain heartwarming scenes, which proved vital in contributing to the RomCom genre of the series.


  • Even though it’s obvious that the series deal with incestuous relationship, Masamune failed to show his emotions that clearly so far. His feelings are subtle but still, it would’ve been better if only he would show them to Sagiri instead of all the other female characters.
  • I think the other female characters were a little too soon in confessing to Masamune (Especially Masamura senpai). If only they waited and worked on their relationship a bit more, then maybe it would have had a better feels to it; this time, I felt nothing when they got shot down (I was laughing btw).


  • Let’s start with the story setting. Oreimo showed the two main characters as pure siblings, no foreign blood included, while on the other hand Eromanga sensei decided to cut them some slack and portrayed the two characters as step siblings. Since we are talking about who was able into managing the incest setting better, this point has to go to Oreimo since they faced the situation head on (How they ended it is a different story).
  • In Oreimo, there wasn’t anything special about Kirino and Kyousuke that might contribute to the story (Even though Kirino went out with an athletic scholarship, he wasn’t able to stay there for long). Kirino was an otaku who loved Eroge, while Kyousuke didn’t even have that talent and was just a dead weight (At least he was so for me). On the other hand, Eromanga sensei showed the two step siblings to be professionals as an illustrator and novelist. Even though it was highly disturbing to see a 12 year old breathe heavily and ask for panty shots, they still are self-sufficient and not just any worthless bum. This, I believe, was a better situation than showing 15-16 year olds creep over 2D games.
  • Both of the series failed into showing a deeper romantic relationship between the siblings. Even if we excuse Oreimo in the first season for taking their time to develop love between them two, they still have no excuse as to why the portrayal still lacked charm in the second season (Even though the love was better than the first season, it still wasn’t good enough). As for Eromanga sensei, the siblings failed to show their love to each other, but instead they show it to everyone else present; what a waste!
  • The female lead of Oreimo was far from adorable and cute. Sure, she might look good, but that foul personality of hers even after everything Kyousuke did for her is just a bit too infuriating (I wonder if Kyousuke is a siscon or a huge masochist). Sagiri, on the other hand, was way more cute and lovable; agreed that her work of drawing lewd stuff and breathing heavily for panty shots like a middle aged pervert was a bit disgusting, it still was better than Kirino (I just realized, why are both of the females so perverted and inclined to R rated stuff?)
  • I’m highly disappointed by how Oreimo ended. I still don’t understand that why did Kyousuke accepted Kirino’s idea at all, especially after he rejected so many confessions and sat through a huge lecture from his childhood friend. If all they had to do was kiss a little and date for a few weeks, then they should have done that in secret, ages ago; to end the series that way just to get away with excessive hate is just not acceptable (Even more if you were working on a series that was based on that taboo). This gives Eromanga sensei a chance to correct the past mistakes and give them a better conclusion, not to mention that they have the impetus of step sibling bond (An excuse to escape all incestuous acts).

In the end, I would announce Oreimo as the winner of this segment since they were able to give the incest relationship at least an ending. HOWEVER, if Eromanga sensei gets a second season and they were able to show an ending where the duo gets an appropriate ending then the latter will win by a landslide. Remember, this is just my opinion.

And with that, this post comes to an end. If you have any second thoughts about my decisions then be sure to leave a comment below! As always, thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Anime Showdown: Oreimo vs Eromanga Sensei (Incest Management)”

    1. Now that you mentioned the novel, I’m kinda excited for second season XD

      Duly noted! I’ll be sure to include that anime, after I see it, in my future posts.

      Thanks for reading!

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      1. I can only hint that it’s worse than OreImo…

        Have you found the time to throw your morals out of the window when you watched Eromanga-sensei?
        Because if you still haven’t, the second season will absolutely make you do it. 1000% chance!

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    1. They’re not that bad, check them out sometime.

      As for the sports post, I was actually thinking of posting ome including KnB and one other sports series, but I thought of giving it some more time.

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying these posts. Thanks for reading!

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