Prepare For Some High Temperature: Five Flaming Hotties Tag

Heyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya with a post which is quite new to me (Just wondering, the “Heyyo minna” sounds like a good enough intro, ne?). Today I will be replying to a Tag by none other than the Manga Goddess (Yup, still calling you that), Auri! Honestly, I had no idea what a tag is, so I had to check a bunch of other pages to get a vague idea; basically it’s just another Award reply post without any award involved in it (BEST EXPLANATION EVAAAAAAH). So, now that the introduction of the post is over, let’s get right into this new stuff!


  • Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts to all blogs involved and including the picture above.
  • List five of your greatest hotties people from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  • Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.
  • Add some appealing pictures.
  • Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.
  • Post the rules.

Image result for Five flaming hotties tag

So before we jump into the list, a formal thanks to Auri for tagging me, and for giving me a chance to check out this alien topic! She has some really amazing posts in her page, you shouldn’t miss a chance to check them out. If you’re still reading this then I don’t know what’s the matter with you. First click on the link to her page and check her posts out, I can wait (Her posts are 10x better than mine anyway~). Done? Good! Let’s get moving then, shall we?

My List:

After giving it a lot of thought, I was somehow able to put up a list of 5 ‘Hotties’; Trust me, it was a lot harder than it sounds.

  • Holo

    Image result for holo spice and wolf hot

    Well of course, the Wolf Goddess who turns into an attractive woman in her mid-twenties had to make an appearance in this kinda post. I have said this before in one of my posts and I will say it again, there is no other character that can be as seductive as she is, only with the usage of words and an amazingly hot deliver. Unlike top anime girls from HSDXD, Momusu and others, Holo has never used her physical attributes to seduce the main character; and that, my friend, is the proof of a true seductive character.

    I first saw her like a year before, and I still watch certain episodes of Spice and Wolf only to observe how cool she can be in a pinch. Overall, she is smart, proud, clever, seductive, mischievous, and a little bit perverted; which makes her my close to perfect girl by default (Glasses and a bit more noticeable boobs would have made her the perfect one).


  • Maria

    Image result for Maria hot hayate no gotoku

    Ah, Maria!
    It’s maybe because ‘Hayate the combat butler’ was only my second anime series that I have always kept Maria close to my heart. One thing that I wished for, for a long time was for Maria and Hayate to become a thing (I mean, is it really that hard? It seems way better than Hayate x Nagi, if you ask me).

    Maria is like an all in one character. She is only 17, wears a maid outfit most of the time, can completely flaunt the beauty of any casual wear, is 10x more responsible than Hayate and Nagi combined and is beautiful as F**k! Whenever I think of a possible anime crush, her name pops into my head (She still couldn’t make it into the permanent list because she’s a bit pure and…. The list doesn’t exist).


  • Rui Tachibana

    Image result for Rui Tachibana manga cover

    The only manga character from the list, Rui had the potential to become my much awaited ‘Waifu’; but maybe it’s just luck or the choice of the creator to make her the side heroine (You know….. the one who always stares at the main couple from a distance but might squeeze in between them suddenly, for no apparent reason).

    I remember when I saw her the first time in the manga ‘Domestic na Kanojo’, I leapt up in joy and said, “I think I finally found my waifu!” Let’s just forget the fact that later that day, after her personality became a huge let down, I was rooting for the protagonist to leave Rui for that another girl (I forgot her name =u=).


  • Emma Watson

    Related image

    Any guy who has seen the Harry Potter series would know what I’m talking about. Emma is a kind of girl who, if you look at for the first time, all you can think about is how can someone be as beautiful as she is! Emma is without a doubt a really really hot actress…….. Way better than Angelina Jolie, if you ask me. (Anyone triggered?)

    In the first film, she was really adorable, but her beauty wasn’t at her prime yet (Well of course, she was only 12 back then). But when she did ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’, she slowly started to gain more and more lovers, and gradually, by the time the movie series ended, a huge number of people (Including me) were head over heels for her. My feelings for Emma, maybe aren’t that extreme, but whenever I talk about her and imagine her beautiful face, incomparable personality and amazing smile; it feels really good.


  • Ileana D’Cruze

    Image result for ileana d'cruz

    Well here’s a new name for you guys (If you know her then that’s ok too, I won’t judge). Ileana is a newbie in Bollywood who wasn’t that famous up until recently. I have been noticing her from her film ‘Main Tera Hero’, and my feelings for her, since that film hasn’t changed at all!

    I know she’s maybe not the most beautiful girl in the world, but it’s obvious to me as I write this post, I have fallen real bad for this lady. Her hairstyle matches perfectly with her facial structure, her smile is a feast to behold, and above all SHE’S DAMN HOT! I hope that one day, she will become an actress that goes down in history as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of Bollywood.


The list of peeps to pass this tag to are here~! I’m looking forward to see who they write about (Well… if they choose to attempt this, that is).

And thus, this post comes to an end! I’m sorry if it sounds a bit shallow, it’s really late right now and I’m eager to post XD. If you would like to add another name to this list then feel free to do so in the comments section. I’ll try to tag all of you over in Twitter, when I get my phone back. For now, thanks for reading!

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