TRAPPED! There is No Way Out Now!

While the outside world was enveloped with darkness, Ryuuji was sitting quietly on his sofa, as the dim light barely managed to keep the room lit. Gently placing his drink down at the center table, the beads of condensation were flowing towards the table with a constant pace; he supports his chin with his wrist as he slowly spoke up. “The virus is spreading”

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With a small sigh, he continued to speak with himself in that small room. “Long gone are the days when we used to feel everything was fair. Today, most of us have already been betrayed by them….”

Ryuuji finally stood up, a gloomy aura surrounding him, and walked towards the only window in the room; gazing out into the foggy and shadowy outdoor, “That’s right…. They are always ready to betray us and force us to think that maybe we are not normal”. Clenching his fist with frustration and anger, he forcefully opened the window and leaned outside, letting out all his pent up distress, “I HATE YOU, TRAPS!


Heyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya! So, as you can make out from the title as well as the small epilogue, this post is dedicated to something that I have come to detest as of late. Yup, I’m talking of Anime Traps.

I really hate it when someone promises you something and then they suddenly shatter it, right in front of you, making fun of your trust as well as your broken heart; traps are the same for me. At first, we marvel at their creation and start shipping them with a male character, like every normal creepy anime enthusiast. But then as the story progresses and we reach halfway through the plot of that episode, their true nature is revealed, and there we stand, cockblocked! In some cases, traps also become impulsive waifus, and then when their identity is revealed, the viewer is left wondering with a small question, “Am I gay?” (Admit it. We are always homophobic and that’s why we keep screaming ‘No homo’ almost every time). And that’s why; today I will be handing out a list of Traps, who backstabbed me, along with many other anime fans in this world. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Suzuya Juuzou

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    I don’t know if he counts for a trap, but every time I see him in TG, I feel as if he is actually a psychopathic anime girl. Maybe it’s his hairstyle or feminine voice that makes him more and more girly. While I really enjoyed the scenes where he went onto a killing spree with a cute and calming smile on his face. While it really hurt me when his identity was clear to me, I wouldn’t say it hurt me that bad.


  • Ryoji ‘Ranka’ Fujioka (Haruhi’s Dad)

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    The only good thing about this character is the fact that we weren’t surprised when he was introduced as Haruhi’s dad. Sure, he had long hair and was crossdressing, but his over acting and masculine voice made it obvious that he is a he (And a creep). But till this day, I ask myself this small question, “Why is Haruhi’s dad trying so hard to become a woman??!” I get the fact that Haruhi is a reverse trap and the series is a reverse harem, but that doesn’t means that the creators will go all out and make every single character a werido! I wonder if they explained why her dad became a woman (Cross dressing, extra make up and feminine attitude), and if they did then please tell me why in the comments. *Sigh* I’m getting more and more irritated, as we talk about this cancerous guy.


  • Haku

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    Now finally, we are getting into the ‘Popular Trap Zone’. For me, Haku is actually the character that started all this gender confusion. I have no idea if he was the first trap or not, but I remember saying, “Finally! A pretty woman!” when Haku first appeared on the series, but then I spent the entire day sulking about my sexual orientation when he said that he is a boy. Seriously, whose ‘Great’ idea was it to make him a guy? It’s not like only males can be ninja, since there were tons of strong female ninjas in the series. What could have possibly been the problem if he was made a woman? If only they made him a girl, I might have gotten my first childhood anime crush, but since it didn’t happen, I was left with a hole in my chest, as if I was pierced in my heart with a dagger.


  • Felix Argyle

    Image result for Felix argyle

    Of course, Felix had to be in this list! After all the hype the series got, it was obvious for Felix to emerge as the new face of Traps (Only to be overshadowed by another new Trap in 2017). I still don’t understand why the creator made him a guy. I mean, cat ears and characteristics, female voice, care free attitude and wise words when it matters; these are all attributes of a female character! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS? *Flips Table*


  • Ruka Urushibara

    Image result for Ruka Urushibara

    No matter how much I hate traps, Ruka will always be my favourite in Steins; gate. Why, you say? Well first of all, he’s cute! I mean, he is cuter than most of the traps out there (For me, cuter than all the traps I have seen till now). Second, and the most important point, *Spoiler Alert* he became a she for at least a few episodes of the series; that’s just what we asked for! I loved the scene when Okabe, to prove that she’s a girl, touched her cave from over her short, only to realize that the ding dong is gone~
    To be honest, I was so thrilled at that time that I ran around the house dancing like a complete idiot (It’s fair, right? I found a shrine maiden with the cutest face ever). ALL HAIL, Ruka!! Well, she was turned back into a guy later…… But still! *Throws flower petals at him/her*


  • Saika Totsuka

    Image result for Saika Totsuka

    Last but not the least, we have Saika from Oregairu. This guy is a legend! I mean, he’s the most feminine boy I have ever seen. He doesn’t goes on and on every second about being a boy like Hideyoshi (Well he doesn’t gets bullied like him too but never mind), instead, he said that only once in the series in such shy and timid manner that it gave some guys the weirdest boner ever. I’m serious guys, in the second season, I guess it was fanservice or something like that, never mind that; there was this scene where Saika was drenched in sweat and was wiping himself, that scene was THIS close into making me gay (…….. Don’t look at me)! I really like his character as it is, but that is the very reason why I’m irritated by the trap logic and am trying to write this hate post. If only he were a girl, I would have supported him and Hachiman to become a thing (Just to clear things up, I’m not into yaoi).

  • Honorable Mention: Hideyoshi
    Image result for Hideyoshi

    While these two are really big names among the Trap Lovers, I personally don’t like Hideyoshi; not since he is a trap, but because his personality isn’t that much worth mentioning. It pisses me off when he keeps repeating that he’s not a girl, and even more when the others totally turn a deaf ear to what he says. Agreed that he’s in a helpless situation and that the series of comedy genre, but the way every character of the anime hyped the fact that he’s a trap and even went on to declare Hideyoshi as a form of gender made this whole trap thing not funny anymore.


Finally, the hell list is done and over with! *Sigh* If any of my reader is a creator, can you please explain just why did you guys created (and keep on creating) traps? Anyway, if you guys have something to say about my list or have any more names that you would like to add to this list, then be sure to do so in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “TRAPPED! There is No Way Out Now!”

      1. Seriously, The trp characters are often used to explore issues that would otherwise be ignored and serve as an interesting counterweight to more traditional characters. The force protagonists to ask questions of themselves and often illicit character growth in other. Ruka’s route i the game was probably the one where Okabe grew the most. Identity issues and existentialism are a but wide reaching and difficult to handle in a narrative so limiting them and simplifying them a little by sticking to gender identity is a pretty handy way to tackle the wider issue without getting lost.

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          1. So, you want to say that the trap characters are useful when it concerns character development of the protagonist in critical situations (Correct me if I’m wrong).

            If that is what you want to say then I still don’t understand why is it necessary to have a guy looking like a girl. Forced character development can be achieved even with a normal character, complex gender identity is not that important (In Steins;Gate, Ruka was more like a transgender instead of trap). But in Baka Test and Oregairu, what was the point of traps? According to me, all they did was deliver some fanservice to the Fujoshis and other anime fans.

            Sorry if I got a bit serious, but I would love to hear more from you.

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            1. Yes I am saying traps give an opportunity for character development while limiting the amount of exposition needed. I haven’ seen Baka Test but in Oregairu it did give the main chara a chance to show a gentler and more understanding side without messing with the love triangle dynamic that was central to the storyline.
              Now Obviously not all trap characters are that useful just like any other character but I do find they often bring something unique to the narrative.
              As for being fanservice – I got no issue with fanservice. Personally, I rather have it in transvestite flavor than shota/loli…

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