Some Anime Cliches (Generic Female Leads)

Heyyo minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
Welcome to another post of the ‘Some Anime Cliches’ thread~! You guys seem to love this series, huh? Who knew my annoying habit of pointing out mistakes would prove beneficial someday XD

Anyway, so all this while I have written about clichés regarding certain genre of anime, but then I realized that there are many genres out there that I don’t have a deep knowledge about. And even if I somehow manage to write these posts, I might end up using all the genres quite soon. That’s when it hit me! I don’t need to be abounded by genres only when there are many more elements that make anime, anime! Keeping that in my mind, today I will be talking about some common traits that we see in almost all the Female lead characters out there.
So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Bad Social Life
    Image result for classroom of the elite horikita gif cold
    “I have no intention of keeping up with your load of cr*p”- Fake quote

    Agreed that many members of the anime community don’t have that great of a social life, and maybe the industry is following that trend by making the main characters a victim of such problem. But still, I don’t understand why this ‘Normal problem’ has become so common, especially in the anime of SoL and Pure Romance genre. The heroine either suffers from social anxiety, a traumatic past, or maybe she just doesn’t wants to have a social life at all (This last one is catching grounds in the last 3-4 years, by the way). While you guys might be wondering why I’m a little pissed about this trend that much, I’ll explain that in the next point.


  • Sudden Popularity

    Image result for anime girl with many friends gif

    *Cracks fingers* Let’s get ranting. So just as I said in the previous point, female leads in most of the anime series have a problem with maintaining a good social life (If it’s not the female lead, there will be some other girl in the character list with a cold attitude). While earlier, a good reason was shown for such awkwardness (Like bullying, excessive transfers, isolation), which were acceptable, and we felt good when they somehow start making friends. HOWEVER, the latest trend that shows at least one female character (Lead in most cases) with no intentions of making friends or having a social life, after they have the encounter with the annoying male lead, suddenly start getting all the attention of the world. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?! WHY DA F**K??! If you wanted to have a social life anyway, then why did you do all the drama of being cold before?!
    One more reason why these two trends piss me off is because that doesn’t happens in real life; if you get isolated or act cold, you won’t have a social life and will be forced to be alone for the rest of your life in that place.



  • Extreme Relations with the Male Lead
    Image result for anime couple blushing gif
    Case 1
    Image result for anime couple fighting gif
    Case 2

    Just as the male lead makes his entry in the story, an extreme relation is created between the female lead and him within an instant! By extreme I mean that these two characters would either be totally creepy and gross in love (Like blushing and stuff) or will be fighting with each other (Like wrestling moves and stuff) until the ‘Oh shit! I love him/her’ day comes. My question is what’s with the extreme relationship? Can’t you two be a bit like, 60% in love and 40% chummy or 60% Tsun-Tsun and 40% in love; an average relationship, like every other couple in the series. But no no no no no no, who would listen to Ryuuji? Who even cares? F**k his views and ideas! We would go with 100% doki doki moments or 100% Tsun tsun moments!


  • Cringey Dramatic Uselessly Lengthy Dialogues

    Image result for anime girl blushing and talking gif
    It took me 30 minutes to find this GIF

    I have had a problem with this shit for a long long time, and I’m finally going to let it all out over here. Let’s admit it guys, anime gets cringey sometimes, and these long, useless and unenjoyable dramatic dialogues are the biggest cause for it! Just imagine this one scene (I hope it won’t be that hard to picture), the male lead is insulted by some kind of love rival in front of the female lead for like, a minute or so. The female lead has had enough and now, it’s her time to speak, her words:

    “You’re wrong! XXXX-kun is…. XXXXX-kun isn’t like this at all! He is kind, funny <<INSERT MORE GENERIC COMPLIMENTS>> When I was enrolled to this school, no one talked to me <<INSERT GENERIC HIGH SCHOOL PROBLEM LIST>> At that time, XXXX-kun was the one who helped me! XXXX-kun, YYYY-san <<INSERT MORE GENERIC FRIENDS’ NAME>> So…. So that’s why…. You’re wrong!!”

    By the time she finishes, I have already tore more than half the amount of hair I have in rage. WHY DAFUUUUUUUUUUK DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE A BIG BIO DATA OF YOUR LIFE?

    *Flips table* I’m done! I’m so done!!


  • Blondes For the Win!

    Image result for anime blonde hair girl gif

    This logic has been proved so many times, that now there’s no reason to even elaborate it. If there is any blonde girl among the female characters, then she will become the one for the male lead without any doubt. No matter how much better the personalities of other heroines may be, no matter how much hate she gets from everyone, no matter how good the male lead might look with other pairs; Blonde girl = Future waifu!

And with that, another cliché post comes to an end. Boy, that really was fun to write! If you guys liked my points and want to add more to these clichés then be sure to do so in the comments below! If you don’t agree with any of my points, heck, even with my whole post; don’t hide it and tell us why, I would love to perfect my works by learning from your criticism! So, until next time, I hope you guys have a good time and as always, thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Some Anime Cliches (Generic Female Leads)”

  1. Anime has always been really good at exaggerating things. And it is as you mentioned on social life transformation and the tsun+dere blend. I agree that the former is pretty much impossible in real life especially if one pissed off a lot of people with their spiky shell (but if the person is just a quiet one with bad social life then it is still acceptable I think?)
    I think romcom/school shows have the tendency to end with a happy ending (except shows like *cough* ****** days). Its a pretty picture writers and producers seem to want to paint, which makes variety limited. Either that or our male writers don’t know (throw in their imagination) how females act to the male (protagonist) in real life. (lol)
    Also, Kato wins. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well yeah, if that person is only quiet then it isn’t impossible, but considering the fact that most of the female character have a bit too annoying of attitude, it’s far from possible.

      Well unfortunately, most of the romcom/school anime don’t even get to a conclusion. While it’s true that they try to create a beautiful romantic situation where everyone is happy, without a conclusion it doesn’t makes me happy at all.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!

    A little on the short side though?
    Oh well, guess all enjoyable things can’t be long XD

    Surprisingly though I like black haired characters more!
    These are especially true in shoujo huh?
    The first two are true for either gender though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the over enthusiastic cheers! *^*

      I’m well aware that it’s a bit short. I actually had a couple of more points for this theme, but those points were overlapping with that of my next possible cliche posts, so I decided to leave it to just these for now.

      Except a couple of characters, I’m more inclined towards the dark haired characters too! Well, they hardly seem to win tho (._.

      For someone who watches anime mostly of the Shoujo genre, I guess that can’t be helped XD

      Thanks a lot for reading, Auri!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anytime Ryu-kun!

        Another one! Yayayay~

        Dark haired characters are awesome!

        I see! Yeah, shoujo grows on you…
        Hori beats all these though, just like Kyoko (Skip Beat)~

        Liked by 1 person

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