Let’s get mean: Some Anime Characters With a Sharp Tongue

Heyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
A few days back, I saw this one pic in a FB page that asked to comment what the reader thinks about the poster’s personality (I’ll post the pic here just in case); I felt that I should do this thing too since it’s a bit interesting. When I posted it and checked for the comments today, most of it said that I have an extremely “Sharp Tongue”, and only one guy said that I’m kind (Note: Total comments were 12 ouo)

Image result for comment what you think of me

I actually didn’t expect that (Well I thought one or two but certainly not 8) I fall into the category of people who are straightforward AF! I mean, think about it; concealing your feelings and all kind of mentally stressful stuff to yourself, acting as if you’re fine, laughing while you’re crying inside, it’s just way too hard (and I’m way too lazy). That’s why I don’t hide how I feel, and also don’t sugar-coat whatever I have to say to anyone………. OH! That’s why they say I have a sharp tongue.

Anyway, thanks to that reaction I got a good blog post idea. So today, I will be talking about some anime characters who have a sharp tongue and NO, I’m not gonna include those Tsun-Tsun character who just blur out nonsensical Japanese curses without considering why.

(“I love you”

“I think I’ll treat you tonight”

“I wanna marry you”

“Imma make you mah seksu slave!!
Tsun: Iyaaaaaaa~ Onii cha-)

NEVERMIND THOSE EXAMPLES!!! I will write about those who are just mean (But don’t blur out mean stuff randomly) or tell the bitter truth directly, without sugar coating it at all. Now that you have some idea about the post (Or you don’t, I won’t call you dim), let’s get right into it!

  • Kyouya Sata (Ookami shoujo to Kuro Ouji)

    Related image

    “Tsundere girls are idiotic, Tsundere guys are black af!” that was my quote after I saw this series. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the art style of this anime, I somehow developed a pure and tiny crush on her while watching it; and that’s why it infuriated my innocent mind when Kyoya used to be extra mean to her. I wasn’t impressed by how she just kept on falling for him even though he was so mean and treated her like shit. I won’t lie, I hardly remember how exactly he used to treat her like, but I do remember that I wasn’t happy with it, at all (I remember the first scene where he decided to help Erika only if she circles around 3 times and barks); well he got gentle to her later on but you get the point. When I finished, I learned something extremely misleading, “Girls like it when guys treat them like shit.” (Little did I know, there is a fraction of people we call ‘Masochists’).


  • Naoki Irie (Itazura na Kiss)

    I saw this anime back in those days when I wasn’t really familiar with the concept of one of the two characters, who are top contender to be a couple, being mean (Since all that while I have only watched Kimi ni Todoke, Lovely Complex and some other light hearted shoujo stuff). But when I saw the main character being that mean to her, at one point I couldn’t hold it in and almost threw a pen at the screen (That was the start of my parents’ awkward stare, directed towards me). Seriously, Naoki is really really mean for a guy, and I still don’t know just how, why and when did he suddenly change (I guess I should watch it again). I don’t remember the name, but there was this other guy who would have loved her way more than this dude did, but noooooooooooo these masochists need a guy for them who would make them feel like a living joke and let them cry all night for no reason. What I really hated about Naoki was that he would kiss, hug or play some other moves on Kotoki but the very next day he would act like nothing happened (WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!! THAT’S JUST PURE EVIL!)


  • Ami Kawashima (Toradora!)

    Related imageRelated image

    The first in the list who falls in the category of being ‘So Honest That It Hurts’. While at first, Ami was not honest to her feelings, when she finally started to become honest, she also started to expose how others felt, making her the ‘Extremely Honest’ character. She was the one who gave us idea about how Ryuuji and Taiga were actually like, what Minorin felt about Ryuuji and also why Kitamura suddenly decided to help Taiga (That was way too subtle tho). Her conflict with Minorin shows how ‘Honest’ peoples are treated in this cruel world! *Sob* However, jokes aside, I would have loved if she would have been honest to Ryuuji about her feelings or if she could try to make more appearance in the series, BUT since that’s not gonna happen, let’s just marvel at her sly character.


  • Hikigaya Hachiman (Oregairu)
    Image result for hikigaya hachiman quotes mean
    This is legit truth!

    Raise your hand, if you think he’s not mean! Of course, he is not mean; but what he says and does (Which is the correct way most of the time) seems to be mean for almost everyone. He does have a sharp tongue and his philosophies, though extremely true, might offend a huge load of people; but that doesn’t mean that he will be labelled straight out mean character just because of that (Don’t lump him with the likes of Naoki and Kyoya). Whatever Hachiman did was to help out others and most importantly, was against his initial wishes and expectations (So he kinda did something out of character for which, they should be grateful to him).

  • Aki Adagaki (Masamune Kun no Revenge)

    THIS GIRL IS RUDE! I’m not sure if Aki comes under the category of Tsundere or not, but it is not alien to us that she has treated everyone like shit. Let’s agree on the fact that she didn’t want to break Masamune’s heart, but what she did to those who confessed to her in High school was extremely humiliating; it might just scar them for life. We all know (Or can imagine) that it takes a great deal of courage for someone to confess to the one he/she loves; no matter how one sided the love might be, he/she still expects that to be accepted. But instead of getting gently rejected, if they get their love letter get torn in front of everyone in the class, and let’s not forget the nicknaming trend. This can be so humiliating that it might just provoke ta guy to commit suicide (Provided how boys nowadays commit suicide just because some nobody refused to go out with him…….. What’s wrong with this generation?). Keeping that in mind, I don’t really like Aki, and I really hope that she gets humiliated to death.


  • The whole vampire cast of Diabolik lovers
    Related image
    Please end her life…

    Before you guys say anything, let me be honest and confess that I have not watched the whole season so if I say something that gets changed in the series later then please let me know; let’s focus on the characters now. At first, I have problems with that blondie, Yui. Just how big of a masochist do you have to be to get used by all the guys in the mansion, and let them treat you like shit. Ok, even if I agree with the fact that you can’t win against them, THEN JUST DIE! Why are you becoming their slave? (And letting them call you stuff like ‘Bitch chan’). Now then, let’s focus on the Non-sparkling Japanese Twilight Bloodsuckers; these guys are the meanest guys I have ever seen! I mean, if they just want to drink her blood, kill her and store her blood for everyone to drink; and if you want to drink fresh blood then treat her better. You can’t possibly get blood and also treat her like that! Shame on you vampires! This is why kids prefer watching Twilight than this shit!

    Image result for diabolik lovers rude
    This was sent to me by the one who recommended it to me by the way

    Also one more thing that I would love to ask. When I was recommended this anime, I was told: “OMG! You will HAVE to check it! I wish I was that main girl L”
    My question is, if anyone of you also thought like that…… Why? Please answer in the comments.

Anyway, with that my small and mean list comes to an end. If you want more, then I don’t care go search for this in some other blog (JUST KIDDING………………. or so I hope). No seriously, I was kidding. If you guys don’t agree with anyone in this list or want to add some new mean 2D guys/gals then be sure to do so in the comments below! Until then, I hope you guys have a good time and as always, thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “Let’s get mean: Some Anime Characters With a Sharp Tongue”

  1. Ah, I actually liked the art style of Wolf Prince! I thought Kyoya was handsome (but I’m sooooo weak to blondes), do you read that manga? LOL I continued past season 1, but I need to get back to it.

    i’m not familiar with the rest of the animes you’ve listed, except Masamune-kun – Akki was…ugh….annoying af, I wasn’t too fond of that series in the end. The premise was interesting until Masumune ended up falling in love again. lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You just told me something I had no idea about…. Wolf prince has a second season??! Oh shit ik gonna download it right away!
      And no I was gonna read that but my phone is still not repaired so….

      I actually had some high hopes for Masamune’s revenge but it just went downhill after ep 6.

      If you haven’t watched the others, then you MUST watch at least Oregairu; that anime is on a whole new level.

      Thanks a lot for reading!

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  2. I think there’s a difference between having a sharp tongue and being mean about it and having a sharp tongue because you’re just an honest person. The latter is okay, because their intent isn’t to hurt anyone, but the former is just something else. I don’t know why anyone would like them, but it definitely seems popular.

    That being said, I kind of want to watch Diabolik Lovers now because you mentioned that there’s a psychotic vampire and a pervert and they’re my favourite kind of guys in anime….I have issues, I know.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well we don’t know why people like those characters who are mean just for fun, but let’s not forget our community has some pretty messed up people in it (I mean, there are some who like tentacle hentai so….)

      I won’t stop you since I was kinda drawn to it when I heard there are going to be vampires in it, and I seem to like vampires since I’m attracted to neck biting and love overcast weathers and….. it seems I have issues too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Not familiar with the characters on the list apart from Sata, and yes, he is mean. Even if he did develop some sort of tenderness to the girl, I still don’t like him. I like the art, though.

    Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess unlike the others, Sata wasn’t able to show his affection for Erika later on in the story, that clearly. You should watch the other series I named, they’re really good. (Except Diabolik Lovers)

      Thanks for reading!


  4. Some sharp tongued anime characters I can think of…

    Hikaru from Key the Metal Idol
    Chivas/Shibas from Sorcerer on the Rocks
    Suzuka from Outlaw Star
    Major General Garrachova from Yugo the Negotiator
    Seki from Shinesman
    Kanato from Kurogane Communication (before he softens up to the main character Haruka)

    Also…what do you mean that Tsundere guys are as black AF? Yes, I know what AF means, but how did that anime make you come to that conclusion in addition to that character.


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