Let’s Talk About Anime Preferences

Heyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
We guys always talk about stereotypical views of non-anime fans and how they look down upon us; and also don’t miss a chance to hate us. But while talking about all those external hates and differences in thoughts, we tend to forget some of the orthodox thinking that we often say to a fellow anime lover.

I don’t know about you guys but I have witnessed some people say that:

  1. If you don’t like <<Insert anime title here>> then you have no decent taste in anime.
  2. If you don’t have a Waifu/Husbando then you cannot be a true part of the community.
  3. Romcoms and SoL anime are for girls; Action and Psychological anime are for guys.
  4. You cannot be a true anime lover if you don’t slip in any random Japanese words in your sentences. (Seriously, this one is just cringey)
  5. If you like Dub more than Sub, you’re not a true anime fan.

While we all know that these kind of thinking needs to be changed, the truth is that we have somehow accepted these rules, just to stay in this community. But today, I will be talking about one of the point which has been bothering me for a while.

So, a few days before when I was reading the first post of the ’30 Days of Anime Challenge’ by Shokamoka (By the way, do check them out), I found out that he also prefers SoL or Romcoms more than other shounen genres. But back in the days when he was new in the anime community, he was randomly recommended a shounen anime (I think we all know that the reason he was suggested that series is because he is a guy). Look, I’m not saying that the anime that was recommended to him, was not good, but we will have to understand the fact that it’s up to us whether we decide to like a series or not. I don’t know if he was ever teased or a little frowned upon when he started liking the SoL genre more, but I know that I was and am still experiencing that.

Just because someone likes shounen genre more doesn’t makes him/her more masculine and the same goes for those who prefer the shoujo genre; it won’t make them more feminine. In the end, it all comes down to whether or not we are comfortable with what we watch, because in the end, we all are watching and appreciating anime.

Image result for anime guy sighing gif
My emotions right now…

I know that I don’t usually write about these kinds of topics, but I got triggered to someone about me liking romance genre and well, I just had to let it out somehow. I, of course, won’t write the name but yeah I just want to share these screenshots of my conversation with him just so you know what kind of mindset some people have about this.

I could have fought with him for hours on this topic but just wasting my time on one guy wouldn’t make any difference, and that’s the reason why I’m here, trying to put my complex feelings into words.

You guys know that I love the romance genre and I can’t resist myself from binge watching a series which is executing that element really well; but at the same, I avoid watching anything near the gore element. Why? Because I’m not comfortable with it. The same is true for those who love gore more than romance, or just hate the romantic genre in general; we can’t force someone to love something.

But yeah, that doesn’t mean I won’t check out some excellent works even if it’s from a genre I don’t usually watch. If I am curious about any series then I will watch it. However, if it’s shoved down my throat only because “I should watch action because I’m a guy” then I’m sorry, I can’t…… and I won’t!

In the end, all I want to say is that, flexibility in checking out works from all the genres is important, but we should all respect the kind of story others want to read/watch too. Just because I like light hearted romance doesn’t makes me any less of a man, and just because a girl like hardcore gore doesn’t makes her any less of a woman. We all are anime lovers and we ought to respect each and every work that deserves it.

Forgive me if I fail to convey my feelings…. Tee hee~ 

So, if you guys feel that I have been wrong in any of my points or if you want to add onto this small rant of mine then be sure to do so in the comments below. Until then, I hope you guys have a great time and as always, thanks for reading!

23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Anime Preferences”

  1. As a teenage girl in the 90’s who liked RPG’s and was fixated on cult horror films (that was before I got super into anime) I kind of grew a very thick skin and just kind of ignore the that’s for guys that’s for girls distinctions on things. I’m not surprised when most poeple originally assume I am a guy online, though I do correct them.
    At the end of the day, people like what they like. Some people won’t get it, but some people don’t get why I like anime at all so there really isn’t any point in quibbling about what genre of anime I’m watching.

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    1. Yeah I remember you said that before.
      I usually avoid peoples like these with their random comments on things they have no idea about; I guess I got a bit too emotional on this one. As you said, in the end it’s what we’re enjoying which is important.

      Thanks a lot for reading!

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  2. That would aggravate me very much as well. He asked you for a recommendation for an anime to watch and you gave him multiple ones to try. It would have been different if the case was he had he had seen them already. The nice thing to do would have been to just thank you for the suggestion and end the conversation, not then be kind of rude because you gave him “girly” recommendations. If he isn’t watching romance anime because they’re girly then he is missing out on some great shows. Keep watching what you want to watch, everyone is different. Sorry I went on a little rant of my own there for a second, but I strongly agree with what you said. Everyone has preferences and just because they don’t match up to gender norms doesn’t mean something is wrong with them or they should not watch a certain show. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Yeah, that’s part of it too. I mean I would have actually suggested him something else if he said, “I don’t really enjoy Romance” since it’s ok if he likes something else. But calling my recommendations girly was just a bit infuriating as well as frustrating. And as you said, he really is missing out on many great works.

      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your views!

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  3. That’s true in everything though Ryu-kun!

    I mean even manga went ahead and named it shoujo for godssake!!
    Still, I get what you are saying and I completely agree. Not just with taste in manga (which is mostly sport) but if I even get started on how many people tease me about my liking of Kpop. I’ve been called things like ‘transgender lover’ and things. (I mean GD is super androgynous, but guys please, he’s attractive. TOO attractive for life, but let’s not get into that)

    Great post Ryu-kun!

    P.S- The hell is that guy?! I’d like to talk to him (probably be confused meeting a girl he can’t call girly but still reads shoujo LOL_
    You can always talk to me about romance manga on Twitter, hehe!

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    1. Yeah I’m aware of the kind of treatment Kpop bands and their fans go through (Well I think all the haters are mostly jealous because they can never be nearly as handsome as them). Even though I’m not a fan of them, I know that they’re good and I marvel them for that. That’s why neither would I criticise them nor will I let anyone force me to love it (If it’s about listening to one of their songs then that’s a different story). I’m sorry for how they teased you, but I guess I’ll be repeating what everyone else said here, just continue to watch/listen to what you love and let the haters bark.

      Pfft well he was just a random stranger who had nothing else to talk to so he just chose to bother me (._.
      There are tons of them out there; certainly not worth your precious time.

      I’ll be sure to once I get back my phone, there are tons of stuff I want to talk to you about anyway!

      As always, thanks for reading Auri!

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      1. True, true!
        I guess, even if they did tease me I just felt strangely proud/possessive that they didn’t know about how cool they were, LOL. That’s weird isn’t it??

        Oh I see… One stranger I wouldn’t be talking to then….

        Ok! Oh, did you go out in the rain again Ryu-kun??? 😉

        No problem~

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        1. Not weird just… err… Unique! Lol, I think your love for them is so deep that you’re past the point where the hate comments gets to you.

          No no no XD
          It’s still not repaired (._.
          Apparently they don’t have the parts yet… IT’S BEEN OVER A MONTH!! *Flips virtual table*

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  4. Thank you for this post. I see this a lot in so many things including what genre of books people read. It makes you want to scream “Can’t I just like things!?” I love a good character no matter the genre of anime or book or tv show. People are supposed when I love Kamisama Kiss as much as Psycho Pass. They are both awesome and I watch more than romance. The thing I love about anime is that there is something to watch for whatever mood I’m in regardless of my gender. Thank you again for you honesty on this subject.

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    1. You phrased it better than I could have ever done; what I watch is my and my own choice, it’s high time people stop linking tastes in entertainment with gender.

      I’m really happy that you liked my post and thanks for reading and explaining my topic in a better way.

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  5. I think we limit ourselves sometimes when it comes to shows. But I think when it comes to recommendations you need to consider two things: whether it’s due to fear of being too girly/manly, or if they’ve been burned by that genre before. The former is easy to help, because trying new things tends to happen whether you like it or not. But the latter then it’s harder to deal with, since they’ve watched that genre and only have bad experiences with it.

    In any case, don’t take their words to heart. You know what you like and you offered recommendations for it. If they don’t want to accept it, then that’s on them and not you.

    I do wish that people could recommend things or like things without it being seen as “that’s so girly or manly.” I have the opposite problem, where people assume I’m a guy (or I’m acting like a guy) due to what I like. All you can do is shrug your shoulders and don’t pay them any mind.

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    1. The best thing to do to counter such fears is by stating it clearly that we’re not interested in a certain genre because of past experiences; but still linking choices with gender isn’t a sign of progressive thinking.

      Yup, that’s what I’ll do for now.

      Well maybe it’s the way you act th-
      Wait….. you’re a girl??!
      Oh my God, I’m so sorry XD
      I thought you were a guy all along….

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  6. This all sounds extremely reasonable to me! It’s good to step outside of your comfort zone once in a while as there’s a chance you’ll discover a new favourite, but it’s also important to have a comfort zone you feel you can fall back into when you want to.
    I love a bit of slice of life and generally don’t get particularly into shounen stuff. I also enjoy creative takes on the supernatural and horror. There’s other stuff I simply don’t have much experience with, like giant robot stuff — and to be honest, the main reason I don’t feel I’m into shounen is probably just because I haven’t watched enough (any?) of it.
    My tastes in games are similar, though with a bit of a twist. I enjoy RPGs, which tend to veer outside of slice of life territory what with all the world-saving and monster-bashing, but the ones I enjoy the most are the ones that juxtapose the fantastic with believable slice-of-life elements, in which the heroes save the world, bash monsters and have intimate conversations about whether they prefer trousers or skirts. (Bonus points if you know exactly which game I’m referring to there.)
    I’m kind of the same with visual novels. Recent favourites in that medium include Grisaia, which blends believable slice of life and relatable “issues” with some rather more overblown drama — the details of which are a key part of the unfolding narrative, so I won’t spoil them here — and Fate/stay night, which features all manner of fantastic shenanigans going on in a distinctly normal world.
    So far as I’m concerned, everyone is free to enjoy whatever they like, and I’m not going to judge them for it. I have a real problem when people try and say what you “should” like, and an even bigger problem when people get insulting, especially if they pull the tired old “anime and anime-style video games are for paedophiles” argument, as has regrettably happened all too frequently recently.


  7. I get what you mean. Sometimes I get so annoyed when people put stereotypes on people because of what they like. My family used to call me a devil worshipper because I listen to rock music. Just Or people call me a nerd for watching anime and playing video games. I just hope people will stop being stubborn and get out of their boring tiny bubble.

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    1. Whoa seriously?! Devil worshiper because of rock music?? That’s just messed up. Well that must be harsh for you; I hope people start to get that everyone has something they love and that they’re no one to judge us based on that. Thanks for Reading!

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      1. I used to be upset by it until I realized when some Christians don’t agree with something that is evil, then they call it the “devil’s work.” Or they would say that I’m going to hell because of my sins. I used to feel that way when I was Christian. There are sometimes some Christians protesting at anime conventions. I don’t hate all Christians or people with different views but I just don’t people who are bigot, selfish, and arrogant. You’re welcome. My rant ends here.

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