3 is Better Than 1: Leibster Award

Heyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
Back when I had no idea about what these award posts were all about, I remember seeing a post regarding the Leibster award. Even though I had only posted 3 things during that time and zero interaction with other bloggers, I really wanted that award and thus I read the whole post in a hope of finding my name in the post; shocking fact, I didn’t get it!

Anyways, since then I really wanted this award, and you have no idea how many times I prayed to get the Leibster award when I saw the notification of getting linked to an award post. With time, that act of mine disappeared and I somehow forgot that such an award exists.

However, thanks to the amazing blogger Chizurue, I was able to attain this childish dream of mine. I can’t thank you enough for that! Guys, please check her posts out, this coffee and cat loving comrade of mine has written some great stuff, and her Top Ten posts are just top notch! If you still don’t think that you should go then let me give you an ultimate reason to do so…….. CATS! (If nothing, you could just aww at the cute cat pics she posts in most of her works) Just hurry and go read them!

After that, I thought that maybe that’s all (Since I don’t get tagged for the same award by different bloggers at the same time period), and was waiting for the month to end to start writing the award post; but then Smile came in and gave me a reason to keep giggling all day!

This guy has a direct connection to my funny bone! I mean, his posts are just so funny that even Nestor can’t keep a stone face while reading it (My English teacher would be so proud if she saw that I slipped in a Shakespearean reference QuQ). The way he analyses or shares something about anime is really funny but still you can’t take what he wants to say lightly; a feat that most of the comedians die to attain! So yeah, if you just came in from looking at Chizuru’s blog then here, go and read Smile’s posts too. I don’t know, I want you to read them before mine! GO! NOW!

Image result for really happy anime guy gif
Keep clicking on the links, slaves!

Back, are you? Good. Now the day I thought I would write this post, I saw two notifications; one from WordPress and the other one from Facebook. I checked out the one from WordPress and found that Brittney has nominated me for this award too! I was really happy, and I remember laughing maniacally after reading it (My mom called dad just after seeing that, and my dad in return asked my Psychiatrist if we are too late to start diagnosis). Well after that I checked FB and a random guy was asking me for recommendations and well…. We know what happened after that (If you don’t then click here) #Shameless_Self_Promotion

So here’s another job for you guys, go and check out Brittney’s blog. I know, I know that you guys are tired from clicking around and all the other stuff but her posts are just so great and have this familiar feeling to them, which will make your heart melt. I promise this will be a wonderful experience so go on (If you don’t I’ll kill this watermelon!).

Anyways, now that the stage is set and the questions are ready; without any further delay, let’s get right into it!


  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you. Answer the 11 questions.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family.
  • Ask them 11 questions that you are dying for the answers to!

Chizuru’s Questions:

  • What is your crazy dream? The craziest one yet or you could list ’em! (No judgy eyes here. Pinky swear.)

    I’m not really that good with remembering my dream so the one that I’m going to share might be a bit vague. Anyways, in the dream, I was coming back home from my cram school as usual. It gets really dark when I come home (About 9:30 PM), but the usual path that I take is actually quite well lit. There is another way to return home, which I don’t usually take because it’s way too complex. Somehow, I found myself returning from that dark and complex alley, because the dream me is stupid (Ok, stupider than me).

    So well it was ok for the first few meters but then suddenly it started to become more and more deserted; the shops and number of people got less and then BAM there was nothing, only the endlessly stretching road. I should be scared to death by all this but instead of that, I was grinning and threw away my bag on the road, laughing really loud. Then came some random beefed up guys and surrounded me, as if I were a bucket of fried chicken; but they also got strange and laughed with me. I took out a knife from my pocket (WHICH JUST HAPPENED TO BE THERE!!), and asked one of them with a cold voice, “I hope the job is done…” (Note: I wasn’t looking at anyone and was just examining my knife); that guy was a bit shook up and spoke gibberish, as if he wasn’t expecting that. “I don’t need useless people following me around”, I said in an angry tone and dashed at him, slitting his throat open. The rest of the guys ran away, as I stood there beside the body of the beefed up guy that lied there, lifeless.

    Now cut to my home. I walked in and was greeted by some random strangers (Apparently, they were the members of my foster family), who rained punches and kicks at me since I was really late. My lips started bleeding when they stopped, but I wiped it as if it was nothing and went to my room. I took out the head of that guy I killed before from my bag, and placed it on the table saying, “If only you did your work correctly”. The dream ends with me writing something in my notebook; it said, “Next Sunday, kill everyone in the family yourself”

    Well, I know it wasn’t creepy but it’s the only dream I recall and can put into this category.


  • A character you would like to meet in real life and be fast friends with (or maybe more than friends)? WHY? (Anything from anime, manga, k-drama, books, tv series)

    I actually want to have Maria from Hayate: The combat butler to be my maid, and well, become something more than that. Let’s just say, I want to achieve what Hayate wasn’t able to, a really active love life with my lovely maid, Maria~ *Le Drools*


  • To follow up that previous one: Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?

    Tanaka-kun. Why? Because he’s always listless.


  • Favorite music or album you could listen to all day? And why? Is it the lyrics, the melody or the vocals?

    I’m the kind of music lover who likes a song based on the chorus part and the background music. No matter which language a certain song uses, as long as the background music is according to my taste, I’ll listen to it a million times.

    I could rant all day about my favourite songs, picking just one is unfair so here are four. I love Shape of you (Ed Sheeran), Let me hear (Fear and Loathings in Las Vegas), Fireflies (Owl City) and Mitti di Khushboo (Ayushmaan Khurrana).


  • What book/anime would you recommend to someone who have never read/watched the genre (fantasy, horror, YA, mystery, erotica, poetry or anything etc.) or the type of materials to appreciate fiction (books, manga, light novels, anime, etc.). Choose one or two. The more the merrier!

    Funny that I did recommend some from Romance genre to a certain someone and he ended up calling them girly. LOL, I’m kidding. But yeah, if I had to convince someone WITH A BROADER MINDSET to watch Romance genre, I would recommend him/her Toradora, and Your Lie in April. These two are series that you should never miss!


  • What are you deathly afraid of?

    Nothing materialistic comes to my mind at the moment, actually. So I would say that I’m afraid of not being able to tell someone how I feel before it’s too late; that actually makes me shiver in fright.


  • What is the funniest word to you? (Mine is apparently ‘pengwings’. Just ask Benedict Cumberbatch) Or anything that makes you laugh when you hear it?

    Womanhood. Ok this might not make you guys laugh, but I crack up on hearing this word all the time. Actually, when I first saw this word, she was referring to the…. female genitals. So, yeah…. It’s awkward now that I told you why (Still funny tho XD)


  • What mythical creature would you like as a pet?

    My Alias is Ryuuji, of course it will be Dragon!!


  • What’s the most useless talent you have?

    The ability to crack useless jokes all the time and make a complete fool of myself at any given instant (I’m kinda like Chandler).
    Image result for chandler jokes


  • If you could level up humans as a species, what stat or ability would you increase? And why?

    Common sense. Most of the humans need that.


  • Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world? Explain your choice.

    Let’s face it Virtual life will always remain virtual, Fake! No matter how many wishes are granted, it will never become reality; also, there’s no boundation that even without getting all my wishes granted, I wouldn’t be happy. So yeah, real world for the win!

Smile’s Questions:

  • You wake up in a windowless room with no memory of how you got there. There’s one door, but it’s locked. As you look around, you notice your family members are there as well. What is the first thing that you do?

    Well of course I would do the sanest thing, KICK THE DOOR! Ok kidding, I would ask my parents if they are ok and try to investigate as to what was going on.


  • A voice comes through the speakers informing you and your family that they’ve been chosen for a test. If they succeeded, then each member gets one million dollars, but you must stick together and do this as a family. The voice then says that if you wish to leave, then you can, but that means your family won’t win anything. One half of your family wants to leave, while the other wants to stay. You’re the deal breaker, which side do you go with?

    To hell with this game! I’m happy with whatever we have right now, and even though a lot of my dreams might come true if I choose to take the test, who knows what might be at stake? It’s better to be safe than sorry, if I knew what was gonna happen then that’s a different story; but since it’s not, Adieu!


  • If you chose to go with the game, congrats you can go through the door. If you chose to leave, then you can also go through the door. Ah, there’s only one door though and you’re forced to take part in the game regardless of whether you wanted to or not. How do you feel about this?

    Honestly, I want to break those speakers and curse the hell out of that guy who told us to make the choice. If I ever run into him, he’s so gonna get punched in the face!


  • The door leads to a hallway, which connects to your house. Huh, that’s weird. You guys walk into your living room and sit down. Nothing happens after. In fact, you guys sit there for a good hour wondering when the game will start but you hear nothing. Someone mentions that there’s probably no game and no money. This entire thing was due to food poisoning from the food that you made. How do you feel about that?

    I would look at the one who said that, wearing a poker face. Seriously? I have been cooking some incredible dishes for the last 6 years and never have I cooked something that might create problems. How could someone say something so rude right at my face? Well, I might also challenge him/her to a SHOKUGEKI, right there right then!


  • You argue your case, but no one seems to care about your words. Since nothing has happened, they decided to go with the food poisoning angle and banned you from the kitchen until further notice. Your mom tries to cheer you up, but still says the ban needs to happen. Dejected, you go up to your room only to find it trashed beyond repair. The only thing that’s okay is your mirror. When you look at it, what do you see reflected back?

    My dejected face + My angry face + My confused face + My WTF face + My “Is this my room” face + My “Huh! I might as well let my all anger out in this already trashed room” face = This face.
    Image result for weird anime faces


  • You let out a sigh and walk back downstairs. Someone trashed your room, but you don’t know who did it. As you’re walking down the stairs, you notice that the house is eerily quiet. Too quiet, in fact. You bend down and see your family playing ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf’ with a monster like creature. It seems like the game started, but you’re not a part of it. Why do you think that is?

    Well my first action would be to google what that game is, and if it seems not to be of that much fun then I would just sit at the corner of the room and watch them play. However, if the game really is fun then I would walk into the room, look at them all, close the door, crack my knuckles and……….. Sit in the corner, because I hate it when someone interrupts me when I play something with my friends (or family).


  • You try not to make a sound as you watch the game unfold. Your grandma ended up winning the game and everyone rejoices that they’re one-step closer in their goal. The monster like creature disappears and your living room goes back to normal. When you confront your family about the game, they ignore you. Everyone ignores you. It’s almost as if you’re not even there. What do you do to get their attention?

    “Whoa Grandma, where the heck did you come from?” would be what I might say at first since she doesn’t lives with us.

    Well if they really ignore me then I might get dejected and walk back to my room….. HA HA! SCREW THAT!
    If they don’t acknowledge my presence then challenge accepted, time to break all the showpieces!!!!


  • Whatever you do, it doesn’t work. Nothing does in fact. So what is worse, being accused of being a food poisoner or being ignored like this?

    Accused of being a food poisoner! Ignore me all you want, but do NOT call my food the cause of food poison. I have a lot of pride in that section.


  • Annoyed and even more alone than before, you push by everyone and try to leave the house. That’s when you hear your mom say your name. You turn around and see her crying saying that she wishes you were still there with them. Your dad remains stoic as he comforts her. You start walking towards her and that’s when you notice it, your body on the floor of the living room. How do you react?

    “Oh my God, I’m dead! I’m literally lying dead on the floor!! And- hey do I really look like that? Meh, no wonder no girl approached me be- THAT’S NOT THE CASE!! HOW DID I EVEN DIE??? Wait…. Does that mean, I can’t watch anime or eat pizza anymore??!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” is what I might say while constantly banging my head against the wall.
    Image result for anime guy screaming gif


  • Oh wait, it’s not you, it’s not even human. You bend down to take a closer look and notice that it’s just a mannequin wearing your clothes. Weird. So why was your mother crying like that? You look back at your family and they’re starring start at you. They look angry, but distant at the same time. You let out a nervous laugh and try to move, but their eyes are locked on you. This is definitely strange, but at least they’re paying attention to you now. What do you say to them in order to get them to stop?

    “I…. umm..” he fidgeted a little and walked towards his parents, who were looking at him with those same angry yet distant emotions. He looks up at his Dad, then at his Mom who was crying just a few seconds ago. “I just want to say that….” He reaches out to grab their hand and locks eyes with them, and with a small sob he says, “I want to take a shit!” No sooner did he utter those words than he broke down, crying.


  • You try to leave the house, but the door is locked, so you rush back to your room and close the door behind you. Your family is seriously creeping you out, but what’s even creepier is that your room is no longer trashed. In fact, it looks better than ever, except for the mirror. Before it was in pristine condition, but now it’s broken and with spider webbed cracks all over. When you take a closer look, you notice someone that looks just like you staring back. They smile and wave, even though you’re not smiling and waving. Their room is in shambles, while yours is in perfect order. The figure in the mirror leans in close and asks you a simple question: What is your favourite colour?

    Simple, huh? *Breaks the mirror and looks at his parents* Enough drama for today, let’s just go to sleep.


Brittney’s Questions:

  • This one is simple. Kiss, marry and kill (anime version). Tell me who you would pick for each. (3 differentanime characters)
  1. Kiss: Maria, Rui, Holo, Ami, Sena, Ino, Ko-
    Oh, I have to choose one? Meh.
  2. Marry: Maria! Oh my god, I love her so much!
  3. Kill: The whole cast of Akame ga kill- wait…
    Image result for maria hayate no gotoku hot
    Oh Maria..


  • Who is the most attractive female/male actress you can think of? (my answer would be Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean for female, and for male, Logan Lerman or Taron Egerton)

    I have already answered that in my Five Flaming Hotties Tag and I’m really lazy so here comes the link bomb! BOOM!!!


  • Name your top 4 voice actors / actresses for anime dubbed or subbed.

    Image result for hiroshi kamiyaRelated imageImage result for shizuka itoImage result for tanaka rie
    I love the subbed versions since when they ramble random alien language with emotions, it just sounds cooler (Just kidding, I love them in general). I really like the voices of Hiroshi Kamiya (Especially for Araragi and Izaya), Saori Hayami (God her voice is alone to make my heart beat fast), Shizuka Ito (She’s like the queen of seductive voice) and finally, Moore Candice (How can we ever forget Maria’s English voice).


  • Marvel or DC?



  • If you were to be born in a past decade other than the one you were born in, what decade would that be and why?

    I guess I would go into the future, maybe the third last generation before the end of the world. I mean, what could possibly be more exciting than seeing my descendants die or abandon Earth because it’s too hard to live here anymore!


  • If you could bring one anime character to life and they would immediately fall in love with you, who would it be?

    I actually want to struggle to love Maria so I won’t be calling her. I guess I would rather go with Rui Tachibana because, God damn!Image result for rui tachibana


  • Do you like Christmas and if so, what is your most fond memory during this time of year?

    We don’t really celebrate Christmas that elaborately so there aren’t that much of a craze here. But I do remember going out with my friends to a nearby church back in 2014 during these holidays, and that was the last time we all hung out together so I guess that’s my most delightful memories of the holiday season.


  • If you were given the chance to travel to space, would you?

    Of course!


  • What would you like for Christmas (and no, don’t worry about ‘asking for too much’ or sounding greedy, its Christmas!)

    I actually want to have a world tour without any tension about the financial problems and my studies. If not world, at least Japan, Australia, England and US; I want to meet some of my really good friends from there and if possible, my blogger buddies too.


  • Top 3 countries or cities you would like to visit in the world?

    I just answered it; Japan, Australia and England.


  • One anime world you would like to be apart of?

    I would love to be in one of those Harem anime with lots of fanservice. Even though they infuriate me a lot, I want to switch place with that lucky bastard who gets stuffed between all those supple pair of…….. Goodness. Namely, HSDXD and Monster Musume. 


I’m gonna be a bit lazy this time so, 6 peeps will be nominated~



Image result for weird smile gif
I’m sorry…… I just had to….
  • Would you rather go to the past or the future?
  • What does your dream house looks like?
  • If you could have any three cars, then which one would they be? Give a pic too.
  • How would your ideal  partner be like?
  • Would you rather trade someone’s intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence.
  • If you were an animal or mythical creature, what would you be?
  • According to you, what is the best thing about anime?
  • Which anime couple do you hate?
  • Mention your most loved anime ship.
  • What kind of power would you like to have if you ever get in an anime world?
  • Fuel from petrol pump A costs 3 per gallon and from petrol pump B costs 5 per gallon. Mr.S have at most 20 to spend on fuel. Write a system of its linear inequalities.

And finally, this really long award post comes to an end. Wow, this might just be the longest post I have ever written. Anyways, thanks a lot to everyone who nominated me, this award really means a lot to me; not to mention the questions were really fun to answer too! Until my next post, I hope you guys have a great time and as always, thanks for reading!

18 thoughts on “3 is Better Than 1: Leibster Award”

  1. Wheee! Congrats on being a 3-in-1 Dearest blogger! (Wait… does that mean you are cheating on multiple bloggers O.O (lol just kidding~))
    Also thanks for the nomination, looks like I have to… … edit my draft again.
    That strange dream you had sounds badass — but more importantly sounds like part 2 of Memento XD

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