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A Fortnight Of Shoujo Challenge: Day 1

Heyya minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
So for the last few weeks, I have been seeing most of my blogger buddies starting some or the other kind of anime challenges. Naturally, it urged me to start one too. After much search, I finally found one which will surely be enjoyable for me; and I hope, for you guys too!


Welcome to the ‘A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge’! I hope unlike the last challenge, I won’t have to cram in two posts a day to complete the series within the designated time. So, keeping that in mind, let’s get right into it!


Well of course, the first question had to be the most basic one. I actually have a default answer for that, but you know what, picking just one out of so many amazing works is rude~! I’ll have to write about two at least.


Image result for taiga x ryuuji

It’s been almost 3 years since I watched this series, but I still don’t seem to move on from this heartwarming piece of art! Where should I even begin with this series? The story is about Taiga and Ryuuji, who after finding out that the other has crush on their individual best friend, decided to help each other as they are both in a similar situation. First of all, the story, no matter how basic in the romance world, was played out in a way that somehow makes it unique. Tsundere characters aren’t really my favourite types, but still I love Taiga! She hides her feelings for Ryuuji, but not in a cringey way or for an annoying reason (Like most of the Tsundere characters). Other than that, Toradora followed the rule that friends turned lovers are on a whole new level. It wasn’t a fateful encounter that just happened to make them fall in love and be all shy and embarrassed around each other; they worked out on developing trust for each other and finally took their special relationship to the next level. Lastly, I loved how they prioritized on getting everyone’s blessings and getting married at the right time, instead of eloping somewhere far away, leaving their parents behind.
Even today, if I happen to come across its opening somewhere, I will just have to watch the series all over again, or else I will start to feel empty. No matter how many times I watch it, this series will always be my most treasured anime!

Lovely Complex

Image result for lovely complex anime

I actually don’t like old anime series that much, mostly because I prioritize series with good art styles first. However, this series will always be special even if it’s from that time period. Lovely Complex doesn’t has a really beautiful female lead, nor does it has a male lead with a great and charismatic personality; even so, we just can’t prevent ourselves from falling in love with both of them. The story is about Koizumi, a bit tall girl, and Otani, a bit short guy, and their friendship as it slowly develops into a beautiful love. Both of these characters aren’t lovey dovey from the beginning, instead they were friends who fought on really petty issues. Even when they became couple, they didn’t change into “I love my darling” kinda relation; they stayed as they were, best friends with a much romantic way of showing their love for each other. One more thing that was really attractive for me in the series was its kiss scenes. At first, we might think that since they are friends and the series is old, they might not kiss that much; the series will prove that thinking wrong. Now, I have seen this anime a really long time ago so I don’t remember how the story ended, but I do remember that when it did, I was completely satisfied!

With that the first post of this challenge comes to an end. It seems as if I ended up rambling a bit but that’s okay, ne? So, until the next post comes up, I hope you guys have a great time and as usual, thanks for reading!

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Don’t tell the cops….

4 thoughts on “A Fortnight Of Shoujo Challenge: Day 1”

  1. I’m back in your comments Ryu-kun!
    I agree with your picks, but due to my serious inexperience in watching anime I guess I’d say Special A is my favourite shoujo anime….

    This month is month of challenges! Good luck Ryu-kun~
    I’ll be dropping by XD

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