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A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge: Day 12

Heyya minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

Welcome to another post of the ‘A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge’! Finally back on track, I’m ready for more of the questions!! COME ON CHALLENGE, GIVE ME MORE QUESTIONS!! Oh right, you only have 2 more questions left. MUAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! (Almost there….)



This is one of those interesting questions I chose this challenge for (It’s finally time). I will be using 3 different character for these three categories; oh boy, this will be fun!


Image result for Shigeki irie itazura na kiss anime
And he doesn’t even looks that good..

Oh my, why would you even ask something like this? That’s just terrible! It’s not an action anime/manga with the evil masterminds and people like that. It’s a pure hearted genre which aims to deliver merriment and emotions; it’s Shoujo! *Sigh* I know this is a challenge but I have no one in my mind at the moment. It’s at times like this that I realise that there are still many shoujo series that I need to watch.

Ok so I was going to give up on this one, but then I decided to search the net for some possible characters and I saw this one girl which I remember hating to the point where I thought that she should die. I choose Naoki Irie for this category! Yeah, I know that he was being a male tsundere and that he later loved her for real (I’m using her because I forgot the girl’s name LOL), but I never really brought myself to forgive him. One of the many things that I hate includes breaking promises, and he did that every time he kissed or increased the expectation of the ‘Generic female lead’. So yeah… *CHI CHIK* You should die, bruh!


Image result for hajimete no gal characters
I think I have a thing for maids…….

Guys, I was actually searching the net for some shoujo anime titles and guess what, “Hajimete no Gal” actually belongs to that genre! I dunno if you guys are also as surprised as I am, but that literally blew my mind away. That’s why I would actually like to date Yukana Yame, the female lead from this series. Well no matter how she looks, she actually is pretty gentle and sweet; maybe befitting the title ‘Maiden in love’. Not to mention, she is a tomboy (WITH AN INCREDIBLY HOT PHYSIQUE), so yeah, why not? I’m sure it will be fun if she’s as considerate to me, as she was for that guy who only wanted to get rid of his virginity (If I knew about this earlier, I would have mentioned him instead of Takeo in the 10th day question).


Related image
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That anger is soooooooo cute!!!!

She’s the supporting female lead, she belongs to a romcom with a blonde tsundere as the main lead, and she is a maid. Any guesses? I know you guys are screaming the answer in your head so that’s why, I won’t be mentioning her name here. But yeah, the reason is pretty clear: She is the kind of crush who I would love to spend my life with.
I actually feel like I’m betraying Hayate by writing these kinda stuff about his crush but well, he chose Nagisa so…….. Fudge it! XXXXX-San! I’m coming for you -3- (Highly censored name for privacy)

And with that the 12th post of the challenge comes to an end. Do you agree with my choices? What would be your choices for these three options? Be sure to tell them in the comments below! Until next time, I hope you guys have a great time and as always, thanks for reading!

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Don’t tell the cops….


7 thoughts on “A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge: Day 12”

  1. 2 days left!!!
    Almost there Ryu-kun~

    My picks:
    Kill: Boyfriend-kun get out here from LIFE
    Date: I have too many to narrow it down, but Hak or Yona. Or both. Sue me.
    Marry: I’d rather not? Hmm… GD-wait! *flustered* shoujo, shoujo! Hmm…I’ll leave this blank for the moment. But Senri-kun….
    Why does everyone I like already have a ship?!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh man, I sometimes really feel like such an anime klutz… I haven’t seen any of these 😅😅 I definitely need to step up my game next year and watch tons more anime. But that said, reading through this post, I think you have made some fine choices. I would maybe have married the date though, but other than that, I agree with you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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