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My Ideal Romance Anime

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

As you guys already know, I love the Romance genre a lot, especially when it comes to anime. Whenever I come across an anime with the tag of Romance at the top, I put it in my download list that very instant. This is the type of genre which has the highest possibility in converting my mood from gloomy to cheerful in just a few minutes (It works the other way round too). The anime industry has been producing some really great works which gives a new meaning to the Romance genre; it’s not just a genre, it’s the ticket to a whole new world.


Sadly, there has been some- Ok sorry, I admit- a lot of series out there which made me question my love for this type of stories. Thanks to my recent encounter with one of those anime (I’ll tell the name when I review it), I started to think: How would my ideal Romance anime look like?
Basically, in today’s post I will be talking about some key elements that I would like to have in my Ideal Romance anime. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Cut down on the amount of clichés, please!

    Image result for mysterious girlfriend x wallpaper

    Romance is a type of genre which is bound to have a huge number of clichés; in anime, those numbers increases by a lot. Some series like: Fuuka, Amagami SS and Masamune kun no revenge, have repeated the general plot development of romance genre to such an extent that there were no surprises for the viewers to enjoy. That’s why, my ideal romance anime should try to avoid cliches as much as possible. I know that it’s completely impossible to have a cliché free romantic series, but keeping it to a minimum might just work for me.
    Best Series in this Field: Mysterious Girlfriend X  


  • All that glitters…. Have the possibility to be gold:

    Image result for saekano wallpaper
    Kasumigaoka Utaha is bae!

    I won’t even try to cover it up; I tend to favour series with a good art style. I’m familiar with the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and I agree with that too; since I have come across many remarkable series which didn’t have the best animation. But at the same time, if a series with not-so-great story and characters have a poor animation, then it will surely be receiving some heavy negative remarks from me. It’s not necessary for everything in the series to be breathtaking, but the characters, at least, should be attractive. Unfortunately, thanks to this habit of mine, I have come across some really shitty anime with good animation; but well, who cares? My ideal anime MUST have a great animation!
    Best Series in this Field: Saekano


  • Bring on the music!!:

    Image result for nisekoi wallpaper
    Nisekoi: One of those very few anime with a great music collection 

    Raise your hand if you were able to guess that I’m gonna slip in something related to music in this post. I mean, why the hell not?! Music is 80% responsible for making any type of entertainment related thing more fun than it usually is. In anime, the OP/EDs are really important in giving the viewers a short description about how that particular series is going to be like. If someone gets hooked up on a certain Anisong, then he’s bound to develop a soft spot for that anime too! Also, let’s not forget that OSTs have an even bigger role than the OP/EDs. It’s the job of the soundtrack to alter our mood while watching the anime; no matter how easy it sounds, it’s hard af! Due to these reasons, my ideal romance anime must have some really great music! MUSIC IS LOVE…… MUSIC IS LIFE!!
    Best Series in this Field: Nisekoi


  • Excessive drama? Not my thing:

    Image result for chuunibyou wallpaper
    A pure story love and comedy

    Romance reeks of drama! I know. I once heard someone say, “If there is no drama in romance, then it’s not romance at all”. Somehow, all of us become dramatic whenever we stumble against anything romantic or love related; I still don’t know how. I was well aware of that fact and that’s the reason why I added the word ‘Excessive’. Sure, there cannot be a good romantic anime without drama; but if it’s one of my favorites, then it will have to keep the drama to a minimum. That means, say goodbye to Unnecessary crying scenes, Long Unrequired Dialogues and of course, Repeated Conflicts with the Past.
    Just a simple story with minimal drama and lots of comedy is all I ask for from my ideal anime.
    Best Series in this Field: Chuunibyon demo Koi ga Shitai


  • Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

    Image result for ano natsu de matteru kiss wallpaper
    The Kisses are awesome…

    If you guys have tagged along with me for a while now, then you must be aware of the fact that I love kissing scenes. Whenever I see two characters kiss, it brightens my day; even more if those two happen to be one of my ships. Of course, there are a lot of series which lacks Good Kissing Scenes but have received much appreciation from me; but that’s a different case. If I come across a series with a good story and a lot of great and impactful kiss scenes, then it IS going to get good reviews from me. That’s one more criteria added to raise the bar for my ideal series.
    Best Series in this field: Ano Natsu de Matteru


  • No cliff hangers:

    Image result for toradora wallpaper
    My All time Favorite for a reason

    No one likes being left hanging; but sadly, the anime industry has been an expert in doing so by not giving a proper end to an anime series. There’s actually more number of unfinished anime than the finished ones, especially in the romcom genre. I know that it’s foolish to give a second season to an anime that failed to get any kind of attention or profit to the creators; but still, let me be the nagging anime fan and rant about how frustrated I get every time I realise that a series I really enjoyed won’t be getting a proper ending. Thankfully, there also have been many anime with a proper ending and a great story; I just hope that this number keeps on increasing instead of those from the other list. So that’s why, the most important thing that my ideal romance anime must have is a proper ending. Fuck second season, just end it in the first one.
    Best Series in this Field: Toradora!

And with that, this post of mine comes to an end. What’s your favorite genre and what would you love to see in your ‘Ideal Anime’? Be sure to share with me in the comments below! Until then, I hope you guys have a great time, and as always, thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “My Ideal Romance Anime”

  1. Another super fun post from Ryu-kun in the morning!
    Almost makes going to school worth it~

    I think you covered pretty much every point Ryu-kun. Although I always look for character development, that doesn’t dissapoint in general so I guess it’s not worth mentioning…
    Yeah that’s it I guess?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is the best compliment ever XD

      Of course, character development is one of the key things, but that’s the basic requirement in almost all anime and not just romance. It’s almost like saying, my ideal anime should have a good story; that’s obvious. But yeah, if we’re saying on a whole, character development is crucial.

      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your views!

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  2. “If someone gets hooked up on a certain Anisong, then he’s bound to develop a soft spot for that anime too!” ~ Ryuji 2018
    Oh yea you’ve called it!!!
    I totally agree with your points, though when it comes to “cliche” and “standard” development depending on how new a viewer is and their chronological order of watching romance genres, they may possibly find the cliche one not-cliche and vice versa (until hey have watched enough lol). — but then that is why, as you mentioned, its the anime’s role to introduce refreshing approaches.
    Seeing Ano Natsu in that list probably got me a little over excited there (lol).

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    1. I knew you would say something related to the music section; that’s my audiophile mate!

      Well of course, it all matters when you have seen a lot of romcom series. Even the running with a slice of bread would seem new to someone who’s not familiar with this genre.

      Ano natsu is one of my favorites; I’ll try to include it more from now on XD

      Thanks for reading

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  3. Great post! I can’t say that I have seen a lot of romantic dramas (it’s honestly not my favorite genre, sorry), but there are three shows, while not being romantic dramas exclusively do have a lot of romantic elements in them. Your Lie in April, Orange and Plastic Memories. All of these had some really heartwarming and beautiful moments in them. And I really enjoyed them. Your post for this was really fun! I completely agree with Auri.
    I think my favorite genre is Post Apocalyptic/Mecha I know, I know, not exactly a happy genre, but still, I really like that stuff! No idea what the perfect anime in this would look like, but for Mecha a good story and some seriously cool robotfights works wonders for me 😀😀

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  4. Well it’s all comes down to what you enjoy the most, no need to say sorry jeez XD

    I agree with the anime you mentioned (Except orange since I’m not that big of a fan of that series) and it seems as if you’re slightly inclined over the sad side of love. You should try ‘Clannad’ and ‘White Album 2’ if you ever get time.

    Ooooh, Mecha anime. I’m sorry I haven’t actually seen any anime of that genre (I guess I’ll try checking it out soon)

    Thanks a lot for reading, Rai San!

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    1. For some reason this comment did not show in my reader, so sorry for the late response (erm…saying sorry again erm…so…🙈🙈).
      I have had Clannad recommended to me quite a number of times and have it pretty high on my list of things to watch. I’m having an anime theme on my blog in March, so maybe this will be one of the animes that I am going to watch 😀😀
      If you wan’t some recommendations for Mecha anime: let me know 😊😊

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  5. I am a cold hearted guy so romance isn’t usually my thing. There are a few shows that win me over though (such as your kiss example Ano Natsu de Matteru.) I despise cliffhangers, whether in romance or any other genre. Sadly a lot of anime finish with things up in the air.

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    1. Wew, that’s a bummer then.
      Ah! I’m glad that you liked Ano Natsu (It seems that series has quite a few appreciators).
      Cliffhangers are always a turn down, I hope that anicreators start finishing the story they started, rather than discontinuing it midway.

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