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Some Anime Cliches (Comedy Genre)

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
A quick apology before we get started. I’m sorry for not posting much nowadays; exam pressure is killing me. I guess I’ll be able to post more in Feb (Or not because I’ll have final exams). Nonetheless, I think this post just might be my last one for this month (I hope it’s not).

Anyways, coming back to the post, welcome to another ‘Some anime clichés’ post! Yeah, I’m back with another one and this time it’s about something that I, personally, am a big fan of.

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Today’s post is dedicated to the clichés that we encounter in most of the Comedy Genre anime. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Girls only/Boys only

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    Almost 90% of the pure (By pure, I mean completely) comedy series out there have this kind of base story set. It’s either going to focus on daily life stuff encountered by a group of guys or a group of girls. While my favorite comedy anime, Daily lives of high school boys is about a group of guys; it was legit funny. Thankfully, these cliches often turn out to be well received by the viewers; however, sometimes they end up producing episodes which is repetitive af and isn’t funny anymore. The sad part is, mostly when it’s focused on girls it just becomes a medium of pleasuring the Hardcore Otaku who are hung up on anything ‘Moe’. I liked Nichijou and K-On!! regardless of it being moe and girl centered comedy, but at the same time I just couldn’t enjoy Lucky Star and Himouto Umaru chan at all. I actually think CGDCT should just stop.


  • Good romantic conclusion? Screw that!

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    This is basically what comedy does to romance

    While the last point was focused on pure comedy anime, this point is based on romantic Comedies. The romcom anime series have built a trend of setting an elaborate stage by showcasing a possible couple and giving the viewers a hope of them becoming a couple one day. However, either the day they confess neither comes or when it does, they’re not given a proper ending (In other words, it’s postponed or brushed away). It’s actually really frustrating for those who are eagerly waiting for their ship to be successful. Tsurezure Children is an example of how a balance can be made between the comedy and romance elements by giving the main couples a conclusion, but at the same time, Nijiiro days portrays how to destroy a good romcom by delaying possible interactions and character development.


  • Out of context episode

    Image result for kaichou wa maid sama momotaro

    Though prevalent more on the older romcom series (2005-07 onwards), it’s one of the few things that I absolutely hate about this genre. Every time the story is on a perfect turning point or at its most exciting phase, they throw in a random out of context episode. Nowadays these episodes give a normal backstory to one of the characters, which is still kinda acceptable, but the older ones did something that was pure cringe worthy and a waste of time. They would do a remake of one of the popular folktales/fairy tales, by using the characters of that anime. I never enjoyed those instead they made me rage for some reasons. I hope this trend stops.


  • Mundane OP Scenes

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    OP/EDs are really one of the most important parts of an anime; it not only hypes us up for the show but also gives us a vague idea about where the show is headed. Comedy series mostly have this quirky and fast paced Openings which starts with the main character running to an unidentified location, and ending with the main characters with a cool pose or at least in a mundane situation where one of the characters is sighing (Let’s face it, most of the characters of a complete comedy series are high). The trend in these OPs are that, including the type of song selected, they don’t try to change the basic ideas that much; even after all these years of anime, it’s still those happy faces running around for no apparent reason. I know that coming up with new ideas is hard, but still, at least try to change.


  • Trailer of: LOL never gonna happen

    I have been wanting to talk about this for so long! (As they say, saving the best for the last) I have noticed in some anime series, especially during the end episodes, that the creators like joking about releasing this bizzare movie consisting of characters of that anime where usually there are random monsters and unwanted drama scenes, and then they end up concluding the ‘Trailer’ by making some ‘Sane’ (By sane, I’m referring to that guy/gal who was sighing in the OP) scream that it’s not gonna happen. Ok well when I saw it for the first time, it was alright (And funny). But as soon as it started to get repeated in more series, it became something irritating; just like the out of context episodes. To be honest, I think a great idea to break this cliché will be if someone actually makes a movie following that bizarre trailer. I dunno about you guys, but I think it will become a great hit! What do you guys think about that? Tell me in the comments below.

And with that, another cliché post comes to an end. Do you agree with my list? Want to add some more points? Then be sure to do so in the comments section below. Until next time, I hope you guys have a great time, and as usual, thanks for watching!


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5 thoughts on “Some Anime Cliches (Comedy Genre)”

  1. Good luck with the upcoming exams. It is weird how many shows are all female or all male affairs. Then again my comprehensive was restricted to just boys, so I should be used to this gender segregation.

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  2. That is so true. I can think of a few other comedy cliches.
    -Beating the crap out of guys if there is some perverted misunderstanding AKA The Love Hina effect.
    -Rampant SD/Chibi moments
    -Exaggerated movements despite realistic settings

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