Is It Possible For Me To Stop Watching Anime?

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

So, I have this elder cousin of mine who is maybe the only one in my entire family who watches anime (Or at least know what it is). When I was new to the community, it was because of her that I was able to find some amazing titles, and someone with whom I can talk about it.

Sadly, because of some stuff in her home, we weren’t able to talk for a couple of years. Recently when I got to meet her, I realized that she doesn’t loves anime anymore and has opted to the western TV series to pass her time.

This got me thinking, is it possible for us to stop liking anime as much as we do now, in the future? Sure, it’s not likely to be, but that doesn’t means it’s not impossible. That’s why I will be talking about some of the stuff that MIGHT lead us (or me at least) to stop liking anime, and also some reasons to counter that future. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

Why I Might Stop Liking Anime:

  • First of all, anime has somehow Stopped Improvising. They now know that to get the views and ratings, all they have to do us stir up some Generic Bloody action anime, Generic Cute-Cute (SO KAWAII) girl based anime or just a normal romantic anime. While it’s working for now, it won’t for long. At one point the trends will be too easy to spot, and we’ll be able to predict what’s gonna happen easily. For someone who joined this community BECAUSE of all the clichéd and cringe worthy cartoons, I might change tracks to Kdrama or Western Sitcoms if it comes down to that. The Anime industry is in a serious crisis for fresh content at the moment.

  • As I grow up, I’ll be having Less Leisure Time and you guys should know by now, I’m not a multitasker. If I ever come across 2-3 problems at once, instead of trying to solve them all at once, I’ll be focussing on them one by one. Even now, I’m getting like 4-5 hours to watch anime per week. Knowing the impatient “binge watching only” habit of mine, if I get less time to chill, I might stop or at least, watch it rarely. I hope I figure out a way to stop that future from becoming a reality soon.

  • Animax is Banned in India; I have said this many times, and I’ll be saying it again. But what’s that has to do with this, you ask? It’s all about it. You see, anime isn’t really that popular; sure, maybe there are fans of anime from all around the world, but numbers aren’t much. If I yell out names like Vampire diaries or F.R.I.E.N.D.S in an Indian crowd, there might be at least 20-30 people who know those titles, but at the same time if I yell out Death Note or Naruto, I would hardly get 3-4 peeps. The reason is that there isn’t a proper media to spread the word, and streaming websites are popular just among the community. Now, the way I download anime is getting illegalized too, so because of lack of a good outlet to watch anime, I might just end up stopping the habit (Yeah, streaming sites doesn’t work with someone whose net is sh*t)

Oooooh depressing~

But well, here are some reasons as to why that might not happen.

Not so fast mah boiiz

Why I Might NOT Stop Watching Anime:

  • I’m the kind of guy who would try out the sh***iest stuff if it Looks Beautiful or Has Good Songs. Anime, coincidentally, has both of them! I’m glad to say that the future of anime is bright in the animation sector. As the technology keeps on getting better, the animation and art style looks more and more phenomenal! And we all know just how breathtaking Anisongs are; I don’t think it would stop getting awesome any time soon. So as long as these two aspects of anime are there, I’m gonna continue watching them too!

  • It’s become a part of My Life! I may not be in this community for ten years or so, but even in these 3-4 years, it’s helped me in a lot of ways. It’s thanks to anime that I have gotten a better grip in English, know more about Japan and other facts and also have met so many amazing peoples! Almost 80% of great things that has happened to my life, I owe it to anime in some or the other way. I’ll be a fool to let go of such a big part of my life that easily.

  • I’m not gonna give up Blogging. I might get lazy, go on a hiatus, get stressed out or anything a professional procrastinator like me would do, but I don’t think I would just stop blogging. And obviously, if I’m not gonna stop blogging, then I wouldn’t also stop watching anime; I need the source for my stuff after all. So yeah, I guess this is the biggest reason why I won’t stop watching anime.

Aaaaaaaaand with that, another of my Awesome (It’s not awesome) posts comes to an end. What do you think about this question? Is it possible for you to stop watching anime? Why? Be sure to tell me in the comments below! Until then, I hope you guys have a great time and as usual, thanks for reading!

PS: It’s the Valentine’s Week

38 thoughts on “Is It Possible For Me To Stop Watching Anime?”

  1. That was an interesting post you wrote on here.

    To be honest, I did fall out of the anime loop circa 2008-2009 and didn’t get back into it until 2016. Part of it had to do with cliches that I saw back then were becoming too numerous, getting bullied for what I liked and me being insecure at the time, being interested in other things (namely music and writing), and also dealing with real life stuff (jobs, bills, less free time, etc.). Those things are quite plausible. It is disappointing that your cousin watched Western sitcoms. Just no…

    It’s really good that you have the resolve to keep liking anime. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been more honest about liking Japanese animation despite not knowing about all the brand new shows and I’ve also been more open into talking about world cinema and non-mainstream movies with others. There are friends who didn’t even know I liked indie films, anime, and foreign movies for years because I kept those interests hidden or fell out of it like anime in fear of being ridiculed. Although, people have no right to talk if they only watch Hollywood crap or stupid sitcoms with predictable plots. Also, blogging on all four of my pages allowed me to be honest about what I like, what I create, and to stand by my beliefs.

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    1. And here we have another case of bullying for liking something. I wrote about this before and still don’t get it as to why some crappy people out there have no other job, except bullying us based on our likings. I’m sorry that you had to go through all that.

      It’s great that you’re more honest now; step up against those bullies. They have no right to judge or ridicule us even if we like to watch crappy stuff.

      It seems you dislike those American series; may I ask why?

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      1. Yeah, it was a bit of a dark period among other unrelated things when I was younger. Growing up, I’ve realized that people are just ignorant ind insecure. Maybe some of them are closet fans, but I’ll never know.

        Thank you, Ryuji. I’m not bullied as much as I was back then, but I have to fight for what I believe in or in some cases when I know I’m right if it comes to a serious issue.

        I should clarify something. I don’t hate American media on principle and it’s not just because I’m American. Hahaha! The independent stuff I do enjoy, and I’ve given an American documentary called Hate Crimes In the Heartland a 10/10. The mainstream stuff is something I’ve been underwhelmed with. I find many movies and TV to be formulaic. Without getting into too much detail, I have an issue with mainstream media being too safe, implementing racist and sexist undertones (more so in the news, but it’s there in regular movies and shows, too), and it’s a monopoly with mass media companies with 6 major media companies (or 5 if Disney succeeds in buying out Fox). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve reviewed some stuff that has been distributed by some major companies or their subsidiaries on Iridium Eye, but I have my own issues from an enjoyment and business standpoint.

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  2. Duh…of course it’s awesome. All your posts are awesome, you know that by now right? 😂😂
    Seriously though. This is a good question. In a few weeks I’m going to turn 42, and I still love watching anime. I have had a moment where I did not watch any anime at all (nearly 5-6 years), but two years ago when I started blogging my interest for it got renewed. (Because of coming across Karandi’s blog). I don’t think I will ever stop loving it. There still is so much I haven’t seen, and so many different genres, that I just can’t see myself stopping to watch it any time soon 😊😊

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    1. Oho~
      Wow I’m meeting survivors now XD
      Still, I can’t believe you’ve been liking anime for such a long time! That’s quite admirable. Well I’m not surprised at all to know that Karandi was the reason why you started watching it again, her blogs are just too good! I hope I have dedication and patience like you do.

      Thanks for Reading!

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  3. Very interesting post! I can relate to what you said about how the anime industry can go down the wrong path because of lack of ideas/original content. However, I love anime way too much to quit it completely. I may take a break, yes, but I will definitely not quit it for good! Just like you, I’m all about the art and music i.e the creative effort put into an anime to bring it to the spotlight. 🙂

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  4. Interesting topic Ryu-kun!
    You raise valid points and refute statements as well (wow,that sentence was just….)

    I guess, I might take a break, but not completely stop. I mean, it’s sort of like reading. I never stopped reading because of manga, so I won’t stop manga because of anything else hopefully.

    (It WAS awesome~)


  5. As I grew older, with less leisure time and more things to do, I found myself watching less and less anime. But I still do it, and even when I don’t watch anything for a few months, I end up choosing a title to binge on a weekend, or a currently airing title of the season. I think I’ll never really stop watching it, but of course, my viewing habits would change a lot during my life.

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    1. I haven’t watched HxH so I don’t really know, but from what I’ve heard from some good blogging friends, it’s worth it.
      If you’re asking me then I would mostly recommend Toradora, Your Lie in April, Kamisama Kiss, Danshi koukousei no nichijou, Death Note and Parasyte (Personal Favorites lol)


  6. I can also never stop watching anime im also from india and as you had said animax is banned in india now and that was the channel which introduced me to anime and to watch animes i had came to the online streaming sites and but yeah if there is no way people can know about anime they not gonna come to liking anime.


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