Sup Ryuuji

Sup Ryuuji: E02 S1

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

Welcome to another post of ‘Sup Ryuuji’. If you guys don’t know it’s this new segment that I have started where I take time to talk about stuff that I have been facing in real life. To be honest, I have so many things to tell you guys; I’m looking forward to this (Somewhat) rant post.

So I took part in the English Olympiad back in December and guess what? I was able to clear the first stage! Yay!! I actually didn’t think that I would clear it, but well, I guess it’s all thanks to my regular practice of blogging. Now, it’s not the time to be that happy since I gave my second stage exam on the first week of February and if I somehow manage to clear that one, THEN I can celebrate. It’s not that easy to clear the next level since for that I will have to top the 11th grade of the whole nation (Which sounds like something really hard already). But IF I somehow manage to clear that, I don’t know what I would even do; it would be like a dream come true. Anyways, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that my dream becomes reality.

Image result for wordpress 200 followers

Moving on! The second news is related to blogging and it’s a big milestone that I just achieved. I just crossed 200 followers! I know that I still am nowhere near my Elite Buddies, but I’m slowly getting there. That’s why I would like to thank all of you for supporting me and encouraging me to write more and more. The fact that I’m not that consistent isn’t alien to you guys, but I still am trying my best to present some fresh contents for you guys as much as I can. I hope that you guys would keep supporting me, and continue being the awesome personalities that you already are! Thanks again.

Image result for anime high exam marks
Pretty sure this is what my friends are thinking right now

Now for the last good news of the segment, remember the examination I told you guys about? Well don’t tell anyone I know but apparently I didn’t study that much for it as compared to my previous exams. I was pretty sure that I would get low marks this time, however, instead of that something extraordinary happened. Where I thought that I would be in the lowest 10 list, I actually managed to get in the Top 3 list. I’m trying my best to not sound cheesy but when I got my result, my reaction wasn’t “Wow!”, it was “HOW??”. But still, a good result is a good result and at the end of the day, everyone’s going to see what I achieved; I guess this is our little secret XD (I hope my parents don’t read this).

At last I would like to share an incident that I experienced on Valentine’s Day. It’s a normal habit of my family (My parents and me) to go out on a family outing on V-day; this year being no exception. So we were crossing this intersection where this random red car came in from nowhere and tried to overtake us. As a result, our car slightly bumped into it and both of us stopped moving. Obviously, we thought that maybe his engine stopped or something like that, but he had other plans. The driver deliberately reversed their car in such a manner that our front side got a huge dent, while theirs suffered a small scratch (Well his model was better than ours); and as soon as he did that, he instantly drove away. We were completely dumbfounded by what just happened, but I told my dad to chase him anyways. Luckily, there was a traffic jam a few meters ahead, and I managed to catch up to him, asking why he did that. But sadly he lashed out on me andbefore I could say anything else, he managed to escape. I was able to note down his car number but my parents didn’t let me do anything.

Image result for angry cursing gif

These are the kind of people that infuriates me to the point where I don’t even hesitate to resort to violence. I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t deliver the first punch, but I think I should try to forget it. Still I kinda hope that his car gets damaged like that too *Creepy smile*

Before I conclude this post, I would like to thank you guys once again for supporting me and helping me reach 200. It wouldn’t have been possible if you guys weren’t there for me. Also, I’m trying to complete the post of ‘Anime Showdown’ for this month, but I still am lagging behind because of my annual exams, which starts in a week. I hope I manage to post it before that.

And thus, my second Real Life Update post comes to an end. Until next time, I hope you guys have a great time, and as usual, thanks for reading!

PS: I also got notification of getting 1337 likes on WordPress. What’s so special about this number?? If you know the answer then hit me up in the comments section below!


20 thoughts on “Sup Ryuuji: E02 S1”

  1. Ughhh, there are some times so many truly annoying and frustrating people in this world. I can understand how something like that happening would have you loving to punch his lights out. Don’t let it get to you…I know that’s easier said than done.
    But luckily there are a lot of good things happening too: 200 followers: Awesome!!😀😀 Well done: and trust me: you will be growing and growing over the coming months. You have a great blog coming here, and I have really been enjoying reading your content.
    And another heartfelt congrats on the two other things, especially getting into the top 3 list: how totally cool is that? 😀
    And the number 1337???? No idea…if you figure out what it means…I would love to know as well lol 😂😂
    Good luck on reaching the next level of the English Olympiad: you can do it: believe in yourself! 😀😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It really was tough to conceal my rage at that time. I know I could’ve done something rash at that time, but I’m glad that I didn’t.

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Rai San! It means a lot to me if you enjoy my content. I’ll try to get better in the days to come. And also, I hope I pass the second stage too!

      PS: Hmm… It seems like this number has some mysterious message behind it. Should I hire a detective?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad that you didn’t either. With that it might only have gotten worse, and you might even have gotten hurt. So yeah…doesn’t mean it wasn’t annoying though.
        Hmm…I think you should…tell you what we spilt the cost for that detective. As I am very curious myself as well…😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh equal parts good and bad eh Ryu-kun?
    Well firstly congratulations on 200 followers! And then on the Top 3! That’s awesome~
    English Olympiad is great too haha.

    That car dude sounds annoying as hell. I had a similar experience hahaha.

    Hey I got a notification for 1337 as well! And I didn’t even notic XD
    Guess I’ll have to keep searching!

    Looking forward to the showdown post (Don’t make it something unfair like last time!!!)
    Do your very best in annuals next week.

    I shall go for my biology exam for now. Congrats again!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Except for the Vday incident So many Congratulations!!! wow everything is coming up Ryuji!!! I’m not entirely sure what an English Olympiad is but I’m still super impressed. I bet it involves spelling or something…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. It seems one congratulations will not be enough! Yay for 200 and that definitely odd number of likes for a notif! Wooo ~ It’s also good to hear that you’re doing quite well in your studies and topping your exams. Congrats again ^^
    Careful not to have a run in with any not-so-good people (with cars) these days!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Congratulations in all of the good news!!!!! 😀 And 200 followers! Congrats, I’ll be here seeing you growing to the 1000 and more! 🙂 About the V-day… What the hell? Is there people like that? For love of god, that’s why I say I hate people bah but, hey, your good news strongly crush this more unfortunate event, so don’t let it get to you! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Whoa, 1000? XD
      To be honest, even I haven’t thought of reaching that far yet. As they say, one small step at a time. But still, thanks a lot for those encouraging words!

      Sadly, people like them do exist… And that’s utterly frustrating! However, I guess you’re right; these amount of good news actually do crush the slightly bitter ones.

      Thanks again!

      Liked by 2 people

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