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Our Love Has Always Been 10 cm Apart (Anime Review)

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

I’m pretty salty today, well partly because of the fact that the exams are near and I haven’t done anything in particular to face it, and mostly because all the efforts I took to download a certain series, ended up being not worth it at all! Which series you ask? Well, you will find out soon enough since that’s the anime which is going to get reviewed today.

Name: Our love has always been 10 cm apart
Number of Episodes: 6
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life

Image result for our love has always been 10 centimeters apart
(Top, Left to Right) Yuu, Mochizuki, Haruki  (Bottom, Left to Right) Natsuki, Akari, Miou

The story centers around Haruki, a high school boy (Obviously) of the Film Making Club, who aspires to be a successful director and Miou, another high school girl of the Art Club, who has this habit of thinking that she’s not that special (Even though her art is praised a lot). Now, these two characters got to know each other back when they were freshmen, and since then, they have been walking home together; not to mention, taking a break at a staircase near the park (That happens to fall on their way to home). Basically, this 6 episode anime tells us the cheesy story of how Miou and Haruki develop their love while also facing some hurdles in their path.

Even though this series doesn’t really have many plus points, let’s focus on whatever good it has before I start bashing on it.

The main theme of the story was well thought, but poorly executed. I was actually happy to see that the creators decided to prioritize dreams over relationships; which, according to me, is the change that the current generation wants. Sure, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing our favorite couple get together, but I believe that this generation is getting bored of too much love. Long gone are the days when abandoning a scholarship or job opportunity for love was well received; it’s about time we start to look for an angle to preserve both dreams and love. Our Love has always been 10 cm apart was just a bit short in achieving that.

Image result for our love has always been 10 centimeters apart
Yeah the elder guy is Chiaki…. Why bother creating a whole new look for him when you can make it just like Haruki’s 

The brotherly love portrayed between Haruki and his brother Chiaki, aka Aki, was maybe the best thing about this series. I was able to stop cringing from the terrible storyline, and take a breath of relief, when Aki took over the screen. The way he kept smiling and did everything he could to inspire Haruki into becoming a director, even though his condition kept deteriorating, was heartwarming. Not to mention, Saku (Aki’s Friend) was maybe the most impactful character of the series; regardless of the fact that he doesn’t has much screen time.

*Cracks Knuckles* I will try to be gentle while exposing its negatives.

Image result for our love has always been 10 centimeters apart saku
Bruh…… Sparkling stuff sucks (Twilight proves it…..)

Let’s start with what I believe is the most important element of an anime, Plot development. If I were told to rate this series only based on how the story developed, I would have rated it -100. I wasn’t really impressed with how the story actually started, but I thought that maybe it will get better in the middle episodes (God, I was so wrong). As the story progressed, it became more and more painful to watch; and by painful, I mean pain from watching the extreme amount of cringe.

Related image
Ever heard of something called “Personal Space”???

Now let’s focus on the characters. As I mentioned earlier, I liked the chemistry between Aki and Haruki, and the personality of Saku. But apart from that, there was no other character that could be deemed decent. The female characters, especially Natsuki and Miou were annoying as hell! It’s okay to be a bit more active than the others, but good God woman, you need to stop shouting; Natsuki’s voice acting was annoying to a new level thanks to the failed attempt of portrayal of a cheerful girl. (I’m gonna write a whole paragraph for Miou alone). As for the other male characters, they weren’t that effective anyway; except for showing a ‘Happy Ending’ for the other female characters by pairing them up.

Image result for our love has always been 10 centimeters apart saku
That’s all you can do anyway

Being the female lead is a huge responsibility, especially if it’s in a RomCom story, and I have never seen anyone fail so miserably at it. I don’t like girls who are too reserved or under-confident, and that’s the reason why I don’t like Mei, Sawako and other girls like that. But still, these girls had a reason to think lowly of them, or be socially awkward; Miou has no reason at all! She was praised for her art, she has always had a group of friends and she doesn’t have a bad home environment as well, then why the long face?? Every time she appeared in the series (After 2nd episode), I started cringing; that’s how bad her character was!

The Animation and OP/EDs weren’t that good either. I couldn’t believe that a 2017 anime could look like the ones made in 2014-15. It was sloppy, the animation got a bit lazier by time and the OP wasn’t good (At least for me).
Also the character of Miou, I swear to God, had the exact hair style, eyes and name as a hentai character I once saw; the resemblance is eerie.

Image result for akechi saku
Even this badass teacher couldn’t save the deteriorating series

The voice acting divison, except Saku’s voice, also failed to help the train wreck. What’s even more frustrating is the fact that my favorite VA, Hiroshi Kamiya, also failed to leave any mark. Why Hiroshi? WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS SERIES??!

To wrap up this review, the only thing that I could say is that if you have time to waste and you don’t want to do ANYTHING productive for the next 2 and a half hours, then give this series a try. I rate it 4.5/10.

Have you seen this series? I think it also has a manga, have you read it? Did you like the series or do you stand by my judgement? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, I hope you guys have a great time and as always, thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Our Love Has Always Been 10 cm Apart (Anime Review)”

  1. The first episode or two of this were quite cute but then, as you said, Miou’s character just couldn’t carry it and the male lead was almost as bad by episode 4. Given the short run (6 episodes), when over half of those episodes have you wanting to swat the two main leads because of their indecision or poor decision making it doesn’t leave you with an overly positive view of the series as a whole.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it wouldn’t have been that negative if the series was 12 episode long. But because it’s a short one and almost one-third of the series is wasted on some forced and clichéd problems, it becomes a big fault as a whole.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember vaguely being about to start this manga (wait, did that sentence make sense?) but never getting to it. And now after this, I probably won’t get to it XD
    That said though, the purple hair is cool….

    Hmm exams. That sucked. My last one was yesterday but things are about to get WAY messed I’m sure, what with school starting next week again.
    All the best for yours though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t read it at all but….. Yeah maybe you shouldn’t ‘-‘)

      At least you’re done with it, I wonder how mine will turn out to be. Still, thanks a lot for the encouragement! I hope things settle down in your end.

      Liked by 1 person

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