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Anime Showdown: Blend S vs www.Working!! (Part Time Jobs)

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
Welcome to another monthly post of ‘Anime Showdown’. I wasn’t able to post on February, but that’s because of my exam preparation stuff (Which I already mentioned in my last posts), so I hope you guys understand, and I apologize for the delay.

This month, we are going to compare WWW.Working and Blend S, under the theme ‘Part time job’. So basically, we will be talking which of these two series was better in showing a peaceful and happy work environment, while also checking which of the two anime had better story, romance and comedic elements. As always, it’s my personal opinion, if you don’t agree to it then be sure to tell me why in the comments below! So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!



Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance

Ratings: 6.9/10 (IMDb)
7.6/10 (My Anime List)


  • The best thing about the series is how the romance between different pairings is developed. At first, it seems to be like a normal comic SoL anime, but gradually it was able to pair the main characters quite smoothly.
  • The punchlines and monologues were hilarious and spot on! It’s amazing how they were able to crack jokes at absurd situations, and were not afraid to exaggerate a small incident into a catastrophic one.
  • The fast paced and funny OP was perfect to set the stage for a hilariously heartwarming series like this. The OSTs were also great at enhancing the charm of the series.


  • The characters, however unique, weren’t able to get the required development by the later part of the series. They somehow started to get repetitive, and the story: Boring.
  • Their attempts to end the romantic bonds among the ships on a good note lead to the feeling of forcefulness; which obviously is a bad news for the series after some boring mid episodes.


Image result for blend s wallpaper    

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life

Ratings: 6.6/10 (IMDb)
7.5/10 (My Anime List)


  • The biggest reason why this series got the acceptance of the mass was because of the high publicity it got, thanks to the meme. That hype alone was enough to gain it the popularity it currently has.
  • Even though the anime is tilted towards the Moe genre, it would be a big mistake if I don’t compliment it for the beautiful looking characters and brilliant animation (A must needed trait of Moe).
  • It had a diverse range of characters, which gives opportunity to the creator to crack multiple jokes; an opening that wasn’t wasted. The comedic element of series is just great!


  • Even though the theme of focusing the story around the workplace is still new and welcomed, the anime somehow lacks the charm required to make the viewers sit through the same moe clichés.
  • The main base of the story, (The sadistic smile and nasty look of Maika) loses its meaning in time, because of the anime’s habit of delivering cuteness.


  • As I just said, Blend S is just another anime which disguises itself under the genre of moe SoL, only to feed the Moe cliché loving section of the community. Compared to the clichés and CGDCT elements used in this series, Working! was far better in portraying a normal comedy SoL series which was devoid of such unnecessary trends; that’s why this series gets the first point!


  • The working environment shown in Working! wasn’t really bad, but it definitely wasn’t the type of place I would at least like to work. I do understand the fact that they were trying to be comedic by showing some exaggerate and extreme situations (And they were successful in it), but that still doesn’t makes it a good workplace. Blend S on the other hand centers on a themed maid café. It’s admirable how they were able to show such a peaceful workplace, even though the kind of café it was showing is often frowned upon. The second point thus goes to Blend S.


  • Working! was not able to balance the quality of the content with the amount of time it had. In the 12 episode series, only the first 3 and last 3 episodes were worthy of praise and laughs, but the crucial middle episodes were completely boring and of degraded quality. Blend S, however, passed that test with flying colours. Sure, unlike the first series, it didn’t have a definite story development, but they still had new settings (Still clichéd) for the next episode, which was successful in attracting the audience to watch it all. That’s why the third point also goes to Blend S.


  • Both of the series had the usual unfinished endings. Was this even a surprise to anyone? 99% of the SoL or comedy anime ever created ends with the lines, “I want to keep having fun with you guys”; these two series kept the trend alive by modifying it to, “I want to keep working with you guys”. Thus, no one gets a point for this one.


  • Blend S started off showing signs of romance as the male lead (Manager) just jumped at the female lead (Maika) from nowhere and confessed that he has fallen for her. Unfortunately, that was just a clickbait and all we see is a clueless high school girl and a shy af adult who only suffers in this one sided love of his. The supporting characters were hinted to have some sort of connection, but that, again, was not explored much. Working! on the other hand paired up some couples from the beginning and kept taking measures to make them come closer; a rare initiative for a comedy series. The fifth point thus, goes to Working!


Oh my, will you look at that? It’s a tie! For the first time in so many posts (Only 4 tho)! Well I equally enjoyed and cringed at both of these shows, so I would leave the verdict to you guys. Which of the two series do you like more? Tell me in the comments or over on twitter! The one with more votes will be announced the winner in the next post. Until then, I hope you guys have a great time, and as always, thanks for reading!

PS: I know almost everyone have already seen it, but I believe it’s my duty to share this meme since we are talking about Blend S.











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