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15 Days of Death Note Challenge: Day 1

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

So if you guys follow me on Twitter then you should probably know about this one tweet of mine from a few days ago which said that I might be doing a challenge soon. Well, here we are! Welcome to ‘The 15 Days of Death Note Challenge’

You see, while I was searching for a challenge, all I found was the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ (No surprise there, it’s pretty famous) and some other challenges based on Naruto, One Piece, DBZ and other series like that.

Since none of that attracted me, I got pretty upset and was about to give up on the idea. Thankfully, my sister (Well virtual sister) sent me an edited pic of Death Note (She is great in editing by the way), and that’s when I got this idea! So I asked my online friends to give me some questions based on the series and BOOM! We had our very own Challenge! So now that we are familiar with the back story, let’s not waste any more time and get right into it!

Day 1: Favorite Character

Well this is probably the first question anyone asks you after you finish a series. While it is the most basic question and seems to be a no brainer, it’s actually pretty hard when the series has loads of great characters, just like this one.

But still after giving it a lot of thought, I concluded that Light Yagami is my favorite character in Death Note. The L vs Light debate is still quite hot among the anime fans, maybe because both of them are equally genius (And also because this anime never died). So why did I choose this particular character and not someone else (More specifically, why Light but not L)?

The biggest reason why I love Light is because he is the perfect example of a strong AND psychotic Antagonist. He started off as an intelligent af high school senior who decided to change the world once he got the possession of Death Note; quite noble I would say, getting rid of all the criminals to create a clean and pure world. However, once the L joined the game and a war of wits started, his madness took over him and in the end, we had a genius serial killer whose sole purpose right now was to eliminate anyone who tried to become a hurdle in his path to become the ‘God of the New World’. His Genius tricks, his looks, his madness and his devilish charm makes him just perfect for me! (PS: I’m gay for Light xD)

Not to mention the fact that he actually defeated the world’s top detective, which kinda makes him better in my eyes, but hey if you’re a L lover then rest assured, I’m a fan of his too. It’s just that KIRA SAMA IS TOO DAMN AWESOME!!

Welp, before I start ranging more let’s just put an end to the first post of the challenge. Thanks a lot for reading, like if you enjoyed and share your views on today’s question too. See you tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “15 Days of Death Note Challenge: Day 1”

  1. For the first time, I’m interested in doing one of these 15 day challenges. Would it be okay if I do it too? I’m still thinking about it.

    Nice choice of character. I love what you wrote about him.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks like a fun challenge. I might give it a try later on. Light is a great character. His God complex was fun to watch, as it took down L and made him do some really crazy stuff. It also lead to his downfall, which was poetic.

    psst. I created a salty anime challenge if you’re looking for another one to do after this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Please do!
      Exactly my point, I’m glad that you can relate to my thinking!

      Yes, I have seen that challenge and I really am pretty eager to try that out someday too. That challenge is actually even more unique than mine xD Good job!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Confession time. I haven’t actually read Death Note.
    Yes yes, I know. It’s a classic and all, but I vaguely remember starting it, and then no memories whatsoever….
    Oh I remember getting annoyed when you know who died.
    Looks like I won’t be much use in this challengeヾ(*’O’*)/

    Liked by 1 person

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