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15 Days of Death Note: Day 2

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

Welcome to Day 2 of ‘The 15 Days of Death Note Challenge’. So last episode was about my favorite character from this series and that’s why, we ended up talking about Light Yagami.

Today, we will be talking about my favorite Light moments. It’s gonna be fun, there are just so many cool moments of Light. Anyways, let’s not waste any more time and get right into it!

Day 1: Favorite Light Moments

Light is the type of character who judges every single situation before making a move. Well, L does that too but it becomes normal for him because he is the world’s best detective. Light on the other hand, is just another College student. For him to be that cautious and intelligent is just awesome!

-Ahem- We were talking about Favorite Light moment, and the only scene that flashed into my mind was when L dies. No no no, I don’t mean the part where L was dying in his arms and Light looked at him with those devilish eyes that screamed, “I won!”. My favorite part was when Ryuk asks what Light is gonna do with the Death Note, and he firmly answers that he will write the name of all the criminals, make a crime free world and finally…. Become the God of the new world!


So for some reasons i cant post the link to that scene so click in this link if you wanna watch it: https://youtu.be/-Kle2XenORc

I’m sure there were much better moments regarding him but for some reason, this part just sent chills down my spine. His voice has a weird sense of Confidence, Madness and of course God Complex; I love it!

Agree with Ryuk, Humans really are interesting!

With that, the second post of this challenge also comes to an end! Smash the star button if you liked this post and don’t forget to leave your answer to today’s question. See ya tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “15 Days of Death Note: Day 2”

  1. This is my favourite Light moment as well! I’ve seen the episode specifically for this scene probably 10 times already. I also have Death Note volume 1 and like to read that part too.

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      1. Death Note has such a special place in my heart, similar to One Piece. The opening has always been my phone ringtone since Day 1. I fell in love with this anime when I first watched it on TV in grade six. It just happened to be the first episode too. I felt like it was fate hahaha!

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  2. That moment was great! Light could finally embrace his God complex, but it also lead to his downfall because he didn’t have someone there to keep him on his toes.

    I think my favourite Light moment is when he gets his memories back after wiping them clean. The laughter was perfect and the execution for all this was great. Oh, but I also loved how he played Rem into killing L.

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    1. I think that even if someone was there to keep him under check, he would’ve still gone to the same path.
      But well, who knows?

      Of the scenes you just said, I love the second one more. Because his smile as he narrates his plan to the audience, while Rem says, “Light Yagami, you truly are a disgusting man!” gave me goosebumps!

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