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The 15 Days of Death Note Challenge: Day 3

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya! 

Welcome to Day 3 of ‘The 15 Days of Death Note Challenge!’

If you guys were probably bored by the fact that the first two questions only focussed on Light, well then rest assured because today we’re gonna talk about the great detective and DEAD protagonist, L!

So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!!

Day 3: Favorite L Moment

L is one of the finest characters I have seen so far. To be honest, he somehow makes being weird awesome, and let’s not forget he did it when that was NOT the trend. The greatest thing about him is that he’s not the psycho weird, he’s just weird weird, the non violent yet cunning and sharp af weird guy.

I love almost every scene that showed a conflict between Light and him, but my favorite scene regarding him us also my most favorite scene overall (As in, the best scene among every anime I have watched). Curious? Well my favorite scene is….. *Censored*

‘-’ Kidding~

That was a bad joke, I know.

Anyways, so my favorite scene is when in the opening ceremony, Light and L comes down from stage together, and L starts blurting out every single fact about Light. Of course, Light gets curious about him but doesn’t shows it.

But then, this happened:

L: I have a news about the Kira case. I would love to share it to you if you don’t tell anyone.

Light: I won’t tell anyone, go ahead

L: I am L.

WOHOHOHO!! HOW BADASS IS THAT?! I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that’s cool. Think about it, he head on countered someone who he bets is Kira and was like, “I am L!” As if it’s completely normal!

This was the scene where even I, a supporter of Light, started to like him more and more.

Well with that, this day comes to an end too! We completed 1/5th of the challenge, hell yeah! Be sure to leave your Answers to the question in the comments below! Until tomorrow then, have a great day! 

2 thoughts on “The 15 Days of Death Note Challenge: Day 3”

  1. I love this moment too. For some characters, revealing their cards like this is stupid, but L managed to make it epic and still smart at the same time. I loved it.

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