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15 Days of Death Note Challenge: Day 5

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

Welcome to day 5 of ‘The 15 days of anime challenge’! The answer to today’s question might be salty, because I’m salty right now and this question was a invitation for me to let some of it out. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

Day 5: Most Annoying Character

My answer is the same as what you guys have it in your mind. Let’s say it together then. Ready?


This image yells out how annoying she is

Hell yeah, I’m happy that you yelled her blasted name with me! So here comes the main question, why do we hate her? My answer: Why tf not?

I literally have no idea why she was even created in the first place. With Light’s brain, I’m sure he would’ve conjured up some other strategy to kill L, and I didn’t see Light use the power of Shinigami eyes that much. Truth to be told, Amane’s existence in the series served only one purpose, Annoying literally everyone and everything!

I don’t know how she is in the manga, but her attitude and voice in the series was just intolerable! She randomly asks Light to be her bf, doesn’t has any brain, keeps popping up at interesting times and ruins the intellectual mood and let’s not forget, she isn’t even attractive. So her whole life was a big fat lie!

The only thing that depresses me about Death Note (Except Light’s death) is that Misa didn’t die. I wanted her to die more than anyone else.

God, I hate her!

Well before I get even more salty, let’s end the fifth day post here. Hit like if you liked this post and don’t forget to tell us about the character that nnoyed you the most! (High five if it’s Misa)

Until tomorrow, I hope you guys have a great day, and as always, thanks for reading! 

That’s right, Kira sama! Destory her!!!!

10 thoughts on “15 Days of Death Note Challenge: Day 5”

  1. Well…in the way you described this character, I am probably going to jump on the hatewagon too. She sounds like a serious pain in the….well you know what I mean. But then again, it’s also fun to have characters like that in a series. If all of them were loveable, things would become quite boring. I will keep my eyes out for her when I start reading the manga 🙂

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    1. I actually like Misa Amane because she is so loyal to Light. She’s willing to do everything for him and I love her gothic lolita style. I was actually frustrated at Light for using her, hahaha. I do see your points though, Ryuji!

      I do agree that Light probably would have been better without her though, haha.

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      1. I am really looking forward to seeing the anime or reading the manga (whichever comes first).Although I now the basic premise of the series and quite a number of characters, I haven’t really delved into it yet completely 🙂

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        1. Well if only she wasn’t too clingy and had the brains to decide that she’s being used, then I might have liked her. But that didn’t happen, sadly.

          No judgy eyes XD It’s completely fine if you like her, Rose. Who do you think is annoying then?

          I hope these posts are stepping up your interests even more. Start binge reading whenever you get the chance!

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          1. I’m currently reading an absolutely amazing and astonishing 9 volume Manga called Monster. I’m on volume 5 now and it just keeps getting better and better. Rest assured though, when I am finished with that one…Deathnote will be next 😀

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  2. Misa is all of us though. We all fangirl over Light, but she’s just able to do it in real time. I actually liked her and while I think she was created, because they needed a female character, she did serve a purpose. A fan of Light would have shown up sooner or later and her loyalty helped him more times than not.

    For the longest time, I didn’t care for Near and Mello, Mello especially. I just didn’t like them and thought they were a horrible replacement for L. After rereading the manga, I did get a better sense for them. They may not be my favourite, but their introduction into the story made sense.

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    1. Late reply late reply, sorry for that

      I haven’t read the manga yet, but I get your point of view regarding Near and Mello. Honestly, I think that Near was not in the same league as L, and to have her replace L and win against Light was, well… Something I couldn’t agree with

      Thanks for reading and I’m sorry for replying after almost a year XD


  3. When I read the manga the feeling I got from her is that her presence led to Light’s downfall. Light has an overwhelming sense of justice, and using Misa created contradictions and holes in his plans that allowed L gather evidence to point at Light. She kind of fuelled the evil side of Light, since she’s seen more as a tool than a person/comrade to Light.
    But that’s just what I think haha, it’s been ages since I read the manga too so I might have forgotten stuff here and there.

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    1. I agreeeeeee! That’s exactly my thought. There were times when I realised that things would’ve progressed far more smoothly if only Misa wasn’t involved. It feels nice to have someone with the same POV. Thanks for reading and sorry for late reply xD

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