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The 15 Days of Death Death Note Challenge: Day 6

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

Welcome to Day 6 of ‘The 15 Days of Death Note Challenge’!

So today’s question is something that might get the same answer as Day 2 or Day 3. That’s why I’ll change the question.

So the topic was Most Epic Scene, and now I’ll change it to Top 5 Epic Scenes. Should be fun. So let’s get right into it!

Day 6: Top 5 Epic Scenes

Gonna keep this one in a listed order.

  1. When L reveals his identity to Light in the most badass way ever!

  1. When Light meets Ryuk and then shortly declares that he will write the names of all criminals and ‘Become the God of the new world’

  1. When Light holds the Death Note and all the memories rush back to him. Then he gives that signature evil look and says, “Just as planned”

  1. When L, after meeting Light, declares to Soichiro that if he dies within the next few days then Light Yagami is Kira. The way he said that so casually while checking out the hair from tapes was thrilling!

  1. When he writes the name of Naomi in the piece of paper and checks his watch, and on being inquired by her about that habit he says in a calm voice, “That’s because…. I’m Kira”

Well with that, this day comes to an end too! Be sure to like the post and leave your answers too in the comments below! Until tomorrow then, have a great time and thanks for reading!

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