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Sup Ryuuji: Special Episode!!

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Sup minna!

Remember me? If you do, then I love you; if you don’t, then allow me to introduce myself! I’m Ryuuji Tatsuya and this blog of mine is just a refuge I created for me to rant and weeb out about any anime or manga I come across.

But it has been a while since I posted, you can say almost a year and a half since my last post. And this place has also changed quite a bit since then. Just like me, many of my Blogging Buddies have become inactive. While there are some who have also been consistent and are still putting out posts each day; you guys have my respect!

But why did I stop posting? I think you guys can take a guess.

Real life has taken its toll on me when it came to both writing and being an anime fan in general. Even though being a college student doesn’t sounds that hectic, it has been tough for me to keep up with the new series that come out since I hardly get time alone; why? Because I live in a Boy’s hostel now! And if anyone of you have spent time in a hostel, then you should know that your privacy on the streets is probably way more than in a hostel.

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Literally every single time I’m trying to do anything 

With people coming in and going out of my room and my roommates causing a ruckus 90% of time, it is indeed hard for me to write. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, a closed room with no sound is the most important aspect I need to get myself into that mood to write.

That’s why I kind of convinced myself that this blog of mine would probably be inactive in the future and ‘Ryuuji’s Anime Corner’ would add onto that list of abandoned blogged.

But future is unpredictable, isn’t it?

Who would have thought, that a sudden virus outbreak would end up suspending all classes and give me almost two months’ worth of holidays? Who would have thought that extreme boredom would finally remind me of this small world I created for myself back when I was desperate to find people like me; anime lovers?

And who in their right mind would have anticipated that quarantine would be the reason for Ryuuji Tatsuya to make a comeback post?

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So once again, Sup minna! Ryuuji is back in business! This blog is NOT going to go inactive for a little while now!

Of course, I have no idea what I should be writing about. If you think someone can just jump up and write after being away from it for over 18 months, then you are wrong! I’ve rough edges that I need to work on and also have to start thinking about new topics to write on. Also, the layout has changed A LOT since the last time I remember posting, so I would need time to adjust to that as well.

But that being said I have certainly grown, both as an audience as well as a human being. Unlike before, I’m more open to try out gore or psychological titles (Shoujo is still my favorite), I have become more prominent as a manga reader in the past few months and I have also experienced a lot of new things ever since I became a college student in an alien land.

New people, new friends, new places; they all have contributed into giving me a new perspective, and that will be used in this blog of mine.

So with that note, I’ll be ending this “Special” post of mine. Hoping that next post will be related to anime……… Or manga? Who knows~

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Sup Ryuuji: Special Episode!!”

  1. I’m new to your blog, so I haven’t felt your disappearance, but it’s great to see you blogging! I took a few breaks myself and the feeling of coming back can be pretty great. 🙂 I love gory and psychological anime haha. It tends to be my fave kind, but I wanna get more into shōjo because I usually enjoy most of what I watch of it. Guess that means your blog is the place to be. 😀


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