About Me

Jishnu Chakraborty (Ryuji Tatsuya)

Thanks for wasting a minute of your life, trying to know who I am. Well, I’m not a very special person, just one of those millions of anime lovers who live in this world and suddenly got an idea to write reviews of the anime they are watching or have watched before. That’s all the general idea one can have about me.

Oh you are still here? Then, if you want to know more about me then to start, my real name however is, Jishnu and I’m from India. In India, watching anime is really very rare, so if you are one of those Indians who want someone to have a chat with about anime, then I’m all ears for you.

You wanna know more? Then you can get in touch with me by following me through Twitter. But once again, I’m not that frequent there, so you can add me in Facebook.

Well then, I hope that not all of your 1 minute is wasted in knowing about me. However, thanks for reading my blog.