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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 12)

Heyya my fellow otakus, its Ryuji; presenting you with my attempt to conquer the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’! Even though the occasion is happy, today we will be talking about some sad stuff. Even though most of the post of this challenge has spoilers, Today’s post has quite main spoilers, if you don’t want… Continue reading 30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 12)

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Parasyte- Part 1 (Movie Review)

*THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS* Name of Movie: Parasyte: Part 1 Year: 2014 Runtime: 1hr 50 mins Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Gore Review: I have watched only a couple of live action films so far, but I have to say that this movie was comparatively better than the others (Especially Attack on Titan live action, that was… Continue reading Parasyte- Part 1 (Movie Review)

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Attack on Titan (First Impression)

Anime: Attack on Titan PLOT SO FAR: A Hundred of years before, first appeared the Titans, a giant like monsters whose only aim was to prey on live humans. After bringing the whole human race to the verge of extinction, the survivors were able to defend themselves by trapping them inside an area defended by… Continue reading Attack on Titan (First Impression)

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To The Forest of Firefly Lights (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Hotarubi no Mori e Review: Anime never stops fascinating me. No matter if it’s a series, movie or short OVA, they somehow manage to give us a unique piece of art, and that uniqueness is what makes anime, ‘Anime’. Somehow, this month of December, has made me think about anime more differently… Continue reading To The Forest of Firefly Lights (Anime Review)

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When Marnie Was There (Anime Review)

Name of movie: When Marnie was there Genre: Slice-of-life, Drama, Emotional Review: Anime films are dominated by two main power creators, Shinkai Makoto directed films and Studio Ghibli. If Shinkai Makoto was able to create anime films with a bittersweet feeling like Kotonoha no niwa and 5 centimeters per second, then Studio Ghibli has created… Continue reading When Marnie Was There (Anime Review)

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Parasyte: The Maxim (Anime Review)

Name of the anime: Parasyte: The maxim Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Horror, Romance No. of episodes: 24 Review: Most animes start with a definite theme and plot, but by the time it ends, the conclusions somehow become totally different from what was expected. But Parasyte, isn’t one of them. It started with a clear question and… Continue reading Parasyte: The Maxim (Anime Review)

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Your Name (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Your Name Review: How good it feels when you are rewarded for a long wait by something which completely exceeds your expectations! That’s what that happened with me. I waited almost 6 months for this anime to be available for download, and when I was finally able to watch it, what I… Continue reading Your Name (Anime Review)

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Beyond the Boundary (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Beyond the boundary Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy, Supernatural No of episodes: 12 Review: There are some animes which have really a bunch of weakness and mistakes, but still manage to mess with some weak strings of our hearts; ‘Beyond the boundary’ is one of those few animes. Even though the number of… Continue reading Beyond the Boundary (Anime Review)

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Assassination Classroom S2 (Anime Review)

  Name of Anime: Assassination Classroom S2 Genre: Action, Comedy, Emotional, Tragedy No of episodes: 24 Review: Remember the faults I mentioned about its previous season, now what you have to do is burn all those weaknesses into ashes, because this anime has covered all the weakness it had and was able to deliver the… Continue reading Assassination Classroom S2 (Anime Review)

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Assassination Classroom S1 (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Assassination classroom Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural No of episodes: 22 Review: Take the genres ‘Slice-of-life’ then add ‘Action’ and ‘Sci-fi’ to it, what would you get? An anime which has both tension and a touch of science with a soothing normal life background, that’s ‘Assassination Classroom’. The story is about the 3-E… Continue reading Assassination Classroom S1 (Anime Review)