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Some Anime Cliches (Comedy Genre)

Heyya minna, it's Ryuuji Tatsuya! A quick apology before we get started. I'm sorry for not posting much nowadays; exam pressure is killing me. I guess I'll be able to post more in Feb (Or not because I'll have final exams). Nonetheless, I think this post just might be my last one for this month… Continue reading Some Anime Cliches (Comedy Genre)

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A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge: Day 3

Heyyo minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya! Welcome to the third day of the ‘A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge’ thread! When I was debating as to whether or not I should attempt this challenge, it was the third day’s question which gained my interest and made me seal the deal. LEAST FAVORITE SHOUJO TREND: If I’m not… Continue reading A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge: Day 3

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Some Anime Cliches (Fantasy Genre)

Heyyo minna! It’s Ryuji Tatsuya with another ‘Some Anime Cliches’ post. I did say that I will be doing one this month before though, but it kinda took longer than I expected. Anyway, today’s post is going to be about a diligent genre that has been entertaining us passively for a long time; we’re talking… Continue reading Some Anime Cliches (Fantasy Genre)

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Some Anime Cliches (Musical Genre)

After my post about the clichés that are repeated again and again in Romantic and Comedy anime series, today I decided to continue that trend and came back with another ‘Anime Clichés’ post. This time, I have chosen the genre ‘Idol’ or ‘Musical’. If you guys don’t know what that is, it’s generally a slice… Continue reading Some Anime Cliches (Musical Genre)


Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)

Some days back, when I was watching my favourite sports genre anime ‘Haikyuu’, I realised that it had some clichés which has been there in lots of other sports anime; even though the anime was still able to create the same anxious emotions as it did when I watched its previous season. So today I… Continue reading Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)