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Anime Showdown: Ano Hana vs Orange (Presentation of Regret)

eyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya and welcome back to another post of the ‘Anime Showdown’ thread! If you guys want to check the earlier posts then click here (1 and 2) For some retarded reason, my school has two continuous examinations with an interval of just one week. After the exams in end of November,… Continue reading Anime Showdown: Ano Hana vs Orange (Presentation of Regret)


My Top 8 Anime OSTs

Heyyo minna, its Ryuji Tatsuya with yet another new post! I wonder if my luck with the electronic devices were ever more awful; I broke my phone and my laptop suddenly went poof (WHILE I WAS WRITING A 900+ WORDS POST *Flips Table*). Good news is, the laptop is back and that’s why I can… Continue reading My Top 8 Anime OSTs

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 12)

Heyya my fellow otakus, its Ryuji; presenting you with my attempt to conquer the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’! Even though the occasion is happy, today we will be talking about some sad stuff. Even though most of the post of this challenge has spoilers, Today’s post has quite main spoilers, if you don’t want… Continue reading 30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 12)