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High School Life: Maybe Not Always Rose Coloured

Sup minna! Alright so the stuff that we are gonna talk about today has been on my mind for almost half a year, and I was dying to talk about it. Well, I guess it’s finally the time for that! Back in the month of September, last year, I watched a Bollywood movie called ‘Hichki’… Continue reading High School Life: Maybe Not Always Rose Coloured


My Top 8 Anime OSTs

Heyyo minna, its Ryuji Tatsuya with yet another new post! I wonder if my luck with the electronic devices were ever more awful; I broke my phone and my laptop suddenly went poof (WHILE I WAS WRITING A 900+ WORDS POST *Flips Table*). Good news is, the laptop is back and that’s why I can… Continue reading My Top 8 Anime OSTs

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Assassination Classroom S2 (Anime Review)

  Name of Anime: Assassination Classroom S2 Genre: Action, Comedy, Emotional, Tragedy No of episodes: 24 Review: Remember the faults I mentioned about its previous season, now what you have to do is burn all those weaknesses into ashes, because this anime has covered all the weakness it had and was able to deliver the… Continue reading Assassination Classroom S2 (Anime Review)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Emotional, Supernatural

Assassination Classroom S1 (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Assassination classroom Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural No of episodes: 22 Review: Take the genres ‘Slice-of-life’ then add ‘Action’ and ‘Sci-fi’ to it, what would you get? An anime which has both tension and a touch of science with a soothing normal life background, that’s ‘Assassination Classroom’. The story is about the 3-E… Continue reading Assassination Classroom S1 (Anime Review)