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Top 5 Anime Series to Binge-watch In Quarantine!

Has this quarantine been way longer than you expected? Are you bored out of your mind and have no idea of what to do to pass this extra time? Are you tired of finishing up a series in one day? Then gather around kids, Papa Ryuu will help you ease up your boredom! Since most… Continue reading Top 5 Anime Series to Binge-watch In Quarantine!


Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)

Some days back, when I was watching my favourite sports genre anime ‘Haikyuu’, I realised that it had some clichés which has been there in lots of other sports anime; even though the anime was still able to create the same anxious emotions as it did when I watched its previous season. So today I… Continue reading Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)