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Some Underrated Anime You Should Check Out!

After I ended the torture series (Kuzu no Honkai), I found some series which I have not heard about from many people; in fact, they were either personal recommendation or just a lucky encounter in Google. When I completed them, I realized that these works are quite exquisite but failed to make the cut only because of lack of recognition or promotion. That’s why, today I would be writing about some underrated anime which deserves to be checked out. So without any delay, let’s get right into it.

  • Spice and Wolf:

    Image result for spice and wolf

    If you have been following my blog for quite some time then you are sure to have come across this name before. This anime is basically about a merchant who decides to drop a Wolf deity (In female form, of course) back to her home in the North while fighting off various business related problems with their combined wisdom; a romantic plot is also followed which basically gets spotlight in the second season. The beauty of this anime is that it manages to keep us at the edge of our once you start watching it for real (Even though it may seem monotonous at first). Not to mention that Holo (Wolf deity) is seductive, even though she isn’t that lucky in some proportion :3
    So yeah, do give this anime a try if you like the slice of life genre with occasional stressful moments.

  • Welcome to the NHK:

    Image result for welcome to the nhk

    It’s the oldest anime in this list and maybe that’s why it’s not that much known among the current generation; but that doesn’t means you should ignore this series. The story is about a college dropout, Satou, who has now become a Hikikomori or a shut in. One day, he is approached by a high school girl, who keeps persuading him to let her help him as she has full confidence that she could turn him into a normal guy once again. Even though he came up with various excuses at first, he eventually agreed and thus, started their counselling to turn the perverted shut in into a confident normal adult. Welcome to NHK is sure a pain to deal with in the first 3 episodes, thanks to Satou’s cringe worthy decisions and delusions. But once things get settled up a little, then we start to enjoy the situations Satou goes through as well as the romance that stirs up between him and Misaki, the female high schooler. The idea adopted was quite new to me, but then again, it was a really good anime that could use some recognition too.

  • Uchouten Kazoku:

    Related image

    A few months back, Karandi recommended me to watch this series. Even though I downloaded it some days after that, I decided to watch it a lot later; and I do not regret that decision. Set in Kyoto, The Eccentric Family is about a Tanuki (The animals who stroll the land while having the power to shape shift), Yasaburou, and his daily adventures as he deals with his master, the Tengu (The creatures who fly in the sky and regard themselves better than humans and Tanukis) who can’t fly anymore, his 3 brothers and mom while handling the constant trouble caused by the branch family, the Ebisugawa’s, and continue interaction with the humans (Those who are practically stronger than the Tengus and Tanukis and are also known to devour Tanuki). The interesting thing about this series is that it manages to get us habituated to their absurd world as if it’s not a big deal and lets us understand the problems that the family runs into from time to time. The art style of this anime is pretty unique and has a refreshing feel to it. I recommend this anime to anyone who would like to loosen up a bit with a normal family drama mixed with a little bit of fantasy.

  • The Tatami Galaxy:

    Image result for tatami galaxy

    I found this anime in a post of Goboiano which gave us a list of anime with an out of the box animation style. While most of the titles in that anime looked pretty much normal to me, the art style of The Tatami Galaxy stood out way too much. I downloaded it thinking it to be a short series or that maybe the story will be complete shit; I was wrong. The story is about a college freshman who desires for a rose colored college life and on his attempt to find that, he chooses different clubs only to get wasted every time at the end of two years. However, every time he reaches that time and asks for another chance, he travels back to the very first day of colleges and chooses a different path (Of course, he has no idea of that fact; even though he gets a feeling as if it has happened before from time to time). To be honest, the concept really blew my mind; who would have thought that an anime with that kinda art style has a foundation like this (Now that I think about it, the art style is not bad…. it’s different). The interesting part is that even though the basic story is repeated is repeated every episode, with some changes in the follow up, we don’t get bored of it and actually ask for more (Provided that you have the talent of not bailing out in the very second episode and can read subtitles really fast because damn the dialogues are fast). I would recommend all of you to watch this anime more than any other in this list and would advise you all to watch it to the end as it would all be worth it then. If you haven’t watched this then you’re missing out on an amazing experience in the anime world.

And that sums up my list for some underrated that you should check out. What do you think about this list? Are you familiar with any of these series? Are there any more series that should make the cut? Let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 30)

Konbanwa minna and welcome to the Last post of this 30 Days of Anime Challenge. Yes, the last one! *Throws petals everywhere* Thank you all for keeping up with my posts, I wouldn’t have made it this far if only it wasn’t for you guys. So, let’s not waste any more of our time and enthusiasm and end the challenge.

An Anime That You Wished Would Never End:

What a perfect topic for today’s post! It’s said that all beautiful things come to an end, just like my awesome Anime Challenge posts (#SWAG……… Jk tho). But honestly, there are some anime series out there which we always wished for it to never end. Well, I won’t be writing about how I wished for Naruto or DBZ to never end, no sire; but instead I will be writing about some small series which didn’t get much season but would have been awesome if it just continued.

Image result for sket dance wallpaper

First on the list is ‘Sket Dance’. Well for someone who desperately tries to be a good comedian and binge watches comedy series like there’s no tomorrow, this series just had to make the cut. Sket Dance is one of those series which was funny as hell, really long and showed some chance of continuation. But, since there are many reasons for it to not get any continuation series, I couldn’t help but wish for it to get more and more seasons for the rest of my life. I would do anything if I could keep watching that awesome comedy series. Is there anyone who could support me on that?

Image result for hyouka wallpaper

Then, we have ‘Hyouka’ in this short list. Well, there are many detective and thriller series out there which surely have had cases even more trickier and fun than this series, but the reason I chose it over the others was because of the fact that, it cannot get boring. In most of the thriller anime, there is one absolute villain set to cause destruction and stuff to the world. But in this series, it was just a bunch of high schoolers (Well, 4 actually) trying to solve some small cases which are tricky yet fun. Actually, it would be fun to see them complete cases and continue their passive romance story as long as I am alive.

And with that, I, Ryuji Tatsuya, finally end this 30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Thank you all so much for accompanying me in this journey, especially Acacia and Karandi. It was fun and I’m sure the fun will escalate even more as I continue blogging and do even more challenges. Be sure to tell me your answer for this topic as usual, in the comments below. Thanks for reading guys! See you soon!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 20)

Hi, it’s Ryuji Tatsuya with the second post of the day of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ (Of the…. Of the everywhere) I just realized that it was the 20th post of this challenge and my first comment was, “Seriously??” Well at least it’s not a dream and now, only 5 more double posts will do the trick. I have 6 day time, let’s see what happens.

An Anime Character That Gets On Your Nervers:

So the question asked now is something that will surely raise my blood pressure as I answer it; a character that gets on your nerves. There are tons of characters out there which make you lose your mind and starts irritating you for some time. While some make you angry for a short period, some literally makes you Kamehameha your pc (Or whatever you are watching that anime in) Today I’m gonna talk about two characters, both females, which seriously made me rage harder than all caps.


First one on the list is ‘Yabasawa-san’ from ‘Sket Dance’. Now before you all go thinking that I hate her for her ugly af character design, then let me tell you, that’s not it. Yes, she is ugly but the main reason for me hating her is the fact that she thinks of her as someone who can get any guy she likes in the flick of a hat. Sure, it’s to serve as a comedic relief but god damn it woman, at least don’t think you can get your hands on the Student council president just like that.


Next up, we have a character which is dear to a lot of my blogger friends. Now please don’t rage, it’s completely my opinion, but I just can’t stand ‘Sawako‘ from ‘Kimi ni todoke’. I get the fact that she was bullied and has grown up to be socially awkward and all, but come on, someone said you look like that girl from ring and you are happy because they talked to you?? Either she is stupid af or optimistic af. No matter what she is, it still irritates me. What makes me even madder is her behavior in chibi mode (When she is shown to be flustered in chibi vision coz hey….. Everything in chibi is kawaii af)

And that’s gonna do it for today’s double post of the Anime challenge. Be sure to tell me about the character which pisses you off. Thanks for reading!

PS: I’m off to a little trip with my family. While I hope that I will be able to post things there too, there’s a big chance that I can’t. So let’s hope that the latter doesn’t comes true.

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 18)

Hola Amigos; It’s Ryuji with the second post of the day of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Following the previous post of the Best Male Supporting character, we now have the post for Best Female Supporting character. Let’s check out who she is!

Best Female Supporting Character:

I actually had a clear cut idea of who I should write about for the Male Supporting character, but I was completely lost with this one; there were so many potential characters. After much thinking, I came up with two characters for this segment. Hope you enjoy it!


First, we have Yurippe from ‘Angel Beats’. I don’t think if it’s even a question why she is here. I mean, if only Otonashi didn’t choose Kanade, she would have been the main character. Yurippe is one of those characters whom I really admire. She is strong, not just mentally but physically too, she has good leadership ability and most of all she is a key character for the story. She is there to push on the story and give us background details whenever Otonashi or Kanade isn’t there. She is a fantastic character for me anyways. (PS: She is hotter than Kanade XD)


Then, we have Kawashima Ami from Toradora. I know, I know, I already slipped characters from this series for the third or fourth time now, but I can’t help it, she literally is a great supporting character. Sure, she also joins the harem of girls who suddenly fell for Takasu for no apparent reason, but at least she never admits it (Except for giving a couple of hints). Sometimes I felt as if she was the author herself. She knows everything, feels everything and finds the perfect time to pass a comment on the situation which we later in the story react with a big, ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ (At least I did). Apart from that, she was maybe the most seductive character of the series (Of course, cause there wasn’t anyone else in that field anyway) and we have to admit, she is hot (More than Yurippe).

And with that, I’m gonna put an end to today’s post for the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Be sure to tell me who you would have chosen for this question in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 14)

Konnichiwa minna; It’s Ryuuuuuuuuuuji! (82% Cringey intro) Welcome to today’s second post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. I just checked and it showed that I started this challenge 21 days before. So, if I’m able to post double like this for the next 9 days, I will be able to complete the challenge…… maybe. Well, let’s try to complete this target one at a time!

An Anime You Never Get Tired Of Watching:

Finally, I have a good topic. It feels like forever since I wrote about stuff that I have a good knowledge about. Anyway, the anime about which I will be writing about today is something that, obviously, I don’t get tired of watching, BUT, I have watched the whole series only once. Didn’t get it? Let me explain.


Today, we will be talking about fairly long comedy series called ‘Sket Dance’. Unlike my favourite anime, Toradora and other series like Tokyo Ravens, Itazura na kiss and Parasyte; I haven’t watched this series more than once as a whole. However, I randomly pick up any episode of the series to watch whenever I’m sad or a little gloomy. Comedy and thriller are two genres where watching it twice or thrice just keeps getting more and more boring. However, in this case, the amount of laughter that I release is directly proportional to the amount of time I watch it. (Welcome to Physics language) But seriously, this anime is a legend. I never get tired of its jabs, off beat antics and back stories. If you are a true fan of comedy series, you can NOT ignore this anime.


And that ends my answer for the current segment of this challenge. Tell me what anime you don’t get tired of watching in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 6)

Yo minna! A day has passed since I posted my last answer to the question asked to me according to the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. I am excited to write more, you guys are excited to read them (I hope) and the internet is excited to provide you with my posts! (Actually no, the internet doesn’t gives a s**t to what I write K) Since everyone is excited, let’s get on with the post right away!!

Anime You Want To Watch But Haven’t Been Able To:

Today’s question actually kind of hurts me QoQ. It made me remember about my inability to watch a certain anime series which I have been wanting to watch for many years. Yes, the question for today is ‘Which is the anime that you want to watch but haven’t yet’. Remember the fact that I am a comedy and romance lover, so let’s take a moment to guess which the anime I haven’t watched yet is. Close your eyes, make a wild guess…… Done? Excellent, now let’s see what the answer is!


The answer to the sad but true question is an anime which has been the king of comedy series for a long time and that anime is ‘Gintama’. This anime is like one of those series that you have to watch or else you just don’t deserve to be called as a ‘Comedy anime lover’. It’s like saying that you love anime even though you have no idea what ‘Naruto’, ‘DBZ’ and ‘One Piece’ is. QoQ B-But I have my reasons too ;-;. The Gintama series is like 64 GB in size and I can’t download a series that big at once (I am not a huge data downloader). Now you must be thinking that why don’t I watch it online, well that’s because I rage like crazy when a video that I am really into suddenly buffers. (I once broke a mirror by punching it because the video I was watching suddenly buffered……… yeah, I am messed up) But don’t worry, my anime life has just started and I am sure I will watch it someday for sure……. I hope.

On that note, let’s put an end to the 6th post of this challenge. Let me know your views about this question and my answer to it. Thank you all for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 4)

What’s up everybody and welcome to the 4th post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. I wasn’t able to post the 3rd answer on the 3rd day, thanks to the unbelievably slow net, but since it looks fine today, I have decided to post these two on one day (I hope it’s not against any rules @-@) So, let’s not waste any time (As my net can go off any minute) and get right into it!

Today’s question is a pretty simple yet hard question to answer. It’s something that almost everyone who watches anime must have asked to a fellow anime lover at least once in his/her life and that question is ‘What’s your favourite anime?’ I said this is simple because it is simple (Best answer ever) and I said it’s hard because no matter how much you love a single anime, it always kinda makes you feel as if you betrayed the other anime you watched (Please don’t tell me that’s only me ;-;) Well, it’s been a while since I have been watching anime, but I think the answer to this little question has always been the same for me; I have always loved ‘Toradora!’


Toradora is such a heartwarming anime. I have always loved the simple yet complex storyline of this cute and touching story. It may seem a little bit clichéd with the entire love triangle and falling for the setter thing, but you have got to admit, the chemistry between the main couple is amazing. Taiga and Ryuji’s relation grows from stranger to accomplices to friends and then finally to lovers, and that development is filled with some hilarious and serious moments. And I hope we are definitely not gonna forget about the kiss, God that was a good kiss! Not to mention the contribution of Kawashima Ami, Kushieda Minorin and Kitamura Yusuke who make this slice of life genre romance comedy even more fun. To be honest, I always get the feeling of watching this anime whenever I see the opening song ‘Pre Parade’; the moment in the opening where all of them are just walking while the title flashes at behind makes me all emotional and forces me to watch the series again. (Yeah, I am messed up) If you didn’t like it, then its ok I won’t judge you and if you haven’t watched it then please do, as soon as possible.


And thus, I’m gonna conclude my post for the 4th Day of this challenge. Don’t forget to leave which is your favorite anime in the comment section below. Thank you all for reading!

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My Top 6 Comedy Anime

Anime is known to most of the people of the world for three of its speciality; its art style, action scenes and tragic element. Even though I’m not a big fan of anime when it comes to the action genre, it would be wrong to say that they don’t possess a charismatic touch. But on the other hand, I was attracted to anime due to its unbelievably touching romance element and mostly because of its hilarious comedic sense. No matter what others may say, I love them and never miss out an opportunity to check out anime of this genre. That’s why today, I will be sharing with you My Top 6 Comedy anime series which I think that you should check out if you are also a fan of humour. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

HONOURABLE  MENTION: ‘Hayate: The Combat Butler’ was the first romantic comedy anime series that I came across and I don’t regret watching it. However, now that I have watched other series as well, this anime remains as just another memorable series which has a great role in turning me into an Otaku.

  • Handa-kun

    Maybe the latest comedy series that I have completed and my only comments to it will be: “That’s freaking hilarious!” In my first impression post of this series, (If you haven’t seen it then click here) I was told that the storyline would get pretty much mundane by Anime Indian Philosopher and Heyitszel. They were absolutely correct about that, but the reason this anime still managed to be on my list is because most of the negative rating which was emitted by the monotonous storyline was completely absorbed by the hilarious monologues and childish happiness of Handa; Maybe because, I laugh at almost everything possible.

  • Bokura wa minna kawaisou

    You all must have noticed in some manga, whenever a person throws in a punch line or a reaction comment, the listener doesn’t always answers but what he/she is thinking is written by the side of the character. Well this way of comedy is something that makes me laugh really hard and that’s the main reason why ‘Bokura wa minna kawaisou’ is in this list. A light hearted Romantic comedy series couldn’t get any better with the male lead often being the prey of some hilarious situation, which is mostly created by his masochist roommate (Yeah, seriously) and the drunkard office lady who are also living as paying guest in the kawai complex. This Rom-Com is the
    best series to pass your time, or to recover from any heavy themed series.

  • Nichijou
    If you want something unpredictable……. then….

    I saw this small anime crack on YouTube where a blue haired anime girl all of a sudden grabbed a goat, which I guess was eating some paper, and performed a wrestling move on it. My first comment on that scene was: “What the ****?” and then my second comment was: “That’s so cool!!” I started searching for that anime and when I finally saw that series, I was glad that I watched it. ‘Nichijou’ is not something that will make you laugh every 3 or 4 minute, it’s something which builds up your laugh for a while and then makes it burst with a great punch line. The best thing about this series was the occasional RAGE comedy of the two main girls, BLUE and RED, which makes me laugh my ass off! (Note: You will enjoy this anime if you like men riding a goat)

  • Seitokai Yakuindomo

    You know, on a survey, it was proved that every 2 out of 3 males enjoy adult comedies and laugh about it publicly while every 3 out of 4 females enjoy adult comedy but only 1 out of 4 laugh about it in public while the others tag those jokes as “Pervy jokes”. Now, I don’t know whether you are one of those who enjoy these jokes or not, but as for me, I love them (As long as there is no unnecessary fan service included). ‘Seitokai Yakuindomo’ is the only anime I have seen which was able to slam adult jokes without any hesitation, and to be honest, I loved each and every one of them! What makes the series even better is the occasional comment by Tsuda, the ‘pure’ male lead, who keeps on giving his views on every jokes made by the student council president and his best friend. (By the way, if you are still not able to figure out, the fact that I laid out earlier was false :p )

  • Sket Dance

    I started this series without knowing anything about it, except the fact that everyone was recommending me this series. At first, I thought that this anime was of sports genre, since it has the name Sket in the title (Which I thought represented Skates). But when I watched it, I was left awestruck, partly by how terribly wrong I was and mostly by how awesome the jokes were. The best thing about ‘Sket Dance’ is that Himeko and Bossun never pass out an opportunity to pass comments on anything that is bizarre in its own way, and that is absolutely hilarious. Moreover, I liked the character Switch, who is voiced by my favourite comedy VA, Roman, thanks to her awfully amazing comics (God! They are hilarious. My salute to the one who created them) and Dante, the mystery man. (Great words by Dante: Flightless Crow; you guess what that means :3 ) Seriously if I start ranting on the awesomeness of this series, it will use up more than a thousand words!

  • Daily lives of High School BoysThere are some anime which gain a great respect and love in your heart. When it comes to comedy series, that position is sealed by this series, ‘Daily Lives of High School Boys’. Maybe it was the mundane topic, the slice-of-life setting or the embarrassing situations that clicked, but this anime is indeed comedy personified. If only it was as lengthy as Sket Dance or Gintama, this series would have gotten much more appreciation than it has right now. Strictly speaking, unlike Sket Dance, we are actually able to put ourselves in the shoes of the protagonists and laugh hard at something that has probably happened to almost everyone. Also don’t forget GREEN voice acting, that guy is really one of the best comedy voice actors, Respect!

And by that, we come to the end of this list of hilarious anime. Have you watched any of these? Did you like them? Do you have some series which is even more hilarious? Then be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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Handa-kun (First Impression)

Name of Anime: Handa-kun

The story is about Handa Seiyuu, a young prodigy in calligraphy, who seems to be in the list of the popular peoples of his High school. Even though he has talent, good heart and fan following, there is this small little drawback that he has which makes all of these sought after qualities nothing but a blockage in his path, he has socio-phobia. The story progresses with the comic note of how Handa, with the passive ‘help’ of his supporter, manages to not only save himself from the ‘bullying’ but also win over those who decides to strip him off his popularity; that’s what they think at least.


If I remember correctly, there was a episode from the popular kids T.V show called ‘Doraemon’ where the main character, Nobita, at first tried to help others but ended up making them angry and on the other hand, when he finally decides to make everyone mad at him, Doraemon’s gadgets enabled everyone to be happy of his deeds as they turned out to be life-saving help in some or the other way. In the same way, this anime also pictures Handa-kun as someone who only wants to run away from everyone’s ‘Bullying’ (Popularity), however somehow he manages to make everyone so happy that his popularity only keeps on increasing. If you liked the anime, ‘Sakamoto desu ga’ and crave for hilarious comedy themes, then you should give it a go.


The story being about the early life of Handa Sei, who later becomes ‘The Famous Calligrapher’ Handa Sei in ‘Barakamon’, I expect some really good comedic scenes from these series. Even though ‘Barakamon’ was not that focused on comedy as it was on slice-of-life, the fact that some of its jabs were hilarious cannot be neglected; So when ‘Handa-kun’ on the other hand makes his main theme comedy, then I bet that it’s gonna be a top notch series! So for now, let’s cross our fingers and hope for a promising stress buster anime.