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Attack on Titan (First Impression)

Anime: Attack on Titan

That’s Awesomeness!!

A Hundred of years before, first appeared the Titans, a giant like monsters whose only aim was to prey on live humans. After bringing the whole human race to the verge of extinction, the survivors were able to defend themselves by trapping them inside an area defended by three walls. After this mishap, humanity has now experienced peace. Eren, Mikasa and Armin are a group of three friends living in this era of peace, but still Eren and Armin yearn to venture outside these huge walls and want to join the Scout Regiment who are able to do so. However, this moment of peace and dreams were short-lived, because suddenly a Titan, called the collosal titan, of height more than the 50m wallcreated a hole in the wall and allowed many other Titans to devour these humans. In the state of aggression, panic and a state of emergency,  Eren along with Armin and Mikasa decides to drive out every titan from their land and joins the cadet training group to do so.


‘Attack on Titans’ won over a million hearts of the anime community on its release in the year 2013. Even though the fact that I avoid action and gore anime is still there, I couldn’t turn a deaf ear to all the other bloggers and anime viewers who can’t help but praise the series. But while I’m watching it, I realise that unlike my most resented gore anime, Mirai Nikki, this show is actually able to make those scenes legit. I’m now watching episode 5 and I have to admit that the series has made me sit to the edge of my seat. It’s been a long time since I actually enjoyed an action anime and maybe that’s the reason for everyone’s complimenton the series.


I heard about the anime for a really long time, but the main reason I started watching it was its live action movie. At first, I thought that the live action was pretty good, so I was bound to check out the real thing; however, now I think that the live action was pretty shitty compared to the anime. The story is better, the action scenes are good, the characters are good, the OP/EDs are amaizing and the best thing of all is that there are no annoying dialogues in the middle of the fight. So, I expect that the series will turn out as good as everyone told me and that I will be eager for the second season scheduled to release this April.

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Handa-kun (First Impression)

Name of Anime: Handa-kun

The story is about Handa Seiyuu, a young prodigy in calligraphy, who seems to be in the list of the popular peoples of his High school. Even though he has talent, good heart and fan following, there is this small little drawback that he has which makes all of these sought after qualities nothing but a blockage in his path, he has socio-phobia. The story progresses with the comic note of how Handa, with the passive ‘help’ of his supporter, manages to not only save himself from the ‘bullying’ but also win over those who decides to strip him off his popularity; that’s what they think at least.


If I remember correctly, there was a episode from the popular kids T.V show called ‘Doraemon’ where the main character, Nobita, at first tried to help others but ended up making them angry and on the other hand, when he finally decides to make everyone mad at him, Doraemon’s gadgets enabled everyone to be happy of his deeds as they turned out to be life-saving help in some or the other way. In the same way, this anime also pictures Handa-kun as someone who only wants to run away from everyone’s ‘Bullying’ (Popularity), however somehow he manages to make everyone so happy that his popularity only keeps on increasing. If you liked the anime, ‘Sakamoto desu ga’ and crave for hilarious comedy themes, then you should give it a go.


The story being about the early life of Handa Sei, who later becomes ‘The Famous Calligrapher’ Handa Sei in ‘Barakamon’, I expect some really good comedic scenes from these series. Even though ‘Barakamon’ was not that focused on comedy as it was on slice-of-life, the fact that some of its jabs were hilarious cannot be neglected; So when ‘Handa-kun’ on the other hand makes his main theme comedy, then I bet that it’s gonna be a top notch series! So for now, let’s cross our fingers and hope for a promising stress buster anime.


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First Impression: Denpa Kyoushi

Name of anime: Denpa Kyoshi

The story seems to be about a Prodigy otaku, yes you heard me right, An otaku who is a science prodigy. He is forced to get a job by his sister as he is always locked up in his rooms and hardly goes out. However, due to his name and fame as a prodigy, he easily gets a job of a science teacher. Even though he seems to be lethargic and lazy, which he almost is, he can be very clever at times and is able to solve all the problems that his student may face. He solved the problems of a student who was being bullied and save defamation of the girl who he caught himself shoplifting. But in the end, he still remains the same lazy guy who could sometimes give outstanding lectures.



At first, the story seems to start off with a the same boring shounen opening, but gradually I found that this anime is not gonna be the same. Unlike most of the animes, the otaku here is not a normal student, not a student council president but it is the teacher himself. I like the way the main character sets his stage as both an otaku and also a genius teacher. However, the way he sometimes becomes all lazy and wants to quit his job and all is somehow irritating for me. It doesn’t exactly hints on any romance, but it’s only been 3 episodes, so let’s wait and watch!

The way this offbeat idea has started off, I have really high expectations to see where it goes. Will it be the same old comedy series without any plot or will it become an anime which is highly underrated? I hope that whatever is the result, we will be able to enjoy a good slice-of-life comedy show.


This sums up my First impression on Denpa Kyoushi. Have you watched it? What was your reaction? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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First Impression: My Hero Academia

Anime: My hero academia


The story sets in a near future where most of the people possesses these quirks and try to be a hero to earn their living. Deku, is a quirkless boy who yearns to be a hero and thus, becomes a person who rushes to any site of hero activities and takes his note on them. He is greatly influenced by a hero and his ideal, All Might. Deku, is spineless most of the time, but there are sudden times when he does his best to rescue others even though he knows he can’t do anything. Till now, all we see is him being enthusiastic to do his best and then losing all the confidence when he’s picked on.



At first when I started watching, I thought that it was going to be one of those Superhero series with an overpowered protagonist and an even more overpowered antagonist, who will be defeated in the end. But this series totally got me wrong (At least till now). The show has picked up a really unique theme of a journey of a quirkless boy to being a hero. (Of course, he should become one). But here’s the question, how will he attain that quirk or more like, how will the story progress? I hope I get that answer in the near future without being disappointed.



I have heard many things about ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ and I think the second season is already on its way to be processed. So, I think this anime will not make my decision to watch it, one to regret on.