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Attack on Titan (First Impression)

Anime: Attack on Titan PLOT SO FAR: A Hundred of years before, first appeared the Titans, a giant like monsters whose only aim was to prey on live humans. After bringing the whole human race to the verge of extinction, the survivors were able to defend themselves by trapping them inside an area defended by… Continue reading Attack on Titan (First Impression)

Comedy, Drama, Slice-of-life

Handa-kun (First Impression)

Name of Anime: Handa-kun PLOT SO FAR: The story is about Handa Seiyuu, a young prodigy in calligraphy, who seems to be in the list of the popular peoples of his High school. Even though he has talent, good heart and fan following, there is this small little drawback that he has which makes all… Continue reading Handa-kun (First Impression)

Action, Anime, Drama, Emotional, First Impression, Supernatural

First Impression: My Hero Academia

Anime: My hero academia PLOT SO FAR: The story sets in a near future where most of the people possesses these quirks and try to be a hero to earn their living. Deku, is a quirkless boy who yearns to be a hero and thus, becomes a person who rushes to any site of hero… Continue reading First Impression: My Hero Academia