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Anime Showdown: Haikyuu vs Kuroko no Basuke (Performance in Sports Genre)

Heyyo mina, it's Ryuuji Tatsuya and welcome to the first Anime Showdown post of the year!!! So I actually wanted to post one showdown post which focused on two sports anime, but it was hard coming up with a good theme to clash them head on. I wanted to start the year with something I… Continue reading Anime Showdown: Haikyuu vs Kuroko no Basuke (Performance in Sports Genre)


My Top 8 Anime OSTs

Heyyo minna, its Ryuji Tatsuya with yet another new post! I wonder if my luck with the electronic devices were ever more awful; I broke my phone and my laptop suddenly went poof (WHILE I WAS WRITING A 900+ WORDS POST *Flips Table*). Good news is, the laptop is back and that’s why I can… Continue reading My Top 8 Anime OSTs


Some Anime Characters with Similar Faces

Heyyo minna! It’s Ryuji Tatsuya with yet another anime rant! So lately I have come across a few anime series where the characters’ faces seem to be awfully similar to that of other anime characters in the past. When I did my research about that, I realized that there are quite a few characters like… Continue reading Some Anime Characters with Similar Faces


Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)

Some days back, when I was watching my favourite sports genre anime ‘Haikyuu’, I realised that it had some clichés which has been there in lots of other sports anime; even though the anime was still able to create the same anxious emotions as it did when I watched its previous season. So today I… Continue reading Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)

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Haikyuu S3 (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Haikyuu Season 3 Genre: Sports, Comedy No of episodes: 10 Review: 2017 has kicked off perfectly for me and it’s mostly because of this huge gift I presented myself with, The Third Season of Haikyuu! I can’t believe my must watch list is starting to get shorter so early, and what a… Continue reading Haikyuu S3 (Anime Review)