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30 Days Of Anime Challenge (Post 1)

Hey there everyone! My exams are finally over and now I have a lot of time in my hand which I had no idea how to spend even a few minutes before, but now I decided to complete something that I have seen a lot of Anime related blogger do; I will be doing the… Continue reading 30 Days Of Anime Challenge (Post 1)


Fifty plus Fifty equals…. 1100?

My teacher once told me that I was weak in Maths and that I should work on that; but it has been 12 years since that advice and yet I'm that one person who loves Math but is weak in it. Oh but don't relate this little tale with the title as the title makes… Continue reading Fifty plus Fifty equals…. 1100?


Ridiculous Anti-Anime Remarks

So there I was talking to one of my friends on my way to home from school. As time passed, our topic of discussion also changed and all of a sudden we were talking about anime. Now, due to some reasons our light conversation turned into a heated argument, mostly because of human mindset of… Continue reading Ridiculous Anti-Anime Remarks


A New Year… A New Award!

First of all, I would like to thank Rocco B for nominating me for this award. He's a really cool guy and his blogs are cooler, please go and check out his awesome blogs! 🙂 The rules: Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog Give a brief story of how your blog started… Continue reading A New Year… A New Award!