Celebrating The First Anniversary of This Blog!!


It was just another day of the week when I decided to log in to WordPress, but as soon as I checked the notification tab, I realized that today is actually a day that needs to be celebrated. This day marks as the first anniversary of my blog, Ryuji’s Anime Review. I really have a hard time believing that it’s already a year old now.

I still remember the day I decided to start this blog. It was around 5 to 6 PM when I just finished watching ‘Your lie in April’. At that time, I had a habit of discussing the pros and cons of anime I finished watching in a closed room; however that day, my mother walked in and on seeing me talking about anime to myself with such enthusiasm, she advised me to start a blog about anime. To be honest, I was looking for a platform to talk about this stuff in a more official way, so I didn’t hesitated much into searching for a site to do it; and within two hours, I had posted my first post of my site, Ryuji’s anime review. Thanks to all of you for following my blog and giving me the strength to continue.


So what have I planned to do for today? Even though it’s not something really grand, I do hope that you guys would have fun reading this Anniversary special issue. At first, I will be sharing with you guys, some facts related to my blog, followed by some of my posts which I actually enjoyed writing (Told ya, not much). So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!!



  • Even though my first post was made in 29th of July, my blog actually became active in the month of September, when I started writing anime reviews more often.
  • At first, the name of the blog was ‘Chat with Ryuuji’, but after a while, when I realized that my reviews are hardly anything like a nice chat, I changed it into Ryuji’s Anime Review. Though I think I might change this name again as my blogs aren’t only about anime anymore.
  • I used to have a page where I decided to update my Top 10 anime list every month. But I never actually updated it and the rankings remained stuck in their for 8 months, before I finally deleted it.
  • I actually tried to manage a second site known as ‘Ultodurbin’ for some weeks but then I decided to focus more on my main site and didn’t post for a while in Ultodurbin. Presently, my mother manages that site and posts some of her photography occasionally (Shameless publicity: Do check her out here).
  • I had no idea that I could use GIF images in a post until December. The same goes for using the VLC screenshot feature too (I used Google Images for pics in the earlier posts).
  • The Ryuji’s Anime Review site has changed its layout more than 10 times, the current one has survived for the longest period of 4 months.
  • The day I got my first award, I skipped the nomination part of the post at first because I thought that there was no way for me to be in that list (I found that out later when I was linked to the post).
  • The ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ actually got finished in 28 days instead of 30 (I cheated a lot XD).
  • My first completed Episodic review was ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ I tried to write episodic reviews of some series earlier, a couple of times, but they were never completed.

Well I hope that you enjoyed these facts (I don’t know why I wanted to share them but meh). Moving on, I will be talking about some of the posts that I really enjoyed writing and got pretty good response from you guys as well, be sure to check them out later if you haven’t!

  • Your lie in April (Anime Review): The reason I have included this post here is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Because no matter how much my blog and my experience develop, I actually started from this little review of a great anime. When I read it again, I realized that the way I wrote this anime is pretty amateur-ish (Which it still is but to be honest, it’s comparatively better now), it really was fun going down the memory lane and see how much I have grown up.
  • How I came to love Anime: Next up, is a post which is really really close to my heart. Maybe I was feeling nostalgic that day or something, whatever the reason might be, I took the time to write down my feelings here and I really am lucky as it got great reactions from you guys. This post, which shows how I got in contact with the anime culture and how far I have come since then, is the most viewed post of my site and to be honest, I really can’t thank you guys enough for stating your thoughts clearly in that post.
  • Some Anime Cliches ( 1, 2): Maybe one of the most appreciated works of mine, the ‘Some Anime Cliches’ series were the reason I got a sudden boost in the number of followers as well as views in my blog. While I want to post more of the same pattern but this time of different genre, I want to be sure that I could surpass these posts by a long shot.
  • A Look Back On 2016 While this post didn’t get as much views and likes as the other posts, I personally enjoyed creating it. Not just the post was really lengthy but the picture collage that I decided to try out took a huge load of my time (I actually stole the idea of collage from D….. thanks for the idea bro XD). Well, after this post, I didn’t tried to do the collage work again, but I do have to admit that if I weren’t so lazy, my posts would look really good (Just like it did with D and other fellow bloggers).
  • A Big surprise: Sunshine Blogger Award: Lastly, I slipped in my first award reaction post. This post meant a lot to me, mostly because it was at that time I realized (I fucked up…. Sorry I couldn’t resist that XD), that my works are actually being spread out to other bloggers out there. It made me feel that there are some peoples who actually enjoy reading my posts and that it’s not worthless. That moment, when I found out that I got an award, was one of the one of the greatest moments of my life!


That sums up my First Anniversary post of this blog. I would like to thank all of you for being there for me all these days and for appreciating my work and encouraging me to write more. This is just a small step for a better future of this blog and I hope that you guys will be there to see this through. Thanks a lot!


Fifty plus Fifty equals…. 1100?

My teacher once told me that I was weak in Maths and that I should work on that; but it has been 12 years since that advice and yet I’m that one person who loves Math but is weak in it. Oh but don’t relate this little tale with the title as the title makes perfect sense to what I am about to tell you all. This post is to share with you all, a milestone that I have just achieved.

Today, as I make the 50th post of the blog “Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Review”, the number of followers reached the milestone of 50 while the number of views keeps on increasing after crossing the mark of 1100. This day also marks as the 6th months’ anniversary of our blog. (Coincidence? I don’t think so)

My face when I think what to write about

So there I stood, thinking what should I post which will make all of you guys go into a nostalgic ride, no matter how long it has been since you have been here in WordPress, and that’s when it hit me! I decided to write about some of those delightful emotions that we keep on encountering as we grow as a blogger. Now this list is limited to only those which have been experienced by me till now, but if you want to add something in it, then be sure to do so. So, without any further delay, LET’S GET RIGHT INTO IT!


    Remember that time, when you had no idea about what blogging would be like but still you had this emotion of telling the whole world how you feel? Well, blogging may not be as popular and mainstream like YouTube, but admit it, while you were posting your first ever blog, the main feeling in your heart was ‘EXCITEMENT’. Even though we had no idea about how the blog would look like or how to do anything in this foreign land, when we first clicked on that little blue publish button at the top left, all we had was a sense of accomplishment and pride!


    The first like on the post of any blogger is something that they treasure for life. Even though, unlike comments and follows, it isn’t something that we could tell everyone with pride, but it is something that stays in our heart forever as our first ever achievement in this field. The ‘Like’ button in our site is something that stays there unnoticed, most of the time, but we all know it that it is this like which acted as a foundation for our morale and encouragement in the early days.


    At first when we created our blog, we just wanted it to be done as soon as possible so that we can voice our opinions to everyone we can reach to, as a result the theme we chose or the way we created our pages gave off an amateur feeling to it. (Dunno about you guys, but my webpage is still not how I imagine it to be) However, as we kept on writing more and more, there came a time when we tried to sneak a peek at how it looked as the finished product and I remember my exact words after seeing it was, “Ewwww! This is the worst webpage ever!” Funny, isn’t it!


    Now, when we saw how our blog, which seemed so good before, has turned into a living nightmare, there’s only one thing that we could do, A RENOVATION OF THE SITE. Thanks to the easy features of WordPress, it is easy to apply changes without much thought, but it wasn’t easy to master them. Still, when we renovated the site for the first time, by changing its theme or adding some more widgets, all we could say after we finished it was that we have done a great job! (Fun fact: I have changed my blog’s theme at least 7 times lol)


    You know how whenever you complete some kind of mission in a game, a small dialogue box would come up and tell you that you have done a good job, that’s what I felt like when I got my first follower. At that time, I felt like that finally there is someone who is reading my posts, yeah I know that I should have got that feeling already as my post received one or two likes, but still that feeling was something completely different. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about!


    Now what I’m going to talk about is something which, for me at least, holds the most treasured feeling of all and that is the time when I got my first comment. Now that I look back on it, that post doesn’t seems to be all that amazing, but at that time (Even though it was only 6 months before) it was the best I could deliver and when someone said that they liked it and sent me their own views, I was in cloud nine. Even today, if there are notifications, nothing can please me more than a comment; it doesn’t matter if it’s a small one, as long as what I say to my viewers is delivered and a new message is received, I’m happy!


    I remember it being a normal day at WordPress, I think just a month before, and I was scrolling through the readers’ column and searching for some good article. Suddenly, I saw something which seemed to be a bit interesting, I saw an award post. Now, I was very happy for the receiver of the award but inside my mind, I was hoping for my name to be in the nomination list and to my surprise there it was, my name, written in bold in the nominated list. My first award was ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award’. To receive an award was like a bonus for me. I was appreciated for my effort and that’s the proof that I was nominated. Nothing in the world would be able to describe my feeling at that time.


    After all these small but precious moments, at last here we are with me telling you all about my first milestone in blogging. This moment serves as nothing other than another achievement, now all I can do is accept this honour and continue serving our duty by keeping on writing about what we like the most, Anime.

Let’s keep on doing what we love!!

So, in the end I would like to thank all of my followers once again, for helping me grow up and turn me into an upgraded version of Ryuji. Right now, I want to say this one last thing, THANK YOU VERY MUCH….. LOVE YOU ALL!!!